Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whark or Shale?

On Sunday, Lee went diving with a whale shark (hence the "whark" or "shale" conundrum). It's a ginormous shark the size of a whale but with the vertical tail fin of a shark, and it eats krill (so does that make it a vegetarian shark?). Anyway, one of the dive shops here has an area where they've roped off two whale sharks but there was only one out there the day Lee went (they can get out, but they come back because people feed them when they do these dives). He was a little disappointed because it was *only* about 20 feet long, he says it must be a baby.

I convinced Lee to buy one of those underwater cameras for like $15 so we just got the film (what's film?) converted into digital images on a CD.

And there's Lee! There were 28 pictures on the roll but most of them didn't turn out very well at all. Lee wants to get an underwater housing for our little point and shoot camera so he can get better pictures than this, I'm sure it looked much better IRL.

If this looks familiar, it's because they have a couple whale sharks at the Churaumi Aquarium and I know I've posted pictures of them before. But this time Lee was in the water with them...they're actually really gentle, no danger to divers.

So really I know pretty much zilch about marine biology despite wanting to be a marine biologist for about 30 seconds when I was in seventh grade. Maybe I'll get Lee to commentate on these pics when he gets home tonight because I'm sure he'll be much more interesting than I am right now.

Shark bait...

Okinawa is O.K.! Isn't that supposed to be a rude sign in some cultures?

I have totally run out of pithy things to say...

Lee's friend that he went diving with. So yeah, those were the best of the pictures he took and really they're all pretty poor quality. But now you've gotten to "sea" some more of Okinawa. Hehe! Ok, bad pun. I don't think I'm on my A game today.


CCsMom said...

At one time, I thought I might want to learn to scuba dive, the the older I got, the more I thought it would be claustrophobic. But it sure looks like another world under the surface, doesn't it?! Pretty fascinating. You wouldn't get me that close to one of those huge things, though -- I don't care if they only eat plankton (spelling?!) I'm a chicken.

Liz Guidry said...

You guys are a lot braver than I - I wouldn't ever want to be around sharks - even if they were whale sharks - I mean they used the name shark in it so its good enough for me :)

Christy Lynn said...

Hey, you didn't see me in the water with any sharks! I was at a baby shower for someone I don't know while Lee was hanging out with Vegetarian Jaws here.

The Henry Crew! said...

Oh my gosh - my shark-obsessed 4-year-old is SOOOOO jealous right now!