Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Cards!

After much thought (and even more procrastination), I have finally designed this year's Christmas cards! Now, before you go any further, realize that I'm making these cards to match the picture of Lee and me dressed up in the fancy kimonos, so if you find the colors a tad unconventional, that's why. This pic is going inside each card:

And here's my Christmas card for 2008:

I'm having a total JanTInk YILM (yes, I love myself!) moment...I just love how these turned out. I couldn't figure out what to do until I saw this post on Julee Tillman's blog, so I used the same layout--nice and simple, not too many layers. Of course, I wanted to use my two favorite new stamp sets, Eastern Influences (the rose) and Bella Toile (the background). And then I turned a simple, quick card into something crazy...the rose is heat embossed and then watercolored, and I sponged the background so each one of these is a bit time-intensive.

I was originally going to do TEAL Christmas cards and then somehow they ended up being my new favorite color, Baja Breeze! Oops :) But I need to order some more Baja Breeze cardstock so for now I'm going to have to do a few other color schemes.

These two are for my mom (left) and Lee's mom (right) and they match the uber-cool Christmas presents that we're giving them. I love the look of the plum one so much, I think I'll use that idea for some post-Christmas thank you cards.

I think this will be my second mass-produced version, another not-so-traditional Christmas color: PINK. I'm also using up all of my gold paper so I thought I'd do artichoke for the mat on this one instead of gold until I get more of that ordered too :)

These two didn't work out so hot...I was curious how the Bella Toile background would look stamped in red, and while I like the effect, I don't think it works too well for these particular cards. I was aiming for an orange rose for my friend Liz and somehow it came out looking the exact same color as Macaroni & did that happen? I think it's time to try that one again! I think I may find something other than gold cord to use too, it's too fussy trying to get bows to look right, so we'll see what I can find in my stash.

So now all I've got to do is make about 60 of these by the end of the week so I can mail them. And write our Christmas letter. And get Christmas presents boxed up and ready to go too....I'll be glad when this week is over, it's going to be super busy!


Dustythemomhaskins said...

WOW, those are so beautiful. AMAZING job. How exciting. The kimonos are absolutely the neatest things. thank you so much for sharing. Look forward to the many new blogs of 2009

Amber said...

Ooo, they are so pretty Christy! I love those colors, non-traditional but totally pretty:) 60 cards? DANG! Good luck!:)

Jamie Hurley said...

Christy they look very nice. Your picture is gorgeous!

Jamie Hurley said...

Christy they look very nice. Your picture is gorgeous!

Worm's Woman said...

In total awe of your talent!! They look fabulous!!!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, I LOVE that they are non-traditional. It adds so much beauty! The teal is stunning! It'll look great with your photo.

Laura (llevans) said...

Christy - what a great picture of you and Lee! I love your Christmas cards, just beautiful!