Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Old MacDonald Had a Dog...

And Shisa was his name-o! Am I mixing my nursery rhyme songs up?

While we were at Okinawa World on Saturday, I was informed by my three compatriots in no uncertain terms that I am beginning to get obsessed with taking pictures of shi-shi dogs. No word on whether or not they're planning an intervention...I wonder where I'd have to go for rehab? They may have a point though, at the rate I'm going I'll have enough pictures to do an entire scrapbook of nothing but shisa.

But they're just SO COOL!!!

They had a little museum/store that had nothing but shi-shi dogs in it, I'd love to have this pair. Sure, they're only $1500...

Wonder if that green color would go with anything else in my house...eh, we'll just redecorate so it all matches them, ha!

Here we go, how about a nice neutral-colored shisa? And he comes with his own ball so you can play fetch with him.

I could NOT get a good picture of this plate, they had a light shining straight down on it. This one was actually in the Ryukyu glass store.

If you look on this one you'll see where people have tossed coins in, I guess he's a wishing well shisa. He kinda looks more gargoyle-ish to me.

This is Kindergarten Shisa, guarding a rooftop--he kinda looks like something that elementary school kids would paint in art class. I think I'll stick with my $1500 green shisa.

Have you ever seen Roman Holiday? There's a part where Gregory Peck takes Audrey Hepburn to the Boca de Veritas and you're supposed to stick your hand in, but if you're a liar it will bite your hand off :) Anyone want to see if this shisa works the same way?

Hey look, it's the Incredible Hulk of shisa! Maybe I should hold out for this set...can't you just imagine a pair of these on either side of my front door?! I can!!

They're about five feet tall or so, next time we go I'll get a picture of me standing next to ol' Bruce Banner-san here.

Another one of the grade school shisa...but I got the sky to look cool in this picture :)

John Lennon Shisa!! Seriously, remember those round glasses that John Lennon used to wear?

Here's one I *didn't* take, Lee did!! So I'm not the only one, bwahahahaaa! These pics don't even represent all of the shisa that we saw at Okinawa World, in particular there's a large set of them by the entrance that I'd like to photograph...yep, we're taking my parents to Okinawa World to see the caves and the Okinawa handiworks, but really it's so I can take more pictures of shi-shi dogs. So am I obsessed? Addicted? In need of an intervention? :D

One advantage shi-shi dogs have over my two Lab mixes is they don't shed. I *just* finished vacuuming the house and they got in a play-fight in the computer room right behind me while I was writing this post, and there's enough hair on the floor in here now to knit a sweater. If only I knew how to spin thread...


The Henry Crew! said...

OH, knowing you, you crafty person you, I'm sure you'll be able to whip up a dog-hair something soon!

CCsMom said...

That last post is too funny for words. Yep, I could see you knitting yourself a dog-hair sweater and then thinking about those dogs at home waiting for you while you are out and about.

Dad just wrote me a note -- he left the house in the black and navy blue combo again. I told him it's almost impossible to tell those colors apart unless you come out into the family room . . . hee, hee. I'm sure he'll be thinking about his fashion faux pas the rest of the day and wondering what his daughter would have to say about it. Ha ha!

-- Mom

Giffysk8s said...

You are the best virtual tour guide evah! Get some special glue...I am sure you can use that dog hair somehwere on a Bella card! Maybe dogwalkabella, puppybella, giddyupabella or witchybella? LOL

Amber said...

Dude, didn't you get a picture of the Shi-Shi dogs that were made out of plants? I think they were right as you walk into the park...I did get a picture, I'll have to email it to you;)

valentina9 said...

Your blog is great and it's been really fun reading your adventures! I like the shi-shi dogs as well.