Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your--

Hey, wait a minute!!

Captain Jack: Why is all the hair gone?

Yep, I chopped off all my hair this morning. Ok, so *I* didn't do it, I went to a salon and paid someone else to chop it off for me. Realize that my hair will never look like this again since the stylist dried it for me...and my hair never behaves when I try to make it do something in particular. So we'll see what it looks like tomorrow ;) Last time I had short hair, I was in fifth grade and I hated it so much I didn't get my hair cut again until I was a senior in high school. No, really, I went seven years without so much as a trim. I'm not sure why I got the wild hare (pun intended) to try a short 'do now, but we'll see how well I like it.

Anyway, since I can't watch Twilight till it gets to Okinawa (IF it ever gets here...I totally missed Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), I thought I'd share a part of the "lost Twilight script" I found on MSN last week. This was stinkin' hilarious to me since I've read the books!

BELLA: So did you do the chemistry homework?
EDWARD: Like, 100 years ago.
BELLA: No, seriously. Quit making jokes about our age difference. I have to do my homework before I go home and cook my dad his dinner.
EDWARD: You are a magnificent flower and the sweet cherry atop my life's sundae. Marry me and your life will be distilled bliss, for I do not eat food that requires cooking, and I am rich enough that your chemistry grade matters not a whit.
BELLA: Um, let's not talk about what you eat.
EDWARD: Your wish is my command, fragrant blossom.
BELLA: I just don't understand how you can say that. I'm just a plain, awkward girl who needs to strap herself to the commode so she doesn't fall off. Accident-prone is my middle name.
EDWARD: I will sneak into your bathroom and offer my steady, marble-like arms as your supports. No harm shall come to you, my pet.
BELLA: OK, but you have to be really quiet about it and stuff, because my dad is, like, the police chief and even though he can't cook his own dinner, he will totally OWN your undead badonkadonk if he catches you.
EDWARD: (laughs) Did you just see that? I sprinted to the end of these mossy rocks and back in less time than it took you to say badonkadonk.
BELLA: Kiss me unchastely, you sexy beast.
EDWARD: Let's do your chemistry first, and then we shall go for a ride in my Volvo.
BELLA: See? I am ugly. My vampire boyfriend doesn't even want to neck.

It just tickles me that they worked in the word "badonkadonk". And I can relate to Bella's total klutziness...I was loading the dishwasher today and I tripped on the open dishwasher door and nearly took a header into the kitchen counter. Luckily I saved myself, even without the assistance of a vampire boyfriend. I'm pretty sure Lee would not approve of my having a vampire boyfriend, so I have to make do without one. :p On the other hand, I do have a spectacular and colorful bruise on my shin, so that's something.


Worm's Woman said...

I like the hair, and totally understand the "it will NEVER look like this again".
I cannot decide. I went and got Twilight a couple months ago ready to dive in and read, and then things suddenly got super busy to where I'm just now getting the time again. But I'm wondering do I read or watch first? Will it be like so many others such as both of the Traveling Pants, where I dislike much of the movie because it's so different (rented and watched the second one yesterday)? Or will I be that I'm disappointed with the book already knowing most of what happenes?

Dustythemomhaskins said...

I love your hair, it is so cute. Good lUck with the movie, it seems like a big hit here in the States. have a great Thanksgiving with Lee in a new country. Blessings

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, your hair is so GORGEOUS! I get it about not looking that way after you wash it~my hair never looks the same way twice!

I am such a klutz, too. Put me in ice skates and I am totally fine and graceful. Take em off, and I trip over everything. You'd never believe I can skate if you saw me walking first. LOL

I haven't read the Twilight books yet (I know...hard to believe, huh?), but I found this conversation hilarious!

So Lee wouldn't approve of a vampire boyfriend, huh? Can't say I blame him. Your new hair style leaves your neck totally exposed. :)

CCsMom said...

I think I know why that's the "lost manuscript". How hokey! Well, of course it's teenager-speak, anyway.

Been sick with the flu the last two days and missed work today. Am feeling better this evening, though. Hope you are doing great. And yes, I do love your hair. Looks just like it did way back when . . .

Love ya! Mom

Debbie said...

Your hair looks really cute! But I'll always see you as the girl with the pirate hair (you used to have that pic on SCS). I so love your blog! Thanks for the Twilight excerpt!

The Henry Crew! said...

I love the hair! :-) And DON"T see the Sisterhood Part 2 movie - it sucks! They took the last three books and tried to put it all in one movie, and they did a horrible job! Yeech... you'll be so annoyed. sorry for the bummer news!

AJ said...

it's soooo cute Christy!! i love it- I wish you could see twilight- it's really not fair that it's makes its way to you sooo late!