Monday, August 18, 2008

Wait, Where Are We?

Lee and I went for a drive up Highway 58 yesterday, along the East China Sea coast. When I saw this sign I knew I just had to take a picture of it:

Hmm, did we take a wrong turn into southern California? :) I'm pretty sure this is a sign for the Malibu House restaurant, it's a surf 'n' turf place that is all decorated in movie posters from what I could tell. They had a big ol' Conan the Barbarian poster (with da Governator!) plastered on the side of the building. I just thought it was hilarious! And guess where we are? Malibu Hills! (Although on some of the maps you'll see the beach referred to as Maribu Beach...)

Can you see that the bushes spell out Malibu Hills? Might be kinda tiny on this page, but if you click on the picture you'll see a larger version. Here's a view of the coast just slightly to the north of the restaurant. Lee says the land out in the distance is still part of Okinawa, the island juts out a bit and that's where Nago is.

This gorgeous building was just down the road a few hundred yards from the Hollywood Okinawa sign. I've seen pictures of it on anything and everything that talks about doing weddings on Okinawa. The building itself is tiny, basically just the one room with two smaller "wings" on the sides, so you can look straight through the front door on out to the water. I bet that would be GORGEOUS in wedding pictures, especially since it faces west--great sunset shots!

Lee and I started on a photo scavenger hunt for a scrapbook page I want to do of "First Impressions" of Okinawa, and this pair of shishi dogs was on the list. I took about 15 pictures of them but think I might have to go back and take some more...I'm not really happy with the male shisa pictures but I think the female ones came out okay. And man, I wish we didn't have power lines and a huge transformer right behind them!

Full-body shots of the male shisa (above) and female (below). Shisa and shishi, so far as I can tell, are pretty much interchangeable terms for the lion-dogs and I tend to use both. I've seen it written both ways in shops and such...I kinda want to get a t-shirt I saw that said "Shisa" in big letters and had a stylized shisa picture on it. These are ALL OVER Okinawa, in front of homes and businesses and occasionally perched on rooftops.

Some close-up shots of their faces...the male one is a little "blown out" as Lee says, the clouds are practically fluorescent they're so white.

I like this one the best maybe, but for the scrapbook layout I have planned I need vertical pictures :) I'll probably accumulate pictures of various shisa all over the island and do a scrapbook layout just about those, though. I like the texture in this picture.

Still need a few more pictures for my scrapbook page, like one of my car (but it needs to be washed first). I'll be sure to post the pages when I have them done :) I'm embroiled in a scrapbooking challenge with my buddy Liz, but I think she's ahead of me...after all, I took a two-year hiatus from scrapping, lol! We need to work more on getting ourselves in the pictures too. I'm sure we'll get the chance to be IN the pictures in less than a month when my parents are here!

ETA: The sky really IS that color here, I'm serious!! And the East China Sea is pretty much a match for the Stampin' Up color Pacific Point, maybe with some vellum on top of it. It's incredible the vibrant greens and blues here. I haven't done a thing to change the colors in any of the pictures I've posted on this blog.

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CCsMom said...

The blue in these pictures is just incredible! I think the Shishi dogs are most vicious looking because of their flared nostrils. These are the ones you took pictures of when you first got there, aren't they? Cool! I really like their faces. I'm anxious to see the ones Lee picked out to the tune of $600 -- that he thinks his two sets of parents are going to buy for him. Are they SOLID GOLD?!!!

Anyway, don't you just love the Japanese fascination with all things American? That trend continues, I see.

See you in just over 3 weeks! Can you believe it?! -- Mom