Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok, I'm Back!

My friend Amber has been posting pictures of her four-legged kiddos, Luke and Jesse, on her blog so I thought I'd share a few of my kids too! I took these just a day or two before my parents arrived on the island (and their visit is the reason why I haven't been blogging for the last week). So here's my little man Vader.

He's just the sweetest thing...and I think it's funny that he's got a little white goatee. Here's my spoiled rotten girl Sadie (she's Lee's dog when she misbehaves, ha!)

Yep, she's up on Lee's lap on the paupason chair, spoiled rotten little Miss Bee. I kinda felt bad for Sadie and Vader last week though, because we were so busy entertaining my parents that we didn't take them out for walks or anything. They were *ecstatic* to go this morning! But now we'll be getting back into our regular routine so they'll get to go out walking this week provided it doesn't rain.

I've been slowly going through our photos from my parents' visit, which is a humongoloid job because I think we had somewhere around 800 on our computer, and that doesn't include about half of Mom's pictures. I think when she goes through them all (we burned her a DVD of our photos) that she'll have a serious case of camera envy...or maybe Lee and I are just pickier because we've spent so much time discussing what makes a good photo. Anyway, I'll be sharing some of those pictures over the next little bit, but here's one to get us started...

The famous Made in Japan shirt and the Made in the USA shirt, which up until now had never been photographed! Actually I think it'd never been worn before now and it probably won't again :) I talked Lee into wearing that shirt when we picked up the parental units at the airport in Naha. Lee hates to wear anything that draws attention to him, and he thinks this shirt does so that's why I think this will be a one-time appearance. So we picked up my parents at 10:30 on Saturday night and where was the first place we took them? McDonald's.

I'll share some more pictures as I get them all sorted out. I think we've already trashed at least 300 shots that didn't turn out too great...Lee tends to take several pictures of one thing in order to get one really good shot, and I've started doing that too. So anyway, sorting those out will be a big and ongoing job. Here's one I took today though:

This tree is growing a few blocks away from our house and I just noticed the hot pink flowers on it today. I got a book of subtropical flowers in Okinawa when we went to the Southeast Botanical Gardens, and according to it this is a silk floss tree. (So really, the whole book is in Japanese except for the title and the Latin names for the plants, but I figured I could Google those and hey, it works. I've identified quite a few of the flowers I photographed at the gardens.) Pretty flowers, huh? Their petals are a little bit jagged on the edges though, and the tree trunk has these warty thorny-lookin' things on it too so I don't think it's a tree I'd like to try climbing. But I did enjoy taking pictures of the flowers (and props to Lee for driving me out there specifically to take pictures of it!)

I am SO disappointed I missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day last week! Arrrrrgh! I found a website that will translate whatever you want into pirate-speak, so here's a sample from my It Just Figures blog post:

So ye've probably figured ou' that me parents be goin' t' be visitin' us on Okinawa soon, starboard? They's supposed t' land late Satterdee night. Guess what's supposed t' land on Satterdee mornin'?

Our first typhoon.

't jus' figures!! I be kiddin' around about that a wee moons ago, I told me dad "Wouldna 't be funny if we had a typhoon while ye guys be here?" Me an' me big bung hole!! We'll jus' be havin' t' be seein' what happens later this tides tho, maybe if we pray hard enough th' typhoon will change course an' go hang ou' on th' yardarm o' th' Pacific...I do feel like goin' through a typhoon be a quintessential part o' th' Okinawa experience, but couldna 't be havin' waited a couple tides? Or gotten here a wee sooner so as nay t' interrupt me plans? :p

I thought it was pretty funny, especially how it translated "Me and my big mouth" into "Me an' me big bung hole!" AND that bit about "th' yardarm o' th' Pacific"...bwahahaaaa!


Giffysk8s said...

You are too funny! LOVE the pirate speak-ese. You should post like that on Chattin' With the Sistahs! LOL Love the t-shirts. I bet Lee wasn't noticed at all. HA! Glad you had a nice visit with your parents.

Liz Guidry said...

Glad you will be back to post and stuff. I need to upload some images to SCS. Didn't get too much done, but a little. You know me - I've always got to add more projects on...

Giffysk8s said...

I'm tagging you! If you feel like playing, check my blog for the rules. If not, no worries! www.giffysk8.blogspot.com

Amber said...

BWAHAHA! LOve the pirate speak, you should totally start talking like that for good!
Miss Bee and sweet Vader man are sure lookin cute:) Spoiled, but cute;)
I love those shirts ya'll are wearing too, I bet you got some strange looks at the airport, lol!

Julia Aston said...

Love your doggies! I bet they are real happy to be getting walks and attention again!!

how fun to have your parents visit - and probably exhausting entertaining them at the same time!!

love the pirate speak!!!

adifrog said...

You must not have heard about the scratches on the new leather couches or the broken fence, which forced them to stay inside the whole time (b/c of course she did it in her first 24 hours!!) unless personally taken outside. Glad is an understatement.

You know I'm not one for pirate stuff, but that was funny! I might have to give that a try.

I am in such a baking mood, but I have been working a lot of evening fairs over the last two weeks since it's DFW's turn to host the statewide travel stuff until Saturday. Tonight I'll have my last one, and then I'll get a mostly free weekend (except for class!). I think I'll be baking some of my cookie bouquet-style cookies, and those ARE shippable. ;)