Friday, October 10, 2008

Lawn Ninjas and a Jabberwocky

I took the dogs out for a walk this morning and saw several lawn ninjas hard at work. These are apparently an Okinawan phenomenon :) There's a company that takes care of mowing the grass in common areas and unoccupied housing units and we call 'em the lawn ninjas, or yard ninjas, or grass ninjas. It just has to have "ninja" in the title...wish I had a picture to share but I might get attacked with a weed whacker if I tried to photograph them, they're supposed to be stealthy, right?

So a lawn ninja is a person who dresses in rubber work boots, long pants, a long-sleeve, button-down shirt and gloves, a hat, and usually a mask over his/her face (we can't tell if they're guys or gals, but some of them wear pink so make of that what you will). I think about the only part of their skin you can see is around their eyes, and some of them wear big tinted safety glasses and a mask over the lower half of their face so maybe you can see their ears and that's it. I do NOT understand how they can be out there in 90-degree heat and 8,000% humidity without keeling over, but they do (although it's finally getting cooler around here, we have beautiful weather this morning). It's rather interesting to watch them maneuver riding lawnmowers on hills that are probably at a 45 degree angle without tipping the lawn mower over.

Earlier this week I watched Alice in Wonderland, the live-action movie that came on TV in 1986 or so and had bunches of famous people in it. Mom recorded it off TV when I was little but the tape has since been lost, so when I found it on DVD last year when I was Christmas shopping I bought it. Hadn't seen it in YEARS but I was amazed at how much I remembered of it, particularly the Red Queen and White Queen singing "Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever ever ever jam today." Well, when I was little, the Jabberwocky scared the pants off me! I would seriously go run and hide behind the couch whenever he appeared on screen. He was always accompanied by thunder, lighting, and Alice's screams so I knew when it was safe to come out when all that stopped :) It was so funny to watch it now and wonder what I was so scared of, the Jabberwocky doesn't seem all that intimidating now--even when he attacks people, he kind of just bumps into them and he can't walk very fast. I just had to laugh at myself. I did still find the White Queen a bit creepy when she turned into a sheep.

So what very silly things scared you when you were little? I wonder why the Jabberwocky scared me so much when the Rancor on Return of the Jedi didn't, and he almost ate Luke Skywalker for lunch...anyway, I'm off to make some Halloween cards. Later this weekend I'll probably post those and I still need to sort out the pictures from the tea ceremony...


Liz Guidry said...

Ok - True story...

I was scared of the movie "Cat's Eye." I saw just parts of that when I was little and couldn't sleep facing the wall b/c I was scared the little man would come steal my breath.

Oh and I was scared of "Ghostbusters" -- the gargoyles that came alive. Made me have nightmares for DAYS!

You crack me up girl! I hope you get my card in the mail soon. It's about frickin time you got one from ME.

Miss you TONS and I wish I were visiting YOU instead of my in-laws.

CCsMom said...

Hey, Liz, the in-laws are all part of the package when you get married, especially when you have grandkids to spoil!!! Ask Lee -- he did the extraordinary job of patiently chauffeurring us around for a full week at a dizzying pace!

OK, I'll spill what I've been scared about since I was young, and it will certainly show my age -- I saw "Dracula" on TV, the old BLACK AND WHITE -- for YEARS (and I mean through HIGH SCHOOL), I slept with the covers over my head thinking that he'd have a difficult time biting my neck through all the blankets. Ha! I was a real scaredy cat. I don't think Christy even knows that when I was in elementary school, we went to the wax museum in San Francisco where there was a "Chamber of Horrors". My mom guided me through that section with her hand over my eyes. She thought it would give me nightmares. Too funny.

We got the hot tub today, so when you come home in JANUARY of 2011, you'll have to pack your swimsuit in your suitcase!!!

Love ya!!! Mom