Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rainbows and Flowers and Little Black Doggies

The other day, I think it was yesterday, yeah yesterday, I took the kiddos out for a walk and we got sprinkled on...the weather is cooling down so it's raining more often. Anyway, we turned a corner at the top of the hill and what do I see but this big gorgeous rainbow and from where we were it looked like it ended on top of our house. Then it started pouring down rain and we all got pretty drenched. I got home with the dogs as soon as I could, dried them off, and then took off in the car to the spot where I'd seen the rainbow, but it was already almost gone (and it wasn't raining anymore). So this is the only picture I got, if you squint real hard and tilt your head to the left maybe you can see it.

Since it looked like the rainbow ended at our house, I looked around to see if I could find any stray pots of gold laying around, but no such luck.

Anyway, on Saturday night Lee and I went to Mike's Tex Mex for dinner...Lee said he was kind of surprised I picked it but it's been a while since we went there and I know Mexican is his favorite so it sounded really good. After that he took me to the Make Man store and told me to pick out some more orchids for a little anniversary present :) He wasn't *supposed* to get me anything since our trip to Tokyo (which we still haven't planned) is supposed to be our anniversary present to each other, but he wanted me to have a little something around the house to commemorate the occasion. So I picked out two plants for a whopping 398 yen apiece (like, four bucks) and we got some orchid food and some pots to plant them in. Lookie:

Ok, I tried really hard to get them standing up straight but they still look like a couple of drunks, don't they? Maybe I should stick some of those metal rods in the pots and tie the plants to them, that's how all my larger orchids were done when I got them. These ones are pretty tiny, the flowers are probably only about a third the size of the older orchids I have.

I like this picture, it looks like the flower on the left is whispering to the flower on the right. :) Some day I'd like to get a real macro lens though, this was as close as I could zoom in on the flowers. Lee looked through the pictures when he loaded them on the computer for me and he said he liked how the background was real fuzzy. I said, "Yeah, I turned the F-stop down low so just the flowers would be in focus." He was so proud that I used a feature on the camera and actually knew what it did...he's tried to teach me some of the finer points on the camera but I'm a little learning disabled when it comes to technology. So go me! I know what the F-stop is AND I know how to change it on the camera. Woohoo!

I just took a few pictures of them off the back porch this afternoon after I repotted them. Today was a gorgeous day, still rather warm and sunny with big fluffy cotton candy clouds.

Lee discovered a website, Beautiful Orchids, that has some great basic info on how to take care of the plants and it turns out we've been doing quite a few things wrong which might be why none of the older plants are blooming anymore. The white one looks like it's in kind of bad shape, but the yellow one is putting out new leaves like crazy, it actually looks pretty good but no flowers. The large purple one is somewhere in the middle--doesn't look like it's dying but not sure it's growing much either. So we're going to try to take care of these new little ones the right way (and Lee says if I kill them then he'll get me some more because they were only four bucks). I'd better enjoy the orchids while we're here though because if the prices on that website are any indication, I won't be able to afford them in the States. Dude!!

K, enough about flowers, how about some pictures of the kids! Here's Miss Girl:

She is *terrified* of the lawn mower so she wouldn't even come out on the porch while the door to the storage area was open since that's where the lawn mower lives. Little Man came out to see what I was doing though, he even stopped to smell the flowers (literally).

Isn't he cute? He's such a sweetie, but he always wants to know what I'm doing. It's kind of hard to make cards or scrapbook pages because he wants to lay under the desk so I can't pull my chair up properly, and he doesn't believe I should ever have to go to the bathroom solo :p

This week has been pretty busy for me and it's just getting busier. My list of things to do has grown to ridiculous proportions, but at least now I can mark off "repot orchids". Promise some pictures of the kids in costumes next week! And some more stuff this weekend if I can manage it...I've also reconnected with a bunch of people I knew in high school and college since I joined Facebook on a whim, which has been highly entertaining. Most everyone seems to be doing really well and a lot of them have kids now, which is a little mind-boggling to me, thinking of people I knew in middle school that are now parents! Weird...


Giffysk8s said...

Okay, I think that Lee is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :)

The orchids are beautiful! YOU GO GIRL with the camera!

Love the pix of the kids.

CCsMom said...

My granddogs are so cute -- and they seem to be very happy in Okinawa.

I am SWAMPED here at work and my mind is going in every direction possible. I don't know how long it will take to get another body in here, but then I have to TRAIN them also. I am just overwhelmed.

Hopefully everything came off for you -- I am sure it went PERFECTLY.

Have a great day and love you! -- Mom

Worm's Woman said...

17 years?! Doesn't seem that long!!
How to add a blog list:
On the dashboard select layout. New screen pops up. Select add a gadget where your about me area is. Then choose blog list. (This is easiest due to only needing to insert the page's URL. It then atomaticly puts in the name of the page) Select the features you want on it such as picture, updates on when someone posts, so on. Make sure to hit the save button everywhere you see one. I've missed some and lost all the work I did. I hope that helps. I have to have the list or I loose all my pages I visit.

Charisse said...

I STILL get mad when I get laryngitis. It is not as bad out here in Georgia. I don't get it twice a year...usually one once so there has been some improvement. But it still sucks. I have been sick for like two weeks. Some stupid sinus infection or something. I hate it. That is one of the reasons that I was so irritated by Lorelli talking so much. I just wanted to lay down and be quiet and rest.