Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Love My Hubby!

I finally got to talk to Lee on Skype yesterday, the time difference is such that he was either at work or asleep when I could get online up until yesterday afternoon. We had a good long chat yesterday and he told me all about Halloween out there (apparently the Japanese even get into it, there were a million trick-or-treaters running around), what's been going on with him at work, and how the kids are. Then he picked up the dogs one at a time and had them wave to the camera so I could see them, isn't he sweet? Sadie and Vader looked like they thought this whole process was just strange, but hey, I got to see them! We've also decided to plan our Tokyo trip for the first part of December, we're going to take a long weekend up there as soon as Lee gets a big project at work finished up. I haven't even been gone a week yet but I'm already looking forward to being back on Okinawa, I miss Lee a lot, and my two stinky little doglets too.

Still no pictures of Washington yet, I need to take some photos of the beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves contrasting with the evergeen pines here. I was tempted to take some pictures of the yellow leaves everywhere in front of Target, but I didn't want the other Target shoppers to think I was completely mental :)

If you're counting, I've been to Target 4 times (yes, I know, it's like an addiction!) and to Panera Bread twice. Actually I wouldn't have (can I make up a new word and say wouldn't've?) gone to Target today but I was already out in that area for lunch at Wendy's and Missy asked if I could find her a pumpkin carving kit, so that's what I went in for today. I had dinner at Panera last night and I saw a 2-year-old Supergirl, she had a ponytail on top of her head that splayed out like a fountain. Pretty funny. I want to be Supergirl for Halloween sometime!

Amber and I had to switch hotels yesterday (whose bright idea was that anyway, making us move the day after she had surgery?!) and the new place is nicer than the old one. We've each got our own rooms with two beds, TV and DVD player, and a little kitchen area with a stove and microwave in it. It was quite an adventure getting everything moved over here and then having to go back and get Amber--we have the world's smallest rental car and there was no way to fit it all in one trip, but that's ok, we managed. She's doing pretty well, still sleeping a lot in between watching things like Ghost and Never Been Kissed. I try to check on her often enough to get her whatever she needs but not so often that she thinks "Go away already! I just wanna sleep!" I've never been anyone's nurse before so this is a new one for me, so hopefully I'm doing a good job of it.

Later today or tomorrow I'm going to walk around with my cheapie camera and take some pictures of the trees and stuff. Here I thought I wouldn't see fall foliage at all for three years!


Giffysk8s said...

I think you need to make at least 5 more trips to Target before you leave~they'll need to last awhile!

Glad you are out and about. Please give Amber a hug for me.

Aww...your pot of gold is shining once again! So sweet to put Sadie and Vader on camera!

Amber said...

You are the best nurse EVAH my friend:) Seriously, you rock. When you wanna come watch a movie?:)

CCsMom said...

So glad to hear everything is going well. We went to Baylor today and were talking about you and Lee a lot to everyone at the Det. It was a very nice ceremony and Nick's family was very touched. And we saw David A., the one that was a groomsman in your wedding. Lee's former commander at the Det was there, too -- he was working for a defense contractor after he retired, but is back at Baylor, Director of Electronic Marketing, and loving it. He was very happy to hear about how you two, Bennet and Missy are doing. It was a very good day and I am so glad we went. Will send pictures I took to Lee and write him a little note, too.

I'll try calling you. Love you!!! -- Mom

Charisse said...

Hey sweetie. I totally would die without a Target, I think. That is one of my two favorite stores. The other favorite store is Walgreen's. I love them. I could spend my whole check in there if I didn't have real bills. :-)