Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two Feisty Girls

Instead of buying each other Christmas presents, Lee and I like to pick out one big thing that we both want and buy it for ourselves. This Christmas, it was a macro lens for our camera--which is kinda sorta a little bit more for me since I'm the one who likes to take the ridiculously close-up floral shots and stuff, but I think Lee will have fun playing with it too. The lens arrived yesterday so Lee started playing with it after I got home from class last night (I need to start learning how to use it today). So anyway, since there's nothing exciting happening around these parts at the moment, I thought I'd share the practice shots he took last night. Keep in mind that the lighting is terrible since it was nighttime and we've got the icky indoor lights, *and* we're just learning how to use this lens.

This was one of the presents my mom sent me for Christmas, a Jim Shore Tinker Bell figurine. She's actually sitting on top of a bell, so punny. I think she's cute so she's going to live on our bookshelf full time. Kind of neat how you can see the texture. I'm a big Tink fan because she's feisty, not just all sugar-sweet like some of the Disney princesses. Tink's got Attitude.

This is another Jim Shore Tinker Bell that my friend Liz sent me for my birthday last year. Isn't this just a neat-looking picture? I like the way the light highlights just one side of her face.

Here's what the figures look like when you see the whole thing. I really like this style, it's reminiscent of quilts which is understandable since that's where he says he gets his inspiration, his mother and sister are quilters. I read an article about him in a recent cross stitch magazine...he's come out with some cross stitch patterns recently. He designs a lot of angels, Santas, and other Christmas items like nativity scenes. I have the Angel of New Beginnings that my boss in North Carolina gave me when I left to move out here. Anyway, they're pretty, if you're not familiar with his stuff then go Google Jim Shore or check your local Hallmark store (if you *have* a local Hallmark store).

Amazingly, Lee got Sadie to sit still long enough to take her picture. I just love the way her ears stick out :)

This one's kind of blurry but I still thought it looked neat. Lee converted it to black and white when he downloaded it onto the computer. So I guess it's my turn today to find random objects and dogs around the house to photograph in Wayne's World-style Extreme Closeup! This lens seems bigger and heavier to me than our other one but Lee says it's my imagination. :p


CCsMom said...

Hey, I'm first to comment. I've been absent for awhile and don't really know why -- just back to work, etc. At any rate, in trying to lose a few pounds, I picked up a book called, "Eat This, Not That". I figured the pictures would give me an easy pictorial on what foods to avoid. Well, would you like to know how many calories, fat grams and sugar a Cinnabon Classic cinnamon roll has in it -- WITHOUT the extra frosting? I didn't think so. All I can say is, "OH MY GOODNESS!!!"

Great pix!! Wonder if you got your love of Tink from me -- that's the charm I bought from Disneyland for my first charm bracelet. LOVE her.

Anyway, hope you are doing great. I think Adrienne gets better every day. I am so thankful. I'll be anxious to hear if this surgery makes her feel better.

Love ya -- MOM

Laura Evans (llevans on SCS) said...

the figurines and your fur baby are adorable!

Worm's Woman said...

very cool pics! i'm jealous of your new lense!

Giffysk8s said...

Love the photos of Sadie! I love taking "random" photos, too. Sometimes they really surprise you. SInce I live in a place with real season, I like to go back to the same spot and take the same shot each season, then display them together. It's cool that the same shot can look so different. I've also taken what my kids called "doofy" photos~pictures of their hands, their feet, etc. I want to remember the little details about them. Like how my one son has my father's hands~and I have a photo of just their hands next to each other. It seemed goofy until my father died. Now my son loves that photo because it makes him feel connected to his grandpa. So have fun playing!

Giffysk8s said...

BTW, love the Tink collection!

Liz Guidry said...

love all the pictures! I may need to use those close up tink pics one day in my book :) Love the pics of your babies too.

Keep practicing - you've almost got it down!