Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here, Fishy Fishy...and Some Other Stuff

Monday last week, we took my parents up to Churaumi Aquarium and then several other places around Nago. So here's photographic proof they were there, man!

I think it's funny that the mouth is made from a life preserver. This next one is a shisa (yep, I got some more shisa pictures!!) and behind it you can see some of the aquarium building. It's all made out of concrete, like most buildings on Okinawa, but this is proof that the Japanese can even make concrete look good.

Lee was helping me go through some of the aquarium pictures and he's PICKY, we ended up only keeping a handful of them. This was one that we cropped a bit and we liked it better after that; I think this is one of Nemo's cousins.

Last time Lee and I went to the aquarium we didn't stay for the dolphin show, but we did this time. They do the tricks where they jump out of the water and all that, and they even had one that did a little eisa dancing when they played some of the traditional music. But this was my favorite picture...

Yep, he's sticking his tongue out! There are a few tanks with sea turtles and a building with some manatees (ok, manatees look kinda dirty...maybe we got there at the wrong time but that tank looked NASTY!). Lee took a lot of pictures of the sea turtles and we got several pretty good shots.

The aquarium is part of a larger complex called Expo Park, but it's pretty much the only thing at Expo Park that we've explored. Just a little bit down the road they have a butterfly park and I talked the guys into going to that :) The funny thing about the butterfly park is that they only have ONE type of butterfly!!

I was taking all the butterfly pictures since I'm more interested in that kind of thing than Lee is, hehe. The brochure said something about the butterflies being attracted to the color red and the smell of hairspray, so Mom was really, really popular!

But Dad had his own coterie of insect admirers!

Once we left the building where all the butterflies are, we walked along some paths and stuff that are a part of the park. So here's a picture of Lee since he hasn't been on this post yet.

We've noticed that Japanese people around our age ALWAYS do the peace sign when they have their picture taken so we've got several of us doing the same thing. Anyway, all the butterflies in the Butterfly House might have been the same kind, but I managed to get a quick pic of this one out in the park:

This was one I saw at the botanical garden, isn't it gorgeous? He very kindly stayed still long enough for me to take a couple of pictures. I love the "eyes" on his wings.

After we finished at the butterfly park, we still had some time before dinner so we went to the Ryukyu Glass Factory. I know you've already seen all my fabulous photos (snort) from the factory and the store, but here's a new one, the glass factory's shisa!!

I occasionally like to mess around with camera angles just to do something different, n'k? I may need to practice that more, I'm not sure how much I like that photo. Anyway, we went to Pizza in the Sky for dinner, but it was really overcast so most of the photos of the view from there really aren't worth writing home about. But remember I said that the menu was pretty cool? Here's the fan menu:

And see, I'm in one of the pictures too :) We got one of the employees to take a picture of all four of us...

And here's a few more shisa just because I know you love 'em as much as I do :)

They look like two old friends sitting in a park, just yukkin' it up. All of the shisa at Pizza in the Sky have funny expressions like that, I like it!


Neelu said...

Hey Chris!

So, I got your past two cards in the mail and loved them! (One was for my birthday and the other was just random just in case you already forgot, cuz I don't know-it's only been a few million months since the birthday one!!!!) Anyway...from reading almost all of your posts (I do actually read these in very large lump sums whenever i remember to but then I can't comment b/c I don't know where to begin!), I see that you appear to be having a very lovely time in Japan indeed! Some good sightseeing and what-not.. I LOVE these pics at the aquarium - they are soo clear, especially the sea turtle! And, I love your father's butterfly earrings!

Anyhow, everything with me is fine - nothing super exciting - just working excessively hard. Poon is in med school now and getting to analyze her very own dead body! My rents are fine and that pretty much sums up the past year (other than India, which I have been meaning to send you some pics of...)

Okay, so my comment is supa long! I love ya and miss ya and can't wait to hear from you again!

Amber said...

Fabby pics girlfriend! Your parents look like so much fun:)
Hey, we need to get together this weekend, I need my Christy fix!
I have to volunteer at the Skoshi Warrior thingy tomorrow from noon to 2:30 but that's all I've got all weekend!

Giffysk8s said...

You've got me laughing at the shisas. They are just too funny! You could name your next dog Shisha~what a funny scrapbook that would make with all of his shisha ancestors! LOL

Liz Guidry said...

Great post today. I love the picture of your mom and the butterflies and the shisha that is taken at an angle. I think you got the perfect shot! Now get to scrappin all of those fab. pictures!!!

Alexis said...

I had to laugh at your comment about Japanese people about your (our) age all seeming to do the peace sign when they get their picture taken. I was at Disney last weekend and there were two Japanese girls about my age who were in front of me in line. They had a few pictures taken with Mickey and every Single One of them they'd pull up their hand and give the peace sign. Silly!
Anyways...I know you don't know me, lol, but I still wanted to share!