Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pizza in the Sky

For some reason I always want to sing that to the tune of "Riders in the Storm". C'mon, sing along with me...Pizza in the Sky! :D

So last night we decided to try to find Pizza in the Sky. It's not a place that you're just going to happen to drive by and say hey, let's go there for pizza--you have to be *looking* for it, so it's like you're in the In Club on Okinawa if you can get there. We got directions off of and they even had pictures to help us out, and we needed it! But we didn't get near as lost as we did going to Okinawa world so it's all good! You have to drive on all these windy roads up in the hills and at a couple of points it looks like you're going to go on someone's driveway, not a real street. Kinda crazy! (You can see the directions here if you're interested, make sure you scroll down and click on the one with pictures to get a good idea of what we had to go through to get our pizza!)

So here's the view from the restaurant:

And another view...

I totally spaced bringing our camera but Missy and Bennet had theirs, so all the pictures on this blog post are courtesy of them. And I'm not the only one who takes pictures of shi-shi dogs!! He was on top of the restaurant:

Look, photographic proof that we were there, man! We arrived right around 6:35 and they close at 7:00, but you want to get there for sunset.

Look, photographic proof that we have friends! :D

And some more shi-shi dogs because I know you love 'em too, hehehe! And these ones are *happy* shisa!

They don't have a lot of tables inside the restaurant, but why would you want to sit inside anyway? We got a really good table outside (maybe because we were so late, everyone else was starting to leave when we got there). The menu was so cool, the waitress brought out a fan and undid it, and the menu was written on the fan which was the Japanese flag, white with a red circle in the middle. One side of the fan was written in English and the other side was Japanese. You can order a small (7 inch) pizza or a medium (14 inch) but you don't get to choose toppings. We just ordered two medium pizzas and four cokes.

They bring the pizza out piping hot from the oven, and it's got green bell peppers (I picked those off, I don't eat green food), onions, sausage I think? and CORN on it. Never heard of corn on pizza but it wasn't bad. I think they used a significant amount of garlic on it too. All in all, it was really good. The main challenge though was eating with chopsticks!!

Yeah, I only ever learned to use chopsticks after we arrived here in January and I'm not exactly what you'd call proficient at it. Maybe that's why I ended up eating less pizza than Lee did ;)

And here's a pic of the restaurant itself, by the time we left I think we were the last customers there.

So now we're part of the Okinawa In Crowd, we've been to Pizza in the Sky! Wahoo! And we'll be taking my parents there sometime next week!

I think my kickboxing instructor was on speed this morning! She said when we started class that she'd been up since 3:30 this morning and felt like she'd had an entire pot of coffee, and she acted like it I bet I'll be sore tomorrow! But for now I'm going to go meet Lee for lunch :) More soon, I've been working on my scrapbook like a madwoman!

Oh, by the way Mom and Dad, today's high was 88, the low will be 76, and we have a slight chance of scattered showers. :)


CCsMom said...

So I did stay up to see Pizza in the Sky. How cool is that? Cracks me up eating pizza with chopsticks. We never did that, but we did get corn on our pizza when we were there -- and octopus and shrimp. Yeah . . . yuk. The corn is FINE, though.

Leaving on a jet plane after 4 days of work . . . I cannot believe the time has finally come. Incredible. I know we'll have a great time and we CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Love, Mom

Amber said...

Okay, it's official. We need a picture taken together cause now I feel all bad that I can't prove I'm your friend! Hahaha!
Looks like it was yummy! I want pizza now, lol!

Lee said...

Since some of you know that Christy is a grammar nazi I thought I'd inform you that she typed "their" when it should have been "there"!!!! OMG this is what it feels like to be OC and better yet right. SWEET!

So that puts the grammar score at Lee 1, Christy 1,250,342.

I'm catching up...Yeah Baby!

Christy Lynn said...

Don't bother looking for the typo, I already fixed it :p Hey, I wrote this blog post in like ten minutes!

Liz Guidry said...

You guys look so great in your photo together! I want to be in your 'friends' picture too! I think the only picture I have of us together is at my baby shower! pooh. We'll have to make up for that when you get back to the good 'ole U.S.A.

Giffysk8s said...

First of all, congrats to Lee for finally getting on the grammar scoreboard! LOL Looks like a cool place. You two have the most awesome adventures! I'm with your mom~I'll take corn over octopus anytime! Have a great visit with your parents!