Saturday, August 16, 2008

Work in Process

My dad insists that it's work in PROCESS, not work in PROGRESS, but I don't see the big difference. Anyway! I've been in the scrappin' Zone this weekend. Check out this layout:

It's so much prettier in real life...those are all my lotus pictures from the botanical gardens. I printed most of them out at 3.25x5", and then cropped them to 3.25" square. I think 15 pics on a single layout might be a personal record :) I started out with Soft Sky as a base, but then switched it for Almost Amethyst, it was amazing the difference that made. Garden Green continues its quest for Total Scrapbook Domination (that's the color of the largest block that all the pictures are adhered to) and I used Brocade Blue as an accent color. The base is stamped with Paint Prints (joining Baroque Motifs on the list of Best Stamp Sets EVER in my opinion) and the title is done with Lovely Letters (my new favorite alphabet stamp set).

And here are my two work in process layouts, I'm posting these here so I can remember exactly what I was planning to do...I'm waiting for some more 12x12 cardstock I ordered to get here to finish these. I ordered an entire pack of Garden Green, and now I need to replenish my 8.5x11 stash of that color as I've been burning through it like crazy.

Just for kicks I decided to leave the messy desk in there too so you can see what my work space looks like :) I have a small desk and a 6' long table in an L shape in the corner of the room, and there's enough space to put a layout on the desk and one on the table although it gets a little squishy space-wise to do that. I was working on these two layouts concurrently. The one above is a layout of my favorite pictures from the gardens; I have a cropped version of the purple flowers picture on the lotus layout, I liked it so much I'm scrapping it twice.

I was standing on a chair to take these pictures, see my toes? (Yes, I was standing on a chair with wheels...Lee was standing behind me and holding me steady. Totally safe, Mom!!) Since they're both layouts from the botanical gardens, I decided to keep the color schemes the same. It's Certainly Celery, Garden Green (of course), Pink Pirouette patterned paper (say that five times fast!), and Riding Hood Red. The letters that are on there now are stamped on scratch paper and just laid on the page to make sure I had enough room for the title the way I planned it. That white paper on the second layout is my sketch of what I'm planning to do, I usually sketch out my ideas before I start cropping pictures and chopping up paper.

Now you know what I've been doing the last several days. Lee and I are planning to drive up to Nago today and work our way down the coast, taking pictures as we go, so I'll be posting some Okinawa pics either tonight or tomorrow or whenever I feel like it :p I just wish my Stampin' Up order would get here already!! It hasn't even shipped yet and I'm almost to the point where I cant do anything else on this book until I get the cardstock I ordered. I hate waiting!!


Liz Guidry said...

Wow! Definitely getting some work done! I'm super jealous. I'm going to have to jump right in to catch up with you! I can't believe you got 15 pics on one layout. I think my max was 11.

CCsMom said...

Yes, seeing your toes on the seat of that chair with the wheels visible below made my hair stand on end!!! And yes, it's such a "Mom" thing. Wow!

I've been saying "wow" a lot lately -- you'll see it in the little scapbook I'm bringing to you. "Wow" moments are usually rare, but I've been having some lately. I think I'll have even more in the weeks to come when we get to OKINAWA!!! Love ya!!!

Amber said...

Oooo, these are purdy girlfriend! And to all Christy's loyal readers, THEY ARE SO MUCH PRETTIER IRL! I saw them yesterday and adore her layout with all the Lotus'! Seriously rockin the sb'ing girl!
Heehee, I see your toes! You daredevil you!
Hahaha @ Christy's mom! I say WOW alot too!:)

Giffysk8s said...

Your garden pix are my fav, My DH has traveled to Japan on business, and he says I have to go to see the gardens if nothing else!