Sunday, January 11, 2009

*Crickets Chirping*

Been awfully quiet around here...well, that's just because Lee and I have been pretty much hanging out at the old homestead of late. We're working our way through season 7 of Smallville in the evenings, and during the day he's been working on an essay for his class while I've worked on my scrapbooks or cards. You can see all my crafty projects here if you're interested. I'm also very close to finishing up another cross stitch project, but I can't share that here because it's a gift for someone. I've ordered a new cross stitch kit since I'll need something new to start soon, and I've got about 400 pictures ordered from Winkflash so I'll be up to my eyebrows in pictures to scrapbook.

So yeah, all in all, we've been busy but nothing that's like photo-worthy or anything. I *will* have some awesome pics at the end of the month though, we're doing a whale-watching tour and checking out Nago's cherry blossom festival on the 24th (my birthday!) and 31st respectively.

I've been doing kinda okay on my New Year's goals...I went to the gym every weekday last week at 5:00 in the morning. Lee is still grumpy at getting up that early but I think he likes getting a workout done first thing in the a.m. I've also reached my initial goal of doing 10 scrapbook pages this month, but rather than stop now I'm going to keep going since I'm picking up steam (I'll need that steam to work through those 400 pictures I just ordered...) It's a beautiful day on Okinawa today, so I think I'm going to raise the blinds in my scrapbook room, put on some good music, and get to work on some more projects today. Lately it's been really overcast and dreary, but today it's brighter and more cheery even though we still have a lot of clouds. It's a little chilly here too, but nowhere near as cold as it would be if we lived in Canada :) Winters here are going to spoil us for anything else when we get back to the States, we're gonna have to become snowbirds or something.

Since I don't have any new pics to share, I thought I'd post a few more from when Lee and I went to Disneyland Tokyo. Until the 24th I'll probably be digging up some old pics to share on here so you guys don't think I've fallen and can't reach the keyboard ;)

This one's for my sister-in-law Adrienne, who's a big Cinderella fan. *My* favorite classic fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty, I think Maleficent is just the coolest Disney villain to ever grace the silver screen.

Lee tried very hard to get me a good picture of Tinker Bell on the Peter Pan's Flight ride. They have a bunch of little kiddie rides in Fantasyland and I love to go on them...there were really long lines or I would have dragged Lee on all of them. We missed out on Dumbo :( but we got to ride Space Mountain twice, gotta have priorities, right?

One ride I *refuse* to go on with Lee is the Mad Tea Party...when we went to DisneyWorld about six years ago, he spun the cup as fast as he could and I was about ready to revisit my lunch in a most unpleasant fashion. Never again!! I feel your pain, Donald! This mural is a mosaic of pictures of Disneyland Tokyo park employees, pretty cool.

On that same trip to DisneyWorld, I took Lee on "it's a small world" and then I got to hear him sing the song for four days straight, so I was real hesitant to let him accompany me on it this time :) but we rode it, and instead of the usual song, the little children from around the world were singing Jingle Bells. Good thing too, Lee only knows two verses of the small world song and one of them is in Spanish, it gets old fast (yes Ree, I am going to pick on you forever about that!).

Just because I liked the tiki dudes :) These were out between the Tiki Room Lounge and the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. As soon as we left the park that day, I started scheming how to get Lee to bring me back there again...I do love to go to Disney parks. I also discovered that I have an absurd amount of Disneyland-related trivia rattling around in my head.


Dustythemomhaskins said...

I love seeing all these cool pictures. Thanks for sharing these special moments with me. Glad to hear yall are doing well. Blessings

Amber said...

10 pages? You, my friend, are a rockstar!
Hey, didja happen to drive past the theater yet and notice that they are listing TWILIGHT???? YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Christy Lynn said...

I think it starts playing on Friday night! I think I know what we'll be doing...

Worm's Woman said...

Larry took me to see twilight...I enjoyed it! I haven't read the book, it's next after I finally finish my Christmas read. So let me know how the two compair.
Fab pics, and I love learning the cool factoids too!

Charisse said...

I am so excited that you are going to go on a whale-watching cruise. That is my dream vacation. Every since middle school when Alicia's big sister Christy mentioned going on one for her honeymoon. I want to go on a whale watching cruise to Greenland. I think it would be soooooooooooooooo (overkill??) exciting and fun. Let me know how it turns out. :-)

adifrog said...

That's it--you've inspired me to watch Cinderella tomorrow!