Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seven Shuri Castle Shots

Man, my last blog post must have been a real dud...Lee read it just to make sure I didn't say anything bad about him (as if I would, I heart my honey) and then Mom left a comment to the tune of "Ok that's great, now post something else 'cuz I'm bored!" :p

Anyway, how about some Shuri Castle pictures?

This is the picture I want to send in to Eskimo Joe's...they publish pictures of people wearing their shirts all over the world and I figured having a picture taken in Japan would be a good bet for having US published! So here it is, we're all wearing the Joe's classic smile tee :) Dude, I should NOT have looked at their website to do the hyperlink, now I want the Halloween shirt!

Lee took this one, I'm posting it just because I like the texture in it. Sometimes I like artsy pictures and you guys are all stuck with whatever I choose to post because it's my blog. By "you guys" I mean all two of you, Lee and Mom :)

I wanted to try to retake my shisa picture that I first took on our dinky little camera. Lee and I have decided that the next time we go to Shuri Castle, we're going to go in the afternoon instead of the morning. We think the light would be better for taking pictures just because of the direction that the main castle faces.

Another shisa picture just because I know that there's got to be someone else out there who likes 'em as much as I do...

This dragon is part of the decoration on the front of the castle, I just thought he was cool. I posted a whole bunch of Shuri Castle pictures the first time Lee and I went several months ago, that's why I'm not posting a whole slew of them this time.

Mom and Dad in sock feet...they have you take off your shoes when you tour the inside of the castle, and there's certain parts where you're not allowed to take pictures. This is in the throne room area; it's on the second floor. Right behind Lee the photographer there's a door that can be opened so that the king could sit on his throne and see out into the main court, and people in the court could see the king.

Torii gates, this is the entrance/exit to the Shuri Castle park. I think there's a bunch more stuff on the grounds that you can go see, different gardens etc., but we haven't explored those really. Maybe if Lee gets bored one weekend I can talk him into spending a Saturday afternoon down there, we can try to take that elusive perfect shot of the castle and see what else is on the grounds. The weather is cooling off some now, give it a few more weeks and it would probably be quite pleasant to spend the afternoon outside.

Oh, I almost forgot!!!

Make that eight Shuri Castle shots. I got this in the Shuri Castle gift shop, it's a little bingata picture of two shisa, it reminded me so much of my brother and me :) Adam's the orange one on the left, and I'm the purple one on the right, this just cracks me up. I've got it up on top of my stamp cabinets in my craft room. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Amber said...

I love that picture too! I notice you're the one with her mouth open, probably yappin away...a good likeness of you my friend:D Hahaha! You know I heart you!;)
Love you Shurii Castle pics, another tour I don't have to take thanks to Lewis and Clark! ;)

Giffysk8s said...

Love the framed pair of shisa~you should dress your two dogs up like them for Halloween!

CCsMom said...

Wow, I don't remember it being that dark and cloudy that day -- it did clear up more when we finished and went back through the Torii gates.

The picture of the shi shi cracks me up -- YES, it definitely looks like you and Adam. Too funny.

I'll be going through my pictures this weekend and start printing some for my book. Can't wait to get started!

Have a great day. Love ya! -- Mom

And p.s. NO, I didn't think the Shi Shi Mai Festival post was boring -- I just wanted MORE.

adifrog said...

Make that three--I'm a loyal reader, too.

(Honestly, I would sad if you stopped with the shisha pictures. Keep 'em coming!)