Monday, January 19, 2009

Twilight (Finally!)

So I finally got to see Twilight today, it only took like two months to arrive on Okinawa -rolls eyes- Usually we get the new movies a lot faster than that but this one took *forever* to arrive. Amber went to go see it with me even though she saw it while she was still in the States; I came back to Okinawa like two days before it hit theaters stateside.

Anyway, I thought the movie was alright. I thought they cast all of Bella's classmates really well, who didn't know someone just like Jessica in high school? And I want Angela to be *my* friend, she was too cute. Mike Newton was perfect too, I just had to laugh at the scenes when they're being typical high school boys. Not so sure about the vampire casting though...Esme was great, loved Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice but what the heck is up with Jasper's hair?! I think that's why he looks like he's in pain every time he's on camera, it's gotta be that fugly hair. But my main beef with casting has to be Carlisle.

Ok sure, so he looks vampy enough in that picture and everything, but from the moment I saw him on screen I kept thinking football for some reason. Then it finally clicked where I had seen him before...

Carlisle is played by the guy who plays Mike Dexter, the football jock who's not long on brains and dumps Jennifer Love Hewitt in this movie. I do *love* this movie and have seen it many times, but that means I have a really hard time believing this dude as Carlisle, the venerable 400-year-old vampire doctor. I keep seeing him as the dumb football jock who torments the class valedictorian.

Oh well, that won't stop me from buying Twilight when it comes out on DVD. It's in my Amazon cart right now :) The movie stayed pretty close to the book, which is nice--I hate it when they do a movie adaptation of the book and it turns out that half the story is completely different. They've done fairly well in that regard with Chronicles of Narnia and to a lesser extent the Harry Potter movies. Still, I think that Twilight is best enjoyed as a book rather than the movie.

Y'know, Amber and I were sitting in the theater, happily munching our popcorn and chatting, when these three beefy dudes walked in to see the movie. We kinda laughed about it, 'cause if they were expecting an Underworld-style vampire movie, I have a feeling they were disappointed. Wish we'd stopped them on the way out of the theater and asked them what they thought of it just for giggles. It has vampires, yes, but it's *so* a chick flick!


Amber said...

You don't need an Angela as a friend, you have ME! And Liz! And all your Bella sistahs:D
Yep, that's where we saw Carlisle before alright! He better get *WAY* hotter for New Moon!!!!!!

Melissa A said...

"Anyway, I thought the movie was alright."

That was my opinion too. I was a little disappointed...Edward and Bella were trying a little too hard to be dramatic. I am hoping New Moon is a lot better!

Love, Mel

Worm's Woman said...

That confirms it with your decription oh characters, it's best I saw it first. Super happy it sticks with the book.
I'm so glad I didn't realize that was the dude from Can't Hardly Wait. I would have had a hard time with it too...has it really been that long since it came out?!

CCsMom said...

The actress that played Esme also played a crazy girlfriend on numerous episodes of "Grey's Anatomy", so that's what I was thinking during the movie. That Edward is a good-looking young man, though. I just thought the make-up on the vamps came across as make-up. And the movie was definitely made for the teen group whereas the book appealed to a broader audience. Oh well, sigh.

Jamie said...

Christy, I totally agree about Carlisle. I actually went to see it on Friday night (the first night it was here in Oki) and all I got to hear through most of the movie was crazy teenagers screaming their heads off. It was really annoying! I did enjoy the movie, although I agree that the book is so much better! We'll see what New Moon holds for us. Hopefully it won't take as long as Twilight to arrive in our theaters.