Thursday, October 30, 2008

Target, How I Have Missed You!

Amber and I arrived safely in Seattle and I have been successful in driving us around, and even got on the freeway twice without incident. I'm so proud of me :) We landed at 10 a.m. yesterday and then tried very hard to stay awake all day, so we rented a car and started some shopping at Target and Michael' parents both laughed really hard when I told them that those were the first two places we hit. Hey, we lucked out, there's a shopping area near where we're staying that has a ton of stuff in it that we wanted to see. Through sheer force of will I managed to stay awake until 8:00 last night despite the massive time difference and only sleeping for about an hour on the flight.

So today we didn't wake up till 10:30 so we both slept a good fourteen or fifteen hours...guess you have to do that after living Tuesday twice in one week. Amber had her pre-op appointments for most of the afternoon and then we hit Panera Bread for's been a long time since I had some good French onion soup, yum!! Then we hit Barnes & Noble...even if I don't buy anything, I like to just walk around a good bookstore and look. We'll probably be going back to both Panera and BN before we leave :)

Good thing we hit the bookstore today since Amber's surgery is tomorrow and I'll be sitting in the hospital waiting while that's going on. That's ok though, I've got a few books to keep myself occupied so I'm good. Hope it all goes smoothly for her though...


Giffysk8s said...

Glad you two are living it up~kinda like USAF Chicks Gone WIld! LOL Keep us posted on Amber, k?

Worm's Woman said...

I couldn't imagine not having a Target near me!! I didn't go often when we lived in East TX since the closest was about 45 miles away, but I could go if I wanted.
And I know what you mean about just walking around BN. That's pretty much all I do there. I do most of my purchasing at Walmart of Half Price Books anymore. But I love the atmosphere of BN and go in when I'm near one with the time.
Hope the surgery goes well!! And keep enjoying your trip!

CCsMom said...

Tell Amber we're thinking about her. We thought about calling you last night, but I KNEW you'd be pooped. Take care and I know everything will go well. Love ya!!! -- Mom