Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Under the Wire

I've been slowly working on two sets of card fronts for a swap I'm in, knowing that they needed to be sent out this week to make it to the swap hostess on time (for those of you who aren't in the know, a swap is when you make a bunch of copies of one card or card front, then give them all to the hostess, who will swap yours out with the other participants' cards so you get a bunch of different cards back. Much easier than coming up with a dozen ideas all by your onesies.) So today I went to the post office as usual and thought I'd check to make sure they'd be open tomorrow--the post office is normally open on New Year's Eve, right? It's not a federal holiday...well, ours isn't. And it isn't like you have a lot of choice for where to send mail to America here. Not only are they not open on New Year's Eve, they're closed on New Year's Day *and* January 2 as well. Given that they're usually closed every Monday, that means that I had exactly *one* day this week to send those cards out and make sure they'd be on time. Today.

Crap!!! I'd finished one set (luckily, the set of 14) but I hadn't started the second set of 10 card fronts. So I bought a box to send them in because our post office never has the little bitty priority boxes that cost $4.80 to ship, and then I raced home and started working on those swaps. I cranked out 10 card fronts in about an hour and a half, ran back up to the PO and put those puppies in the mail. Usually I include a recipe of everything I used to make the cards, but I just plain didn't have time to do that today. I told Lee about my afternoon's adventures when he got home from work and he just tried to do a He-Man style "moral of the story" thing about the evils of procrastination -rolls eyes-

So anyway, here's the cards:

This is the one I made 14 of. Actually, I liked it so much, I made an extra 8 full cards to send to my little Stampin' Up! customer base. This stamp set will be in the upcoming catalog that we'll start mid-January. Anyway, the flower is stamped and watercolored on white cardstock, and then I did the sentiment on a vellum overlay which is attached with ribbon. I had to have Lee help me with the punch I used to make the holes to thread the ribbon through, I was having a tough time getting it through all the paper even one layer at a time. Anyway, these ones were all done and ready to go when I got to the PO the first time today.

And here's the one that I raced like a crazy stamper to make in an hour and a half. Again, both the stamp set and the patterned paper will be in the next SU catalog, part of being a demonstrator for them is you get to order some things early :) I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with this card, but I suppose that's to be expected given how fast I put them together. I tried at first to stamp the hummingbird in green with teal accents on his wings and tail, the same green as is in the patterned paper, which was an interesting look...if the hummingbird hailed from Chernobyl. Totally icky. So the bird got to be all teal instead and I used the green just for the sentiment.

Now I'm going to share some of the handmade cards I was lucky enough to receive this month, mostly Christmas cards of course. Just wanted to make sure I put 'em up here and there's not much left of December to do that in, so here they are.

My good buddy Liz sent me this in a box with Christmas presents for me and the kids (I swear, Sadie and Vader made out like hairy little black bandits this Christmas, for real!!). I've never done that awesome snowflake but I've seen how to do it...need to put that on my list of things to try. Liz sent me a set of 50th anniversary Wizard of Oz glasses, so cool! She knows I'm a big WOO fan. I have all the Hallmark ornaments that have come out since they started with those--except the one where you had to join the club to get it (ruby slippers) but that's a long and slightly bitter story. Anyway, love this card! She used my favorite color, purple :)

This was Liz's Christmas card. She made all her Christmas cards in July this year, I so need to do mine early next year! I hate being all last-minute with that stuff...even though I did it to myself again earlier today with those swaps.

Got this one from my friend Kim in NC. There's just a little bit of glitter on the tree and the ground to look like snow, it's gorgeous.

This one's also from Kim, and is cuter IRL, for some reason the colors were off in the picture and it looked much pinker than it really is.

Got this one from Sally, who used to be my SU upline and kinda got me into all this stamping stuff. At least, I blame her when Lee starts rolling his eyes about my obsession :)

From Missy...this one has a vellum overlay like that first swap card I did. This is totally gorgeous in real life.

From Amber...I thought she had a blog post with this card on it but I couldn't find it.

And this one was from my sister-in-law Adrienne. Last year we went to a grand opening sale at a Hobby Lobby store, and they already had a bunch of House Mouse stamps on clearance so we picked up a few. They were doing 50% off the regular price stamps, and when we went to check out the girl gave us 50% off the clearance prices too, so of course we went back and picked up a whole bunch more :) I've got quite a collection of them but sadly have yet to use most of them. They take a long time to color...anyway, Adrienne sent me bluebonnet seeds for Christmas! If you don't know what those are, look here. It's probably a good thing that box wasn't inspected when it came to Japan, I have a feeling they'd not like people sending flower seeds here but I am *so* tickled to have them. I'm going to plant them in a couple pots, see if I can grow those better than the orchids I have just about killed off completely...

So that's IT for Christmas cards this year. I'll get back to the Tokyo pictures next time I post, but only if I feel loved on this post so leave me some comments :D


adifrog said...

I hoped you'd like them! I might have "accidentally" left them off the customs form--oops! ;) (Ha!)

CCsMom said...

Sending the "love" -- Mom

CCsMom said...

I think your regular bloggers must be partying and celebrating 2009 instead of making comments . . . I've just checked in to see if you've added anything, and no, you haven't. I'll check again tomorrow night.

Happy New Year!!! -- Mom

Liz Guidry said...

I can't believe you posted my cards --- they aren't that good at all! hahaha!

Happy New Year, girl!

The Henry Crew! said...

Yay - I love all of the fun xmas cards - and thanks for posting mine! How cool is that? Lee and Duane can roll their eyes together over our stamping obsession, I mean, hobby!

Lynn said...

Hi Christy. I'm in your swap group and was lucky to get your beautiful cards! I LOVE them both! I found your blog through SCS when I recognized the hummingbird swap card in your gallery. I'm going to add you to my blog roll. :-)