Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Wonder If This Is What She Meant?

Mom was telling me the other day that after looking through the pictures from their trip out here, she thought she had some pictures that "really captured my personality" and that she already had ideas to scrapbook them. I wonder if this is what she meant?

But hey, she's just as goober-tastic as I am, check this out!

In my defense, I didn't know she was going to take my picture this time when I was goofing off on the big honkin' rocks they have around the lighthouse.

Maybe this is what she meant, us at the tea ceremony...

Or possibly this one, posing with a shisa in a hotel lobby. In the other picture though the angle is kind of funny so it looks like I'm sticking my peace-sign finger up his nose.

Maybe it's this shot, the one where I said, "Can't you remember what I look like by now? I'm sure you have enough pictures already!"

Ok, so here's a few more shots from the photo studio like I promised. This is me getting all gussied up and ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Some pictures of the backs of the kimonos, aren't they gorgeous from every angle? Of course, there's so much fabric that one could be entirely flat-chested or six months pregnant and you'd never be able to tell it. (I am neither, thank you very much.)

Mom's kimono...not a real great spot to take pictures in, but the employees told us we could take all the candids we wanted but not in the studio itself so this is kinda what we had available.

So five years ago yesterday, this is what we were doing!

That's us at the rehearsal dinner for our wedding. Like my cheap plastic tiara? I got that when I was salutatorian at my high school, my friend Stacey who was valedictorian had a gold tiara, but mine had pink rhinestones in it too so I liked mine better anyway :)

This is my cousin Eleni, who was maid of honor, and my aunt Joni with me at my wedding. That's my heart-sister Beth in the background :) (We had the same maiden name but so far as we know, we're not actually related. We were college roommates for a while.) We actually have very few pictures from our wedding saved on our computer; we've never scanned in the professional photographs and those are all being stored at my parents' house because I'd just be sick if something happened to them either coming to or leaving Japan.

Here's one more shot, proof that I've been this goofy for at least five years, ha!

So today is our fifth wedding anniversary, and when we got married we said we'd start discussing the possibility of having kids when we hit five years. Well, we've discussed, and we're going to put it off another two years till we go back to the States :p This weekend we're going to try to plan our trip to Tokyo, this is our anniversary present to ourselves. It probably won't happen till sometime next month or maybe even December depending on what we can schedule, we just can't do it sooner because of a big project Lee has at work. But imagine how many pictures we'll take in Tokyo whenever we go!


Amber said...

Love the pics! You are one silly sistah and those pictures prove it! LOVE IT!
Look at the pretty bride you were! Love your dress:) Hope you and Clark are having a fantastic anniversary:) You kids have fun!

Giffysk8s said...

Love your wedding dress! Good for you to be goofy! You are enjoying life, as you should be! BTW, love the tiara. You should wear it to celebrate your anniversary!

CCsMom said...

OK, I'm sitting here laughing out loud. Too funny! So Lee didn't mind you posting that picture of the two of you? I thought he'd have the most objections. But this has been the best way to start a beautiful Saturday here.

Hope you had a great anniversary. We went out with Gary and Julie last night and Lindsey was there -- she asked how long ago it was that you got married since she was one of your candle lighters. Wow, 5 years. Doesn't seem possible!!! Happy, happy anniversary, you two.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I am especially happy to see all the positive remarks about the wedding dress - I picked it out!

Happy anniversary guys!


Liz Guidry said...

Girl you are so funny! That one of you with your face covered made me laugh b/c you look like a hostage holding up a peace sign! I like the first pic b/c it shows that Lee is just as goofy as you. That's why we like you guys!!!

Happy anniversary! We'll still like you even if you never have kids - I just like to bug you about it b/c I know it freaks you out. Just remember, you'll still have to put up with our munchkin :) Don't worry though, she's an angel so far...

Crafty Math Chick said...

Happy Anniversary Christy! Congratulations! Enjoy!


Worm's Woman said...

oh yea!! i'm so excited you found me!!! i do better communicating on these. i will be back on in a bit to read. HAD to leave a message! now got to get holly out to bus stop!
miss you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worm's Woman said...

Happy Anniversary. What a fast 5 years!!! Recently found the pics of us and Jeng when me and him came down and I got to finally meet Lee. Wasn't that last week?!

Charisse said...

Hey hunny!!! Its Charisse. I found you through Toby's site. And I have to say, it seems like just yesterday that we were graduating. Or like last week that we were sitting in 8th grade English class. Or last month that we were playing around in 7th grade French class. I can not believe time has flown so quickly. I hope you are having fun in Japan.