Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your--

Hey, wait a minute!!

Captain Jack: Why is all the hair gone?

Yep, I chopped off all my hair this morning. Ok, so *I* didn't do it, I went to a salon and paid someone else to chop it off for me. Realize that my hair will never look like this again since the stylist dried it for me...and my hair never behaves when I try to make it do something in particular. So we'll see what it looks like tomorrow ;) Last time I had short hair, I was in fifth grade and I hated it so much I didn't get my hair cut again until I was a senior in high school. No, really, I went seven years without so much as a trim. I'm not sure why I got the wild hare (pun intended) to try a short 'do now, but we'll see how well I like it.

Anyway, since I can't watch Twilight till it gets to Okinawa (IF it ever gets here...I totally missed Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), I thought I'd share a part of the "lost Twilight script" I found on MSN last week. This was stinkin' hilarious to me since I've read the books!

BELLA: So did you do the chemistry homework?
EDWARD: Like, 100 years ago.
BELLA: No, seriously. Quit making jokes about our age difference. I have to do my homework before I go home and cook my dad his dinner.
EDWARD: You are a magnificent flower and the sweet cherry atop my life's sundae. Marry me and your life will be distilled bliss, for I do not eat food that requires cooking, and I am rich enough that your chemistry grade matters not a whit.
BELLA: Um, let's not talk about what you eat.
EDWARD: Your wish is my command, fragrant blossom.
BELLA: I just don't understand how you can say that. I'm just a plain, awkward girl who needs to strap herself to the commode so she doesn't fall off. Accident-prone is my middle name.
EDWARD: I will sneak into your bathroom and offer my steady, marble-like arms as your supports. No harm shall come to you, my pet.
BELLA: OK, but you have to be really quiet about it and stuff, because my dad is, like, the police chief and even though he can't cook his own dinner, he will totally OWN your undead badonkadonk if he catches you.
EDWARD: (laughs) Did you just see that? I sprinted to the end of these mossy rocks and back in less time than it took you to say badonkadonk.
BELLA: Kiss me unchastely, you sexy beast.
EDWARD: Let's do your chemistry first, and then we shall go for a ride in my Volvo.
BELLA: See? I am ugly. My vampire boyfriend doesn't even want to neck.

It just tickles me that they worked in the word "badonkadonk". And I can relate to Bella's total klutziness...I was loading the dishwasher today and I tripped on the open dishwasher door and nearly took a header into the kitchen counter. Luckily I saved myself, even without the assistance of a vampire boyfriend. I'm pretty sure Lee would not approve of my having a vampire boyfriend, so I have to make do without one. :p On the other hand, I do have a spectacular and colorful bruise on my shin, so that's something.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meanwhile, In a Town Called Spoons

Yes, I've been back in Okinawa for a week now and I haven't posted anything. So what have I been doing, you may ask? Ok, so Liz asked, and here's the answer:

Dishes. Holiday baking season is upon us so I made two batches of cookies for a fundraiser on Monday, and I've got another bake sale to make stuff for coming up next Monday, not to mention Thanksgiving...Lee and I are having a few people over and everyone is bringing something, and I'm making orange Jell-O (love that stuff) and an apple pie for Lee, plus a turkey roast thing (it was either a 3-lb. turkey roast thing or a ginormous turkey so I went for the smaller one). Plus maybe Mississippi Mud. And pumpkin cookies. Or bars, those are faster. Can you tell what I like to cook? ;) The down side is, all that baking generates a lot of dirty dishes. Hey, speaking of dessert stuff, check out the Cake Wrecks blog...there's a link over on the right. Hilarity will ensue, guaranteed :)

Anyway, I've also got a long list of cards I need to make...I haven't even *started* my Christmas cards but I had to get a few others done first!

This is for my aunt and uncle for meeting Amber and me and treating us to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Hmm, this card is kinda rainforest-y with those bright colors, don't you think? And I made this one for Lee's mom for her birthday:

At first I didn't even like that stamp set with the flowers, it's called Eastern Blooms. But finally I broke down and bought it (I blame Amber, she's done such cute things with it) and now I love it! And I've finally got my Thanksgiving cards done, yay!!! Check it out:

Isn't it purdy? I borrowed this stamp set from Amber and now I'm going to have to get one for myself (you see how she's a bad influence on me, right?) So this is probably the last fall card I'll get to do, and then it's on to Christmas cards. Lots and lots of Christmas cards. Oh wait, I'm going to do some Bellariffic Thanksgiving somethings for next week, but you'll just have to wait to see further evidence of my papercrafting genius. (I kid, I kid! No really, you do have to wait, but I don't think I quite qualify as a papercrafting genius.)

If you did not understand the title of this blog post, then you are obviously not a Twilight fan (and you should therefore be ashamed of yourself, and go buy the whole series of books from Amazon as soon as you finish reading this). Twilight is set in Forks, Washington, which was actually not too far away from where Amber and I were...a couple of hours maybe. We talked about going but we didn't...the real-life town is TINY, like one stoplight tiny, and I doubt we'd see any smokin' hot vampires if we went. So we just have to wait for the movie to land on Okinawa. It opens in the States this weekend but no telling when (or if) it will get to us here, so if you go see it, write me a review, n'k?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Stampers that Ate Seattle

OK, so we're technically not *in* Seattle, we're south of it, but I definitely feel like we've been eating our way through the state of Washington for the last week and a half :) Ever seen the game Hungry Hungry Hippos? That's me! On Saturday, Amber and I drove up to the Southcenter Mall about 30 miles from where we've been staying, and we met my Uncle Barry and Aunt LeeAnne for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe:

I hope the color on these pictures looks right to everyone out there in Cyber Land, it looks weird on my laptop screen but that just might be my computer. Anyway, I've never eaten at Rainforest before...we have one in Texas but it's always so crowded that we've never gone in. Pretty cool place though, we had fun watching the animatronic elephants, monkeys, and butterflies, not to mention the aquariums (but the fish were real, not animatronic). Pretty good food and Uncle Barry forced us at fork-point to get dessert too...Amber and I split a piece of Chocolate Diablo cake and still couldn't finish it between the two of us. So here's us...

I know, I'm going to get a lot of grief from Liz that I've got more pictures of me with Amber than I do of her with me, but if she'd actually been in Washington like she was *supposed* to be then I would have had a zillion pictures taken of us together! :p Anyway, today Amber and I met up with some of her PSF's (pretend stamping friends) and had lunch at TGI Friday's and went to a big Ben Franklin store together. So here's the whole group at Friday's:

That's me, Amber, Linsey, Maren, and AJ. Amber and the other three are all on the Unity Stamps design team together so I'm the only schlub who doesn't design for anyone :p We had a good time just chatting and then shopping at the Ben Franklin...I behaved myself very well (you better be proud of me, Lee!) and only bought one little acrylic stamp set of Disney princesses to use in my scrapbooks. But then Amber and I went to Michael's afterwards and I finally caved...don't look, Lee!!

Primas. They were calling my name...super cute paper flowers to use on cards and scrapbook pages. They were ON SALE, which are the two magic words when it comes to shopping! And those little glass bottles are just so darling...but hey, this is the most I've splurged since we got here. I should get some kind of award or something, I've been nigh *saintly* in my refusal to go on a big shopping spree. That and I wouldn't be able to fit a lot in my suitcases to take back to Okinawa...but I could have shipped stuff if I wanted to, so yeah, nominate me for sainthood already! :D

I talked to Lee again yesterday and got to talk to Vader, who I now know really does miss me...Little Man kept looking around for me everywhere while I talked to him and when he couldn't find me he just went under the desk and whined. At least one of my kids misses me! Sadie could care less if I'm talking to her on the computer. Much as I've enjoyed being back in the States for a while, I am really looking forward to being back in Okinawa with Lee and my kiddos! Can't wait to see them on Wednesday.

I almost forgot, here's the score:
Target: 7
Barnes & Noble: 6
Panera Bread: 4 (but they were out of the sourdough bread bowls *twice*!)
Michael's: 4
Malls: 2 different ones!
One trip each: Half-Price Books, Impress Rubber Stamps, Applebee's, IHOP (jealous, Missy?), TGI Friday's, Olive Garden, two different Mexican restaurants...I forget where else we've eaten!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Score

Target: 5
Barnes & Noble: 4
Panera Bread: 3
Michael's: 2
Half-Price Books: 1

Yep, I've been to Target five times already. Not really buying a whole lot other than some food stuff, but it's still fun to just go wander around in there nonetheless. Amber's parents showed up here yesterday (and it was Amber's birthday too!) and the 4 of us went out to dinner at Olive Garden and then went by Target. Check out Amber's pimpin' ride (and her parents peeking around the aisle):

Teehee! I think she needs a little practice driving the thing...the worst part is when she wanted to back up, the thing beeped so loud that the entire store could tell she what she was doing :) She's starting to get cabin fever being locked up in the hotel so we're going out shopping a bit more. And we finally have photographic proof that we're friends, Amber's been wanting to get her pic on my blog for a long time!

Yeah, I asked her mom not to get my Grumpy pajama pants in the picture but there they are! Oh well, I suppose I could have cropped them out but I'm too lazy. This is my hotel room here, not a bad place to be holed up for two weeks. We're going to be out of here next Tuesday, Amber will be going home to Montana for her convalescence and I'm back to Okinawa to see my sweet hubby and our rascally doglets. Yay!

Tonight we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then by Half-Price Books. I just about did a happy dance in the parking lot, I had no idea they had those stores here. I looooove going to Half-Price Books every time I go back home to Texas, it drives my parents nuts that I want them to drive me to as many different stores as I can manage in a limited amount of time. You never know what you'll find in each store though, so you have to go to a bunch of different ones to maximize your chances of finding what you're looking for...I'm still missing a baker's dozen of the Nancy Drew paperbacks.

We still need to go to IHOP, Quizno's, Applebee's....I forget where else. I'm going to need to spend a LOT of time in the gym when I get back to the island...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Love My Hubby!

I finally got to talk to Lee on Skype yesterday, the time difference is such that he was either at work or asleep when I could get online up until yesterday afternoon. We had a good long chat yesterday and he told me all about Halloween out there (apparently the Japanese even get into it, there were a million trick-or-treaters running around), what's been going on with him at work, and how the kids are. Then he picked up the dogs one at a time and had them wave to the camera so I could see them, isn't he sweet? Sadie and Vader looked like they thought this whole process was just strange, but hey, I got to see them! We've also decided to plan our Tokyo trip for the first part of December, we're going to take a long weekend up there as soon as Lee gets a big project at work finished up. I haven't even been gone a week yet but I'm already looking forward to being back on Okinawa, I miss Lee a lot, and my two stinky little doglets too.

Still no pictures of Washington yet, I need to take some photos of the beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves contrasting with the evergeen pines here. I was tempted to take some pictures of the yellow leaves everywhere in front of Target, but I didn't want the other Target shoppers to think I was completely mental :)

If you're counting, I've been to Target 4 times (yes, I know, it's like an addiction!) and to Panera Bread twice. Actually I wouldn't have (can I make up a new word and say wouldn't've?) gone to Target today but I was already out in that area for lunch at Wendy's and Missy asked if I could find her a pumpkin carving kit, so that's what I went in for today. I had dinner at Panera last night and I saw a 2-year-old Supergirl, she had a ponytail on top of her head that splayed out like a fountain. Pretty funny. I want to be Supergirl for Halloween sometime!

Amber and I had to switch hotels yesterday (whose bright idea was that anyway, making us move the day after she had surgery?!) and the new place is nicer than the old one. We've each got our own rooms with two beds, TV and DVD player, and a little kitchen area with a stove and microwave in it. It was quite an adventure getting everything moved over here and then having to go back and get Amber--we have the world's smallest rental car and there was no way to fit it all in one trip, but that's ok, we managed. She's doing pretty well, still sleeping a lot in between watching things like Ghost and Never Been Kissed. I try to check on her often enough to get her whatever she needs but not so often that she thinks "Go away already! I just wanna sleep!" I've never been anyone's nurse before so this is a new one for me, so hopefully I'm doing a good job of it.

Later today or tomorrow I'm going to walk around with my cheapie camera and take some pictures of the trees and stuff. Here I thought I wouldn't see fall foliage at all for three years!