Friday, January 2, 2009

You Say You Want a Resolution...

Well, you know...we all want to change the world! D'you think John and Paul will mind me changing up their song a bit? :) I just wanted a blog post title that wasn't "Happy New Year" because that's what everyone else has right now, hehe! But happy new year anyway! Hope your 2009 is off to a good start.

Like just about everyone else this time of year, I've got a few goals for the next 12 months. I don't want to call them resolutions really because that makes me think of how everyone resolves to work out and lose weight so they hit the gym like gangbusters for about two weeks and then it's back to their old routine of watching tv and eating potato chips every night...nope, mine are GOALS for what I want to do this next year. I'm going to write a few of them here to help hold myself accountable.

1. I *do* want to go to the gym :) I used to go quite regularly in North Carolina; I'd even get up early and go at 5 a.m. so I could do it before work. Lee and I have already begun to get back into that routine, we went twice early, early in the morning this week and I'm going back again bright and early Monday morning. We did go to the gym today too, but it was closer to 11 o'clock in the morning, and it was pretty packed with the resolution folks. I just need to get back into my routine.

2. I want to be more productive. That means cutting way down on things like playing Mah Jong Tiles on the internet...I think I'll get myself a cheap kitchen timer so I can set myself a time limit for surfing the internet and other activities that seem to suck up so much time without being really useful. Which brings me to my next goal...

3. Work on my scrapbooks regularly. I've already started on this one; Liz bullied me into joining the scrapbook goals thread on Splitcoast (thank you Liz, I really mean that--I need someone to kick my butt every once in a while!) and I've already done my first two pages towards my goal of ten for this month. See here:

You can read all about Tedako Fest (and see the pictures bigger) in this post. I was in the middle of creating this layout when I thought this too Superman-y? I mean, it's all blue, yellow, and red. Lee says not though so I'll trust him. Anyway, they had some fabulous card challenges on SCS for New Year's that I would have liked to participate in, but I decided that working on my scrapbooks was more important since I have a whole box full of cards for various occasions that haven't been sent out yet. So my goal for this year is to get caught up on my Japan scrapbook and *keep* caught up on it, and possibly even start work on some other projects, like a scrapbook of our honeymoon.

Those are the main three goals that I can think of right now. Well, those and find a job so we can take more trips and buy more souvenirs :) Then I'll have even MORE pictures to scrapbook, right? Ha! Actually we'll have some good photo opportunities later this month: Lee and I are signed up to go to the Nago cherry blossom festival on the 31st, which I am very much looking forward to since we missed it last year. All our stuff arrived from the States around that time and we were busy moving everything in and getting settled. I think we're also going to sign up for a whale-watching tour that's on my birthday (mark your calendars people, it's January 24th!). I'll have to remember my dramamine for that one--I usually don't do too hot on boats, I'm quite prone to motion sickness (thanks, Dad, I know I got that from you). And I haven't forgotten I still have some pictures to share from our trip to Tokyo, so I'll do that over the next few days. Gotta have some reason for you guys to keep coming back, right?

Happy new year!


Liz Guidry said...

I 'bullied' you, huh?!?! Who forced me to join SCS in the first place??? That would be YOU! :) Really, though, you won't regret it. I love your LO and you should post it in the Jan thread so everyone else on the forum can enjoy it.

Amber said...

I looked through that set and there are no beer mugs:( Only cosmo glasses, wine glasses {wine bottles}, and other frou frou glasses:( Sorry! Can you still be my friend?:D
Whatcha doing today? Stamping? Want company?:)

CCsMom said...

So, it's Saturday here and I need to get my behind in gear. Maybe reading this post will give me some motivation.

I, too, have some "resolutions", but I'll not share -- because as you say, I'll do it for a few days and then it's back to the old me. If I don't share, maybe I'll be more prone to keep that promise. We'll see.

Love ya -- mom