Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Land of the Funky Statues?

My Stamping Bella Sistah Vicky has tagged me! That means I have to post the tagging rules and share 7 random factoids about myself. Here's da rules:

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Ok, so 7 random facts...I did this once before but it's been a long time and I'm too lazy to look back and see what I shared last time, but I figure that you guys out there in Internet Land don't remember what I wrote either so I'm just gonna come up with a few right now :)

1. After working for a public school system for three years, I think people ought to have a license before they're allowed to have children. Not a driver's license (although you should at LEAST be old enough to drive before you have kids) but a license to procreate. Just trust me on that one.

2. I call Sadie and Vader my kids and I talk to them as if they're going to answer me back in English. Lee thinks this is a little nutty on my part, but he does it sometimes too ;)

3. I took a couple of history classes for fun in college just because I enjoy history. I took Classical Myth and Intro to Slavic & Eastern European Studies, and I loved both classes.

4. I have three brothers...Adam (my biological bro), Jeng (my little Korean brother, we've been friends for over 15 years which just seems crazy to me), and Mark (my little in my fraternity).

5. In college, I was in a business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. I served as historian three times, which means I was the designated photographer for all the events and compiled a scrapbook for the fraternity each semester I was the historian.

6. I name all our cars. My first car in high school was this ginormous silver Buick Land Yacht (seriously, I think that's what the model name was!) that we named Lucy after the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I've also had Sally the Saturn and Lee drove Tony the Tahoe, and our current cars are Katara and Sokka after some cartoon characters. My mom names her cars too, she's had Fred (a green GMC Jimmy), Desdemona (purple PT Cruiser), and Blue Moon (blue convertible VW Bug, which she enjoys driving "topless").

7. My favorite Beatles song is Strawberry Fields Forever. I also love the song And Your Bird Can Sing, but I prefer the Sid & Susie version. Susie is Susanna Hoffs, best known as a member of the fabulous girl rock band The Bangles, my favorite band ever since I was six :)

K, so I don't usually read a lot of other blogs on a regular basis, I kind of tend to just pop in periodically to see what people are posting. So I'm just going to tag one person, my sister-in-law Adrienne whose cakes are a whole lot prettier than mine, this is why I stick to making cookies :) So tag, you're IT, Adrienne!

On to some pictures!! The first full day my parents were here, we took them to the Southeast Botanical Gardens. Since I've already indulged my penchant for macro flower photography on here, I'll just share some photos of the fun statues they have around the park.

I just love the expression on his face, isn't it hilarious? I didn't notice that many silly statues last time we were there, but we did see quite a few this time. We also went into the other side of the park, the Enchanted Forest, and they had even more statues but I just picked a few.

I think Mom just liked the style of this one, they had several different ones in this style.

Here's my dad being a goober. Right after I took this picture, Lee said "Don't look up," so of course the first thing I did was look up...there was a totally gargantuan banana spider on a web dangling right over my head!! Ack!!! I departed the area PDQ.

I just liked the expression on this one's face. The Enchanted Forest side really wasn't "all that" but you can go in there whenever you buy a ticket for the garden. Lee says he'll be happy if he never goes back to the garden again (he's of the "if you've seen it once, you don't need to go back" mentality on this one) so I guess I'll have to go solo in December when they have it all decorated for Christmas--Amber, you wanna go? Actually I was thinking about getting a year-long pass so I can visit in several seasons and see different things in bloom...guess I'll be doing that on my own too! I have a black thumb so this is the best way for me to enjoy the flowers! I took a bunch more shots of hibiscus and lotus (they still had a lot of lotus) but since I've already shared a plethora of similar pictures I'll refrain this time.

I think I'll pick out a few of my favorite shots from each day my parents were here and just share those over the next week or so. Haven't made much progress on sorting through all of our pictures yet but I should be doing my homework for my class...last day of class is next Thursday so I need to register for my next one.


Giffysk8s said...

Of course, you looked up! Good thing the spider didn't land on you! Looks like your parents had fun. Can't wait to see how they decorate the statues for Christmas. :)

adifrog said...

Are your classes accelerated? How often do you meet? I have a normal class and a split class, where one teacher has the first half and another has the second, and it's almost time to switch those. Otherwise, I'm just on the semester schedule. Still enjoying it? When is the GMAT? Need a study guide to jog your memory? I can send you one!

Thoughts by B & M said...

Bennet and I want ot visit there during Christmas - so maybe we can convince Lee to tag along.. :)

Liz Guidry said...

It looks like your 'rents were having a good time!

Wish I were there to act like a goober too...

Miss you!