Sunday, January 4, 2009

Landmark Tower

By the time 8:00 rolled around this morning, I had already been to the gym, surfed the internet for about an hour, and taken the doglets for a walk. Go me! Now if I can resist the urge to take a nap, this could be a real productive day.

As promised, here's the last batch of photos from our trip up to mainland Japan. After our little cruise around Tokyo Bay, we went to the Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan. Take a look:

Neat, huh? There's a ginormous mall there too that's like three or four stories tall, kind of like a Galleria (they have one of those in Dallas, it's like a big huge mall with some fairly high-end shops in it). We looked all around the mall but didn't really buy anything. I did see one store that interested me though:

So now I guess I know how to write my name in kanji, huh? This was a jewelry store. On the ground floor, they had a couple of freestanding shops in the middle of the big huge corridor, and they had a trough with water in it going all the way around like a little moat. This store had one and so did Godiva Chocolates. Mmm...

So after we looked around the mall a bit, we went up into the tower itself via the world's second-fastest elevators. Seriously, those things were so fast my ears popped on the way up. You queue up to get on the elevators in big groups and an employee rides the elevator with you, doing some kind of sing-songy spiel the whole ride, which is only about 40 seconds to get from the bottom of the tower to the observation area on the 69th floor (couldn't understand the spiel since it's all in Japanese). They have windows all around the observation floor and a couple of shops, plus this interesting little Christmas tree.

You can tell this is a girl's Christmas tree because a.) it's pink, b.) there's a dress hanging on the wall as decoration, and c.) some of the decorations on the tree are SHOES. Bwahahahaaa!

Near the elevators I spied one of those little photo booth kiosks so Lee and I decided to do that. This was one where they took your picture in front of a green background like green screen in the movies, then superimposed your image on top of their background; you could pick which landscape you wanted. So here we are!

This picture cracks me up. The little kiosk was made for people who are not quite so vertically gifted as Lee and me, so we had to crouch down and make ourselves about a foot shorter just to get in view of the camera--in the first shot, you couldn't even see Lee's head I don't think. And no, I'm not fading away--I was wearing an aqua-colored sweater which was apparently close enough to the green screen that almost all of it was edited out. I just think this is hilarious! Totally worth the 600 yen.

I know what you really want, you want some pictures we took from up top of the tower. Here you go...

Lee took all of these, he's more into landscape photography than I am. He had a hard time with it though because by the time it was full dark, you'd get a reflection on the windows when trying to photograph the city.

There's a little theme park area right near the tower and mall area, so you can see the ferris wheel pretty well.

They had a Hard Rock Cafe in the mall and I wanted to get us some shirts, but they said Hard Rock Yokohama and not Hard Rock Tokyo. If they'd said Tokyo I would have bought them. Instead our souvenir from the trip is a kokeshi doll :) I now have three of those, I'll have to take pictures of them to post on here sometime when I don't have any other pictures to blog, snort!

So there you have it, that was our trip. I'd like to go back and do a little bit more exploring of Tokyo on our own; since I was still nursing my cold and Lee was trying not to get it, we had two days of just sitting around watching movies. Well, maybe we'll take another trip up there sometime this year...still need to go to Kyoto too. And Lee's talking about going to Sapporo next year for their ice festival. Too bad most of our winter clothing is in storage...


CCsMom said...

OK, I'm getting a nose bleed just looking at those pictures from that building. Wow, it's TALL!

It's absolutely freezing here. It was 85 degrees just a few days ago and tonight we have icicles hanging from the trees, power lines and roof line. There is a confused tree down the street that started to BLOSSOM and now ice is hanging from those blooms. Cracks me up.

Adrienne came out of surgery fine -- she's in her room now. We are going to see her tomorrow after work.

Love ya!!! -- Mom

CCsMom said...

Hee! Hee! I finally got to be the first to comment! -- Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Love all the pics, and your hair is looking GREAT! You were so worried it wouldn't look good after you washed it...NOT!

Looks like you had a great time. I soooooo want to visit Japan. Maybe someday... In the meantime, TFS your pics!