Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Cards

We didn't see a single solitary whale on Saturday...but that's probably because we got a call on Friday morning that the tour was canceled due to weather. It was really windy and chilly on Saturday so it's probably a good thing we weren't out on a boat all morning. We rescheduled our whale watching adventure for February 1, the same day Amber had signed up to go with her hubby, so now we're all going to be looking for whales together. Or Amber's going to be trying to get a picture of me being seasick (Liz says she really likes you, Amber).

So instead of whale watching, Lee and I did a quick tour of all the kokeshi doll sellers in the area and I bought myself one--my parents had some extra yen left over from their trip out here but it wasn't enough to warrant getting it exchanged for dollars, so they sent it to me and that's what I bought the doll with. Turns out my kokeshi doll collection doubled in size on Saturday because Lee gave me two :) I'll take pictures of the whole collection sometime soon and post them on here so you can see. All six of mine are different styles.

Since we don't have any whale pictures, how about some card eye candy instead? I was the lucky recipient of *all* of these lovely cards for my birthday!

This one was from Missy, it's the cracked glass technique. So pretty! She also put the letters HB on a blue party hat and made me wear it through dinner on Saturday at Chili's, hopefully I'll get some pics of that from her soon so I can post those here too. Lee surprised me by inviting a bunch of our friends to go out to dinner with us and we had a fabulous time (at least I did!)--we didn't leave Chili's until after 10:30. I think the only reason we left then is because the cleaning crew was herding us out with their brooms.

This is from my friend Meredith back in North Carolina. Love that pretty stripey paper, but as Liz will tell you, I go gaga for anything with stripes, plaid, or stars. These pics are in no particular order, just whatever order they happened to upload onto Blogger.

This is from my online buddy Laura in Texas. Amber asked a bunch of the Stamping Bella Sistahs to send me birthday cards so I got extra fun mail! Love the doggy card, this image is from Whipper Snapper. They have the best dog stamps ever.

This is from Kim in North Carolina, she also sent me the most awesomest ever purple crocheted potholder. It's got a present crocheted on one side and my initials on the other. And she didn't even know that purple is my favorite color. It's perfect!

This is from Bella Sistah Janet in Canada! Love the bright blue on this (it's brighter in real life) and I think I've got a Rockabella card I can send back to her :)

This card is from Amber, who was my very firstest friend on Okinawa. We started chatting on Splitcoast before either one of us actually moved here and we've been buddies ever since. Amber's the real rock star here on Okinawa!

I just got this one in the mail today from Vicki in New England! The cake is all sparkly. And no, Vicki, Lee did not jump out of a cake for my birthday--but he did order me a molten chocolate lava cake, yum!!

This is from Sparkle in Washington. Yes, that's her real name! Wish we'd been able to meet up with her while Amber and I were out that direction last year. I think this Bella will be on my next order, I have a few I stamped using Amber's stamp but I want my own so I can do the paper piecing thing on her dress :)

So I'm going to put all these cards up on top of my stamp cabinets so I can look at them and think what great friends I have. Thanks, ladies, you all ROCK!!

I've been scrapping still too...Lee's kind of been sick for the last day or two so I spent some time scrapping while he vegged out or napped. I'm up to 18 pages for January :) I think I'm going to aim for an even twenty before the end of the month, I think I can squeeze in one more layout before the weekend. I do have a research project to do for my class though...

Pictures from Okinawa World, a.k.a. Gyokusendo. The lighting was terrible when I took this picture so the layout looks a lot better in real life. The base of the pages is Creamy Caramel and I used Real Red and Taken with Teal, plus a little black because black goes with everything except navy blue.

These pictures were also taken at Okinawa World, but I finally did a layout of nothing but shishi dogs!! Usually I like to keep the same color combination if I do multiple layouts of the same event, but the same colors just didn't work with these pictures. I did do the borders like the first layout though and the same letter template for the title so I think it kind of ties them together. I went to the local photo development place and got a single wallet-size photo today so I could finish this layout now without having to wait to order a print from Winkflash. Gotta keep ahead of Liz :D


Giffysk8s said...

Lucky you~you get to celebrate your birthday twice, and spend a whole day with Amber while doing it!

I love all your layouts. They are all so bright and cheery. You have inspired me to get cracking on mine again! Thank you!

Loved seeing all your cards. The cracked glass is so cool! I guess I am really a card-making toddler. My card want to be everyone else's cards when they grow up. :)

Sorry to hear that Lee didn't jump out of a cake for you! And Chili's molten cake is the best! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white chocolate one, but I think it would be a whole week's worth of WW points, though that might be worth it. LOL

Worm's Woman said...

Wow, fabulous cards! Glad it sounds like you had a fab birthday with lots of fun!

Liz Guidry said...

Great cards - sorry I didn't make you one, but I PROMISE I will get one made for you next year :)

I didn't believe that you had done 18 LO's, so I went back in your gallery and counted and you HAVE done that many. My number is higher than in my gallery b/c I've done 2 LO's for the VSBN that I haven't uploaded yet.

Ok - now get to work on your schoolwork so I can get caught up a bit. I will be uploading some pics today of the LO's I did this weekend.


CCsMom said...

You sure do have a lot of talented friends! Wow. And I love the scrapbook pages. It's making me want to start my Okinawa book . . . but I have all these other things going that I need to wrap up first. Always something.

Have a great day! -- Mom