Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Early Halloween Treat!

I've been waiting for a while to do this post :) While my parents were here, we got to channel our inner child and play dress-up in kimonos at a local photo studio, and we just picked up the pictures yesterday. So lookie!

The ladies who worked at the studio (it's White River photo studio if you're ever in Okinawa and want to try it) did hair and makeup for Mom and me, and they gave us a couple of photo albums to flip through so we could pick our kimonos. It took me all of 20 seconds to decide on that jade-colored one, isn't it totally gorgeous?! Mom took longer to pick hers out, but then again she had her glasses off so they could do the hairspray and makeup stuff, so she couldn't exactly see the photos too well. Love the design on the bottom of hers though.

The guys got dressed while we were getting all primped and polished, and when I say they "got dressed" I mean that the employees had them stand like life-size dolls with their arms sticking out and dressed them. Mom and I did the same thing once we were all super-pretty--for the girls, they gave us a special kimono bra and slip to put on, and then they started layering on everything else. Once the kimono was on, they asked us which sash (obi) we wanted, giving us a choice of 2 for what would harmonize with everything else. Dude, THIS is the way to play dress-up!

When we went to the studio part, they gave us more photo books so we could choose some poses. The photographer was a real kick in the pants, he was so funny--he kept telling my dad to fix his hair ;) Anyway, we did a few pictures with all four of us and some with just Lee and me and a few with just my parents. We got props too, the guys (of course) just had to have swords.

They took our pictures with two different parasols too, the other one was red with a white swirl running through it, but for some reason I thought the purple looked better with my outfit. How d'you like Lee's little Tribble hanging on his belt? (Oh yeah, I'm a geek...that was a total Star Trek reference, I'm sure Lee will tease me like crazy but he knows what a Tribble is too!)

Dad just HAD to have a picture or two taken with the samurai helmet but afterwords he said that thing was incredibly heavy. He doesn't look too happy to have it on in this picture, does he?

I just scanned in the 5x7 and 8x10 pictures that we got, we also got some smaller pictures of a few of the other poses (some are smiling, some are not, some we're looking at each other, etc.) We have a few candid shots that were taken with Mom's camera, I need to go find those since I just got the CDs that she burned for me with those on them...just what I need, MORE pictures to sort through!! I'll look for those later this week though.

After we were all done having the pictures taken, they took us back to the dressing room and helped us out of all the layers and layers. They were about halfway through when I said, "Dangit! I was going to count how many layers there are and I forgot!" and the lady helping me just laughed and said she never counts. Seriously, over the kimono bra and slip they gave us to start with, there are several layers of plain white linen, two different pieces of colored fabric that just show a little bit at the neckline, then the kimono itself, and then the sash is about four or five layers as well. It kind of felt corset-like once I had it all on, and these kimonos are the extra-nice heavy brocade fabric, not like the thin cotton ones we've seen people wearing at the summer festivals.

We did this on a Thursday afternoon so I had to book it from the photo studio straight to class, so I walked in to class with my hair in an updo and full battle paint...er, makeup. Oh, when they did my hair, they added a "fall", which is like a partial wig or a girl's toupee I guess, so if you look in the pictures the curly bits you see on top of my head are fake hair. They didn't add any to Mom's though, they just curled hers. The lady who did my hair and makeup took off the fall and got the flowers out of my hair and then quickly did up my real hair so it still looked pretty cool when I showed up to class. Wish I knew what kind of lipstick and lip gloss they used on us, that stuff looked really good...

I'm going to have some smaller copies made of the picture of Lee and me with the purple parasol and those are going in my Christmas cards, so my cards are going to be TEAL this year (Mom, I don't want to hear how that's not Christmasy enough for you!!) I'll probably do teal, red, and gold; we'll see what I come up with to coordinate with the picture. This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and I would highly recommend doing it at least once while on island. Not cheap, but definitely worth it!

P.S. Lee says I got the order wrong on the tea ceremony steps; you go and bow to the flowers and scroll first, and then go bow to the tea set, then go sit down in your place. Now I've figured out why he reads my blog, he's looking for errors!


Amber said...

You guys make GREAT Oki's;) The pics are beautiful, I'm gonna have to use them to bribe Billy into doing this!
You know I love that pic of your mom and dad too, so cute:)

CCsMom said...

Yay! So you got the package from me?! Let me know how the doggie outfits fit and we'll improvise if necessary. I know Lee is NOT AT ALL HAPPY about dressing the dogs up. Well, it IS only once a year.

These sure turned out beautiful. I LOVE the ones with you in them. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! We gave Dad such a hard time about wanting to do this, but it really was fun. And I felt like "Gone with the Wind" Japanese style -- like we were wearing a corset under the flowing gown. They really wrap you up!!!

Have a great day! -- Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, Christy~these are fabulous! What a great memento to have. Thanks for sharing them!

So Lee thinks you need a blog editor, does he? You should challenge him by sneaking in lots of slightly altered tidbits about him. It would drive him crazy and would entertain the rest of us! LOL

Lee said...

Christy is misleading you all.

I don't read her blog to find mistakes. I read it so I know what's going on in our life.

naturecoastcrafter (on SCS) said...

I don't get here often but when I do I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the new photos and reading about your life there. I always like seeing what you are doing with cards, too. Thanks so much for sharing you with us! Loved, loved, loved the kimono and samurai photos!

Mary said...

I haveneve been on your blog before. I have enjoyed every single entry and photo. It looks as though you are having fub ib Japan. I'm glad that you got to go to Target. :)