Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meanwhile, In a Town Called Spoons

Yes, I've been back in Okinawa for a week now and I haven't posted anything. So what have I been doing, you may ask? Ok, so Liz asked, and here's the answer:

Dishes. Holiday baking season is upon us so I made two batches of cookies for a fundraiser on Monday, and I've got another bake sale to make stuff for coming up next Monday, not to mention Thanksgiving...Lee and I are having a few people over and everyone is bringing something, and I'm making orange Jell-O (love that stuff) and an apple pie for Lee, plus a turkey roast thing (it was either a 3-lb. turkey roast thing or a ginormous turkey so I went for the smaller one). Plus maybe Mississippi Mud. And pumpkin cookies. Or bars, those are faster. Can you tell what I like to cook? ;) The down side is, all that baking generates a lot of dirty dishes. Hey, speaking of dessert stuff, check out the Cake Wrecks blog...there's a link over on the right. Hilarity will ensue, guaranteed :)

Anyway, I've also got a long list of cards I need to make...I haven't even *started* my Christmas cards but I had to get a few others done first!

This is for my aunt and uncle for meeting Amber and me and treating us to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Hmm, this card is kinda rainforest-y with those bright colors, don't you think? And I made this one for Lee's mom for her birthday:

At first I didn't even like that stamp set with the flowers, it's called Eastern Blooms. But finally I broke down and bought it (I blame Amber, she's done such cute things with it) and now I love it! And I've finally got my Thanksgiving cards done, yay!!! Check it out:

Isn't it purdy? I borrowed this stamp set from Amber and now I'm going to have to get one for myself (you see how she's a bad influence on me, right?) So this is probably the last fall card I'll get to do, and then it's on to Christmas cards. Lots and lots of Christmas cards. Oh wait, I'm going to do some Bellariffic Thanksgiving somethings for next week, but you'll just have to wait to see further evidence of my papercrafting genius. (I kid, I kid! No really, you do have to wait, but I don't think I quite qualify as a papercrafting genius.)

If you did not understand the title of this blog post, then you are obviously not a Twilight fan (and you should therefore be ashamed of yourself, and go buy the whole series of books from Amazon as soon as you finish reading this). Twilight is set in Forks, Washington, which was actually not too far away from where Amber and I were...a couple of hours maybe. We talked about going but we didn't...the real-life town is TINY, like one stoplight tiny, and I doubt we'd see any smokin' hot vampires if we went. So we just have to wait for the movie to land on Okinawa. It opens in the States this weekend but no telling when (or if) it will get to us here, so if you go see it, write me a review, n'k?


AJ said...

I am *hoping* to go see it!!
I finished the last book and hope to re read the first again-
cute cards- hope you are well!!

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, I am so glad that you're back and posting! I look forward to your giggle-inducing posts. Your blog makes me happy. :)

Your cards are stunning, as always. If Okinawa weren't so stinkin' far away, I'd come sit at your table and watch you work for inspiration. You are, in fact, a papercrafting genius, at least to this papercraft-challenged granny. In the meantime, I'll just have to stalk your blog. :)

Okay...I haven't even looked at those books yet. Are you saying that they're a MUST READ, that my life will not be complete without them??? The only problem is that I actually do live in a TINY, one-stoplight town, so I'd have to order them and wait. Hrumph.

Your 3-lb turkey roast thingy sounds good. I cook a TON~a 25 pound turkey! Yikes! We always have a house full for Thanksgiving. Flights are so expensive that a lot of college kids can't go home, and the dorms close over Thanksgiving weekend, so that leaves stranded kids. So I tell my college sons to bring them here. It can get crazy!

Happy cooking!

Melissa A said...

I'm going to see Twilight on Saturday!! With my Team Edward shirt on and everything!!

Love, Mel

Amber said...

Hey sistah! I was just coming to post on your blog why you haven't been posting! I'm glad to see you beat me to the punch:) I love your cards! They're just gorgeous:) Glad your lovin on my stamps and they're not lonely:) We went to a couple scrapbook stores today and I went a lil crazy, *ooops!*:) I bought suitcases too though! So we'll be able to find them when I land in Oki, they're ORANGE! Loe them:)

Charisse said...

Hey chicka. I was wondering when you were going to post again and let us know that you got home alright. I am glad you had fun in the states but I am sure that you are happy to be home.

I love the cards. They're too cute. My aunt is good at that stuff with the stamping and the embossing and the card making stuff. I am no good. But I like getting cards more than making them. :-)

Liz Guidry said...

Hey! I thought maybe you'd fallen into one of your baking masterpieces and gotten all toasty ;)

I just heard about Twilight a little before our discussion about it - I know, where have I been?!? I'm all about vampires, especially the dead sexy kind. haha! I'm a riot! Once I have time to read anything besides parenting manuals (and your blog, of course), then I will run right out and get them :) Oh, and I recommend that YOU read the Vampire Diaries. They came out when I was in HS and were the ORIGINAL vampire craze!!!