Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy HOWL-oween!

Lee says that this is why dogs bite people, but Sadie and Vader only have to put up with costumes for about a half an hour a year so I think they'll get over it. This year Mom sent me the costumes, a bee and a ladybug...they're for 35-pound dogs so I couldn't get their legs into the sleeves so they had to wear them like capes. Lee refuses to have anything to do with actually putting the costumes on so he was our photographer :)

I dressed Vader up first because he's a lot more easy going about it than Sadie is. As long as you're giving him attention, he doesn't care much if you're making him wear a silly outfit. Isn't he a cute ladybug? He's Francis from A Bug's Life! "So, being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl, is that it?!"

And here's me wrestling Sadie into her bee outfit. So why did I play the mean mama and dress Vader up as a ladybug? Because Sadie's nickname has always been Sadie Bee or Miss Bee. She *had* to be the bee!

Got 'em both dressed now, but it's hard to get a picture of all three of us because Sadie keeps trying to escape. And if you'll notice, I'm wearing a shirt that says "Be kind to animals." Bwahahaaa!

Their little hats kept slipping back because the fur on their noggins is so slick.

How d'you like that expression on Miss Bee's face? Yeah, she's thinking about biting me if it'll get her out of the costume faster...

See now Vader is fine with it as long as he gets some attention out of the deal. Isn't he an adorable ladybug?

Couldn't get them to both look at the camera at the same time...

I only made them wear the costumes long enough to take these pictures, and then I had mercy and took them off. But Sadie gave me the evil eye through the whole process!

Don't you just love the little antennae? They were both just so cute!! I'm going to give the costumes to Missy now since her dog Baylor is about 35 pounds, so the costumes will actually *fit* her properly.

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair reddish brown. It's not a huge difference from my natural color but I don't think I'll do this again in a hurry...I got hair dye all over the place (it looks like something tiny was murdered on our bath mat) and it's still turning my towels pink after I wash my hair. But it was fun to try once.

So for the big news...I'm going to Seattle tomorrow with Amber for a couple of weeks so she can have surgery on her ankle. But really we're going back to go shopping, bwahahaaa! It's going to be *so* much fun to just wander around a Target for a while (and I hope to get some dog costumes for next Halloween when they're on clearance!) This is going to be like a two-week slumber party, 'cept for that whole surgery part ;) Hopefully we'll have Internet access while we're there, I'm packing our not-so-great point-and-shoot camera so I'll be taking pictures when we go out to explore. I've only spent one night in Seattle before on our way to Okinawa, so I didn't see much the last time. Hopefully Amber will be feeling up to a little exploration after her surgery. I will admit though I am quite nervous about driving there, especially on the freeway. Send good thoughts our way, please!! Amber needs good thoughts for the surgery and I need them for my driving abilities, snort!


Vicki Burns said...

Where to start???

First: LOVE your hair! Of course, I dye mine red, too, so I'm a bit biased. Of course, you are having fun with color~I am covering grandma grays! BTW: if you wash with sulfate-free shampoo it'll last longer. :)

Second: love the doc pix, especially the one where Miss Bee is giving you THE LOOK. Reminds me of the looks I used to get from my teenagers when I'd pull out their naked baby pictures. LOL

Third: have fun in Seattle! My brother lives there~too bad I can't go visit! My SIL knows all the best shopping places, though I'm sure Sparks does, too. Will there be an address where I can send a card or something to Amber?

Fourth: just to satisfy your pot 'o gold's curiosity: I am called Giffy b/c when my daughter was a toddler she couldn't say Vicki, so she'd say my name as Giffy. My DH has called me that ever since. When Brittany had Emma, she asked if I would let Emma call me Giffy instead of Grandma for sentimental reasons. Of course I said yes! Besides, Rick's mom is already called Grandma Burns, so I REALLY didn't want to share the name with her. Not just for the obvious reasons, but because it sounds so dang old! LOL

Have a good trip and keep us all posted!

Dustythemomhaskins said...

Hey, I am sorry you did not know. I do not think it was advertised very well. Sorry to have missed you. Have fun in Seattle. It is nice and chilly up there. Great to see yall enjoying the countryside too. Safe Flight!!!

adifrog said...

I knew it! Your hair really does look red! Cool!

I don't think I'm going to get the Halloween cards out. It's that or a midterm to study for, in addition to working a couple of evenings this week and class another night...Umm, at least I'll have a head start for next year's cards?

I made the underthingy for the kimono your mom brought back for me. I'm glad the kimono covers most of it. I've realized that I don't like sewing nearly as much as I used to. ;) Hey, we saw what the kids are going to be...but what about you???

CCsMom said...

In that one picture of you with the two dogs, Sadies is leaning AWAY from you. That just cracks me up. They are SO MUCH like kids.

Hope you had a safe flight to Seattle and that you are finally there. I've been thinking about you. You are using this as an adventure. Hope it all goes smoothly and Amber does really well with the surgery.

I'm sure I'll be talking to you.

Love you -- Mom

Taylors Make Four said...

How funny is that. . .I have a pup named Sadie! After the first dog (Kelby--my name and Bobby's name combined) we didn't get very creative. . .the more I think about it I want to rename her Guinness....she's all black. . .hee hee. I'm glad you've started a blog. . .great way to keep in touch, I need to add you!!