Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Cards, Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards...

Yep, I've been making a lot of cards lately, and I challenged myself to only use Stampin' Up stuff on them since I'm a demo for them and all :) I splurged on the House of Haunts stamp set and Haunting wheel so I figured I'd better get some use out of them this year. I stamped out four haunted houses and four spooky trees, then embossed them so they're really black and shiny, and I used sponge daubers to color them in different colors. Then I got out my trusty binder o' sketches and set to work to make 8 different cards.

That tree one on the right seems to be the reigning favorite Halloween card in my Splitcoast gallery. I like the stars on the top, I think they just added a lot to the card. Unfortunately I didn't clean the wheel off for a couple days after I made these so it's really, really stained...well hey, it looks like I used it now! I didn't really like Kiwi Kiss (the green color) so I challenged myself to use it on all these Halloween cards for the ground, and now I DO like it. That's happened with every color I started out not liking, except River Rock which I still don't like much, I more tolerate it but now it's retired so yay.

It's all overcast and rainy today so the pictures didn't come out as well as they might have and my dogs are giving me the stink eye for not taking them for a walk. Anyway, the biggest star on the left card is sparkly because I embossed the red outline part with Iridescent Ice embossing powder. Very cool-looking in real life. I just got those star punches so it was nice to play with them :) I like the little jack-o-lanterns on the right hand card.

Maybe this bright blue color (Pacific Point) isn't what you'd typically think of for Halloween, but I liked it a lot with the Kiwi Kiss and Summer Sun. And since it's Halloween I did some little black flowers :) I didn't originally plan to do two cards so similar to each other but that's just how they turned out.

The last two of the batch. Whatcha think?

Not only have I been making Halloween cards, I've been working on birthday cards too. I know a ridiculous number of people with October birthdays :) I think it might be because Libras get along well with Aquarians and Aquarius is my sign. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

This card and Care Bears stationery got sent out to my friend Melissa earlier this week. Mel and I have been friends since middle school so for like over fifteen, that's crazy. Anyway, Mel is a big Care Bears fan and we used to watch the Care Bears movie a lot in high school ("Nuracknu! Aaahhh!" Ok, only Mel would get that) so when I found this stationery at a local gift shop I had to get it for her. Cute, isn't it? The same place had some great Tinker Bell stuff and loads of other cartoon characters, I'll have to go back sometime and get myself some fun cartoony merchandise. I decided to stick with the pink theme on her card, got to use some of my new stamps for it :) Of course I won't be able to get any more stamps until probably November, but I've got plenty to play with in the meantime.

This card is for a little someone who's turning 3 this month! (Liz, don't look if you want to be surprised when this arrives for Autumn!) I combined this week's sketch and color challenges on Splitcoast for it, I thought it made a nice girly birthday card. There's some glitter on the flower centers because what girl doesn't like things that are pretty and sparkly?

Lee's and my fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow, the 18th, so I made this for him. I have class most of the day tomorrow (my second class is a weekend one, but it only meets three weekends) so I'm going to leave this somewhere for Lee to find when I leave for class and hopefully he won't see this blog post till after that :) Lee *doesn't* like a lot of glitz and sparkle and fussy layout stuff so I kept this one really simple. I liked that sentiment for an anniversary card.

I've also started a new cross stitch project but I can't post it here because it'll be a Christmas present for someone and I don't want the recipient to see it in case he or she figures out who it's for :) I did a Harry Potter movie retrospective over the last week or two and Lee and I decided we shouldn't watch those movies right before bedtime. After Goblet of Fire, Lee had a dream we were all being attacked by Voldemort and the only one who could defend us was Sadie. I had a dream we were being attacked by vampires and I was trying to come up with a plan to slay them Buffy-style. I had another real strange dream that same night but I don't remember what it was about now.

Here's a funny tidbit for you...our bedroom door occasionally sticks, but usually you can get it open again if you lean hard on the door handle and push. Well, I was vacuuming last week and shut the bedroom door so I could vacuum behind it (the dog hair likes to hang out behind the doors) and the thing got REALLY stuck. Vader and I were locked in the bedroom and Sadie was out in the hall because she's a total chicken lips when it comes to the vacuum cleaner. It took me a good solid five minutes of heaving at that door to get it open again! I was starting to think we'd be locked in there until Lee came home, and we don't have a phone in there so I couldn't call him to let me out either. I told Lee about it later and he asked me why I didn't just lean down on the door handle...yeah, I tried that!! What's weird is it doesn't stick all the time, just occasionally so you never know when it's going to happen. Snort!


Amber said...

DANG girl! You've been incredibly busy and these turned out AWESOME!!! Every single one is GORGEOUS!
Watcha doin this weekend? Wanna hang? Stamp? Stitch? Movie watch? Just lemme know if Lee goes diving or golfing and you want to hang out:)
Have a good one sistah!

CCsMom said...

I think the last Halloween card is my favorite -- I just like the way the sky looks in it (the one with the tree). But you wouldn't think about using stars for Halloween either, but they look awesome! Just LOVE it. I never get Halloween pictures, so I just haven't bought any Halloween stamps, but these are SO CUTE.

Hope you have a great day. Mine will be quite stressful and the following days will be also until we get someone in here and TRAINED. That's going to take awhile, I fear.

Love you and have a great anniversary! -- Mom

adifrog said...

I really like the layers of color in the first two pictures of cards. It's like a whole new level. Beautiful!