Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talk to Ya Later, Peeps

Lee would like me to tell everyone that he helped with the 2004 card, he did some of the watercoloring for me. He's right, he did help, and I'd forgotten about it so now I am trumpeting the fact that my husband is the BESTEST EVER and will help me do Christmas cards if I ask him to. On the green Merry one (where I already posted about him helping me), he did the heat embossing with me (I sold it to him as being manly to use the heat gun). And there's several years that he's helped me by writing in the cards for his family. Yes, ladies, he is *that* cool.

Anyway, I'm a little surprised...I post a fudge recipe and the crickets chirp. I post some old Christmas cards and you guys fall outta the proverbial woodwork. What's up with that? Well, I'll ponder that question while Lee and I are hanging out in Tokyo for the next week :D We've got to get to the airport tomorrow at the bust of dawn so I'd better get off the computer and start packing. I've found my basket full of winter clothes that I don't need on Okinawa, so I'm sitting here typing this while wearing my super-cute ski hat (souvenir of my one and only ski trip).

Ok, I just took like five pictures of myself in this ski hat and I was totally cracking myself up while I did it. One of the pictures I kinda looked a bit inebriated, which was hilarious to me since I can't remember the last time I had a drink...must be the cold medication. Lee's wondering what on earth I'm doing in here...


Giffysk8s said...

Well, we already knew that Lee is DA MAN and your pot of gold~it's nice to know that he's a bit crafty, too! :)

LOVE the ski hat! If you lived here, you'd be wearing it today. We already have about 3" with LOTS more to come on Friday. Looks like it will be a white Christmas after all!

Hope you are feeling better. ENJOY YOUR TRIP! My dad always raved about Tokyo, and his old black and white photos I have are stunning. I can't imagine what it looks like in color! I hope you'll post some pix when you get back.


Worm's Woman said...

there i posted one now. hope you have a fab trip. we are off to CO this weekend. i'll have to take pics of all of us in our hats that were all made by either me or holly...hmmm reminds me...need to see if haylee made her's or if i need to get another one cranked out...sheesh...GOTTA GO!

Amber said...

you so silly:)
Have fun on your trip!!!

Liz Guidry said...

hahaha! I told you that I didn't post b/c I was GONE! I don't have an excuse for your other friends :) You still look drunk in your photo, but it's funny! haha! Have fun on your trip and I can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Be safe and be merry!


Christy Lynn said...

At least I'm a *happy* pretend drunk then, snort! We just got to mainland Japan so we're trying to solidify our plans for the next couple days. Now that we're here I'm totally STOKED to see the city tomorrow!