Friday, February 6, 2009

Girls' Night Out

I am soooooo glad I was feeling good enough yesterday to go to Jamie's birthday party. Her husband is out of town for a few weeks so she decided that she wanted to do something really girly for her birthday--get a group together and have our toes done. So much fun!!

There's a place called Cocok's that is really popular with all the American women on the island for pedicures (the way we say it, the "k" is silent...weird, huh?) and they do some really incredible designs on toes. It takes about an hour and a half and you really get pampered, with a foot and leg massage where you get to pick your scented oil...they had jasmine, coconut, and lotus, plus a couple others; I picked jasmine since it's for relaxation and recovery from fatigue. So here's Jamie having her feet worked on. They have rows of chairs facing each other so all five of us were able to get our pedicures done at the same time and chat while we did it. Oh yeah, I am *so* doing this again. It cost about $45 and worth every penny...well, it was 3990 yen and worth every yenny!

When you first sit down, they give you a binder with all their nail art designs in it and you get to pick and choose whatever you want. They have lots of different kinds of flowers, seasonal designs like snowflakes, hearts, and shamrocks, pandas, sunsets, palm trees, animal prints, camouflage (no really, you can have camo toes!), stars & stripes for Independence Day (hey, 90% of their clientele is American, apparently the Japanese ladies haven't figured out how cool this is), random geometric designs, pretty much anything you can think of.

Arrie got hibiscus on her toes, she was inspired by the red hibiscus that are blooming all over the island. Lee and I have two humongoloid hibiscus bushes in our backyard and they do have some gorgeous flowers!

I think Jamie took the longest to decide, she wanted a light base coat and got hot pink flowers.

Carrie was the only one of us who went seasonal and got hearts for Valentine's Day. How cute is this?

I got cherry blossoms!! The original design was a really pale pink for the base coat, but I asked them to do purple on mine to make the flowers stand out more and besides, purple is one of my two favorite colors. It's kind of funny, the base coat is regular nail polish (I think they do clear and then the base coat color), and then the design is painted on with what looked like acrylic poster paints. Mine has bits of glitter on the flower centers.

Margaret got cherry blossoms too, but she kept the pink background like they had in the book. They have *so* many designs, you could have your toes done with a different design every week for a year and still not put a dent in the number of different designs they have. When I got home and told Lee about it, he said, "See? I've been trying to get you to do this for over a year!" Oh yeah, I will so definitely have to do this again, it's like heaven!

After we all had our toes beautified, we went to Yoshi Hachu, a sushi restaurant. Those of you who've known me for a while know that I pretty much won't eat anything that comes out of the water, but Jamie was kind enough to pick a restaurant that had things other than sushi on the menu so I didn't starve :) Anyway, in keeping with the whole relaxation thing, I got Jamie a bunch of bath salts, scented soaps, sachets, and a couple of tiny candles. I may have to go back and get myself some of that stuff :)

Now that you've seen all of our feet, here's some faces! This is Margaret and Jamie.

Carrie, Margaret, Arrie and me. See how we're all wearing short-sleeved shirts? It's been in the 70s here lately, just beautiful weather. And it's February. Jealous?? Wanna come to Okinawa to have your toes done??

Oh yeah, heaven.


Liz Guidry said...

Pictures were great! You girls were sooo brave to get pictures of your feet taken :)

CCsMom said...

Pretty cute. Definitely a girly thing. Glad you had a good time, and now you are looking like you feel a lot better.

Wonder if I get Lee's BD things sent on Monday if he'll get them by CHRISTMAS. I cannot believe it has taken 3 weeks for that one package to get there (if it gets to you today). You got one the first week, one after the 2nd week and now the 3rd is still missing. Makes me mad, but I'm not sure who to be mad at -- the post office, the Air Force or JAPANESE customs. Grrrr!

Have a great weekend. Love ya! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Looks like fun! Love the cherry blossoms. I wish I could find such a nice place for pedicures!

Amber said...

Dude, you know whats funny? I have that SAME picture of me and three friends standing in a circle of all our feet, lol! I did a double take thinking that was my picture, haha! CUTE! Love your cherry blossoms:D
How was the orchid festival?

Dustythemomhaskins said...

Super cool. I love those designs, maybe you should learn how to do that and come back and show us. Nah, JK. Sounds like a blast. Good times.

katiesniche said...

Oh I am missing Oki, especially seeing your Cocok toes! That place really rocks. I love your blog since I get to have my Oki fix every once in a while. Thank you!