Thursday, October 2, 2008

My First Final Exam Is Tonight...

So what did I do all day yesterday?

a.) Read the last few chapters of my textbook
b.) Went over my notes several times and did some additional research on the Internet
c.) Blew off studying entirely and spent the whole day in my craft room

If you chose c, have a piece of chocolate--you're right ;) I am occasionally the Queen of Procrastination...not always, but a lot of the time. And right now I just don't feel much like studying, but after I finish this blog post I think I'm going to have to hit the books...either that or vacuum up all the dog hair again. Heh.

So this week's color challenge on Splitcoast was Baja Breeze, Really Rust, and Chocolate Chip. I seriously love Baja Breeze, ever since I got it I've been wanting to use it for all my cards. It so happens that about half the people I know have October birthdays (really! It's insane!) so I used the opportunity to make a masculine birthday card:

I also used this week's sketch challenge, which I would like to do again because I'm not totally in love with this card. These Western stamp sets are my go-to sets for masculine cards, I wonder if any of the guys I know have caught on yet...probably not, I don't think that this kind of thing really enters the male psyche, ya know?

Well, it's been a while since I just stamped some things for fun so I didn't stop with one card. I've had the Dreams du Jour stamp set for months and hadn't used it...until now!

This was another (older) color challenge on Splitcoast...I hadn't done color challenges really for about two months, I got bored with the colors that were chosen because a lot of them seemed to be the same idea rehashed over and over. Well, the new In Colors have made the challenges more fun in my opinion. So there's my just-for-fun butterfly card.

Amber and Missy came over to stamp on Saturday to stamp while Lee was out golfing, and Amber had the CUTEST stamps EVER!! They're from a company called Whiff of Joy, which seems like an odd name to me but hey, they're European. She kindly stamped off several images for me and I've colored in a couple of them with Prismacolor pencils, so I finished them into cards yesterday.

Isn't she just so stinkin' cute?! I just love her! I'm going to have to buy my own, Amber says she got them at All That Scraps but right now they're waitlisted. Dangit!

There's the other one I made up into a card. They kind of remind me of The Last Unicorn, especially the way their hair is drawn (and The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite 80s movies, I own it on DVD and thanks to Amazon I own the soundtrack too, imported from Germany of all places?!) Anyway, I just love those little girls. I especially want the cookie one because apparently that's my claim to fame, I bake cookies. Hey, we're getting some new neighbors on the other end of our quadplex, maybe I should make cookies for them to say welcome to the neighborhood...

Last up is my scrapbook layout. I picked these colors out before my parents got here but just now got around to finishing the layout; turns out these are the exact same colors as this week's color challenge.

Lee helped me pick out a patterned paper to go on this...I like how it turned out pretty well. Lee's not a big fan of the empty space on the left page but I'm trying to embrace it, the eye needs a place to rest on a scrapbook layout and I don't think it strictly needs anything there, it might throw the rest of the layout out of balance. I just finished up the title and journaling today in yet another attempt to avoid studying for my final, but I think that study time has finally arrived...

No wait, I've gotta go to the post office! Bwahahahaaa!


Amber said...

hahaha, you so silly:)
Love your cards, especially the WoJ ones! I hope they stay out of stock so you have to keep me around to borrow my stamps, heehee:)
Watcha doin this weekend? Feel like an 80's movie day? Remember I got Willow, Never Ending Story, and Legend!

Giffysk8s said...

Your cards are too cute! I need to go check out those stamps. LOVE the colors and the layout on the scrapbook page! Have a great weekend!

CCsMom said...

LOVED the scrapbook layout. I know what you mean about empty spaces -- now that I'm going to start my 12X12 book, I will have to think about the space differently and allow more unused space. The 8X8 format was pretty well taken up with pictures, but it will be nice to let some background paper show through.

I know why you like these girl stamps -- you can color their hair to be like yours!!! Not everyone is a blonde Barbie, eh?

Make some cookies for the college fair -- you'll be a big hit!!! -- Mom