Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Christmas Cards

I finished making my Christmas cards in 3 days...I feel like Supergirl. I also think that I should get started on these a LOT earlier next year, I was stressing out big time about these...and I still need to print off my Christmas letter and get the envelopes addressed so I have to finish that tonight. I already sent off all the Christmas presents today though, got 'em all wrapped up, boxed, and shipped all by my onesies since Lee's been working crazy hours this week (so have I, I've just been working at home).

Since I am certifiably insane, once I finished my rose Christmas cards I made two *other* Christmas cards to send to my loyal customers! I just really wanted to use both of the Christmas sets I bought from the holiday mini catalog this year in case they don't make the next big catalog. So lookie:

I missed out the last time SU had a Christmas cardinal stamp set so I jumped on this one like white on rice. I'm not one much for kraft cardstock but I really liked this color combo that I saw on Splitcoast, so there it is. I stamped a big fancy "Season's Greetings" on the inside since I didn't see a good place for a sentiment on the front. And here's the other one, I made 8 of each of these:

I love that Christmas tree, I think it's so pretty. I was originally going to stamp it in green ink with the glitter but when I sat down to make the card it came out all light blue and white instead. The tree is really sparkly in real life. I almost never do white for card bases since the white cardstock isn't as thick and heavy-duty as the colors, but I really liked it on here. It wasn't until I was almost done with these that I realized I did an all blue-and-white card for my customers last year...but that was snowflakes so this is totally different, right? ;)

Wanna know what Vader was doing all this week while I was glued to my stamping table?

How can that *possibly* be comfortable?! I get a crick in my neck just looking at this picture! He's laying on an old comforter that I put down in the corner of my stamp room so he'd quit trying to lay down under my desk. I can't quite reach the desktop to work if he's down there, and he seems happy enough to be in the corner. It's only a problem when I need to get something out of the closet.

I made over 50 of my Eastern Influences rose Christmas cards this week, so I may not want to see that rose again for another year or so :p But here's why I love Stampin' Up!'s grid paper:

I stamped the image and the greeting on some scrap paper, cut them out, and then arranged them on the grid paper so I knew how big my panel needed to be before I ever started cutting. Grid paper is just the coolest stuff ever...well maybe not *the* coolest, but it sure is useful in my stamping room. And to give you a visual on how many cards I made, check out this next pic:

That's not even all of them, I had about 30 more (so if you're counting, yes, I have about 25 left over but I'm going to use them for post-Christmas thank you cards). These were all just waiting to be heat embossed, and then each one was stamped with the Merry Christmas greeting, sponged, colored, and adhered to my cards. This is the fifth year that I've made all my own Christmas cards, and next year, I swear I'm going to have them done EARLY!


Giffysk8s said...

Okay, Christy~my cards ended up having to be really simple since I took my graceful "boom" through the baby gate and hurt my bad hand even worse. I can't hand write in them, so they have to be pre-printed and simple. I am not too happy with them, but so it goes. Yours I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'd beg you to trade but that would be SO unfair to you! LOL

This cardinal is stunning. We have a lot of vibrant birds here in MA, and it makes me wish I had this stamp!

I love all of the non-traditional colors that yo have used. They are all so stunning. Maybe I'll start next year's cards in January. I may actually get 150 done that way!

Amber said...

Wozers! That's alot of cards! Love the extras you made, too!
I'm waiting in the seattle airport right now for the flight to tokyo! I have 4.5 more hours till we leave, but it's cool cause I got my twilight soundtrack blastin in my iPod and i have internet, so all is well:D See you in a few hours!

Liz Guidry said...

I'm exhausted just looking at all those roses! I went simple - real simple. I basically stole the card you made for all your customers last year - hehe. I made yours a LITTLE diff though, just to spice it up ;) What can I say? I'm just not as creative as you!!