Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kokeshi Collection

I got one more birthday card in the mail on Monday, and I've gotta share:

This is from Jennifer in Maryland. I wanna go to Maryland, I've never been there. Anyway, how cute is this card? Purple, green, *and* dogs--yep, that's me all over!

So last time I posted, I promised to take pictures of my kokeshi doll collection, and I just did that so I'd have something to share with all four of you :) I just took these with the little point 'n shoot, I'll probably get out the big camera and the fancy schmancy macro lens to do a photo shoot with them at some point but for now this is what you get.

My whole collection. Mom bought three or four while she was here, and hers are all the same height and style. As you can see, I like to mix it up some.

These are the two that I got in September while my parents were here. I'd wanted to start a collection but couldn't ever pick which doll to start with, so Mom got me the one on the left to start my collection (she also got one for herself, you see where I get my shopping genes from). Lee got me the other one at China Pete's...kinda reminds me of Liz since it's orange and fall-ish and pretty :)

These are the two that Lee gave me for my birthday, they're just darling. I teased him that I think he chose the one on the right because she's wearing navy blue and has black hair. I've been telling him for *years* that navy blue and black together are a fashion no-no...he thinks it's funny to wear a black shirt and navy blue shorts to see if I'll notice. I do.

And these are the two kokeshi dolls I've picked out for myself. The one on the left is the one I got last weekend; she's prettier in real life. She's a pretty chocolate brown color with some kind of bronzy highlights that just don't show up right in the photograph. If you look closely, you'll see that her hair is cut on the diagonal; she's the only one I've seen like that. The one on the right is the doll I got when we were up in Tokyo for our anniversary trip (even though our anniversary is in October and we didn't go till December, that trip was supposed to be for our anniversary). I picked this one because she's wearing purple and blue, which were our wedding colors.

So this morning I took the kiddos out for a walk and then cleaned up some around the house, getting rid of boxes we accumulated over Christmas and my birthday. Can I tell you how much I hate packing peanuts? I usually don't use them because they're so messy, but I had three boxes full of them, so I tossed them--I ended up with two trash bags full of them. At least they weren't heavy :p and now our downstairs is cleaned up so that's good.

I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday working on my homework, researching the Hungarian revolution of 1956. I just sent off my project to my professor, and I think I deserve extra credit for using the word "nascent" in my essay. Anyway, now that I'm done with that, I can get back to scrappin' because Liz is ahead of me! Or she *says* she is, I haven't counted the scrapbook pages in her gallery the way she did mine. She didn't believe me when I said I'd done 18 pages since the beginning of the year. Imagine her doubting my now I need to make it at least an even 20.


Amber said...

So what exactly does Nascent mean anyhoo? Sounds classy though, you get an A from me!;)
I can't wait till sunday, I hope we see some whales!

Christy Lynn said...

Nascent = beginning to exist or develop.

Sounds pretty cool though, dunnit?

Worm's Woman said...

I really, really like your collection. I especially like the one dressed in brown. I like how she is a simple cylinder shape, no curves. Cute!!

Liz Guidry said...

Hey - I TOLD you that I just didn't remember seeing that many b/c I am getting old!!!

There aren't 18.5 pages in my gallery b/c some are for the VSBN this weekend and I can't upload them until then - so blah!

Giffysk8s said...

I like the haircut on the chocolate one, but I really like the sweet faces on the ones Lee bought for you. Well done, Lee! Wow~being a good Kokeshi doll buyer adds more coins to the pot of gold. Now if only he had jumped out of your birthday cake... :)

Charisse said...

My baby is a handful. I think that the cuter they are the more true that is.

As for The Last Unicorn, it IS one of my favorite movies of all time. I have my MySpace background as this, also.

Melissa A said...

I love these kokeshi dolls! They are so cute.

CCsMom said...

That card is SO CUTE. What a talent you all have . . . I'll spend my time with my scrapbooks (which I haven't touched in forever), and cross stitching, but I'll admire what you talented people are turning out. Love ya! Mom

CCsMom said...

I can't tell you how often every day I think about you and Lee. It was so funny at church -- you know how huge the church is, how many people there are when the whole place is filled. This morning during "hug and howdy" time, this woman made her way down her row just to say hello to me. She introduced herself (a Japanese name). I said,"Oh, you are Japanese!" And I told her you and Lee are over there. I then said, "They are in Okinawa." She is from there and asked if Lee was in the Navy or Air Force. When I told her, she said, "Oh, he's at Kadena!" So out of all these people at church, isn't that the strangest thing that this little woman from Okinawa would come over to say hello? That we'd have Okinawa in common? Wow! -- Mom