Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hah! Now Lee is Old Too

Yep, Valentine's Day is also Lee's birthday so now he's old too. Yay! We went out to dinner at Jack's Place for teppanyaki (that's the Japanese steakhouse thing where they cook your dinner on the table in front of you). I was surprised that we got in pretty much immediately; there were a lot of cars in the parking lot but maybe we got in quick since it was just two of us and two are easier to seat at this kind of thing than a group of six or eight would be.

After dinner we went and bought a movie to watch (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I think I liked it better than Lee did) and got an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbin's. Now quit laughing, Lee picked this one because it was the most appealing combination of cake (chocolate) and ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough) flavors. Turns out Lee prefers cookie dough ice cream to cookies n' creme. Me, I love cookies n' creme, but my favorite is rocky road.

Anyway, so that was what we did for Valentine's Day. And since it's been a while since I shared any paper crafting goodies with you, how's about a little eye candy?

Got this cute lil Valentine card from Kim in North Carolina. Sometimes I miss all my patterned paper, most of which is at my mom's house...out here all I've got is what I've bought from Stampin' Up and sometimes you get tired of one company's style, KWIM? But now I've got a big fat binder full of 8.5x11 paper that my mom sent me :)

And this Valentine is from Janice in California! Super cute, no? I think she used Nestabilities, little die cutting things that come in a range of nested sizes. I'd love to have the scalloped circle ones but I don't know if they'd work in my Sizzix machine...

I've got a few more birthday cards to share that I got in the mail. Lee apparently doesn't have as many online friends as I do, snort! Anyway, this beauty is from Janice as well. Love the white flowers and the shading.

Isn't this just stinkin' adorable? This is from my Bella Sistah Jamie! Loooooooove that summery floral paper. Oh yes, love it love it love it. Such fun colors and looks great with da Bella!

And this one is from Susan in Canada! The photo does not capture this card's cuteness, the washers are GLITTERY. Love that retro patterned paper too.

This was a BRAK (birthday Random Act of Kindness) from heavensent (that's her SCS user name). I've always loved this dress stamp but never bought it. I'm in the RAK group on SCS but I'm ashamed to say I don't participate much. Lately I've been focusing more of my energies on scrapbooking rather than card making.

Cute little turtle thank you from Adrienne, who thanks to the Bella Sistahs received lots of fun cards from all over while she was convalescing from her surgery. She says she felt really glamorous to be getting international mail from Canada and Japan :)

See, I told you I'd been working on my scrapbooks, and this is one of the layouts that made me giggle. These are all the pictures that I think Mom was talking about when she said she'd gotten some photos that "really captured our personalities" during their trip out here last September. I love this color combination but I'm not sure it's right for a really goofy page like this; I couldn't help but use it though because it matched the photos so well. And just to reinforce how crazy I am...I had cut out the entire title in blue before realizing that the last letter would have to overlap the blue patterned paper, and therefore wouldn't show up. So I cut out five letters from the light purple paper to fix it...and if you need a G, o, r, c, and s in light blue cardstock, let me know ;)

I've been wanting to start a scrapbook just for Sadie and Vader for a long time, and now I finally have...this is the first layout I've completed for it. It won't be the first layout in the book since I think I'm going to be working from most recent photos back to the oldest ones--we have a LOT of photos from when Sadie was a teeny pupster but I need to go through and sort them by date. Anyway, this is my ode to Sadie and Vader's many nicknames, my two favorites being Fluffy Butt and Little Man. Cracks me up that I got to stamp "Fluffy Butt" for a page title.

And the goofy page titles continue with this layout I finished a day or two are from when Vee hurt his foot and had to wear the cone so he'd leave it alone to heal. Have you ever seen a more pathetic-looking dog? That third picture is my favorite :) I stamped paw prints all over the bottom of the pages but the Creamy Caramel ink doesn't show up too terribly well. It's pretty subtle in real life even.

I'm already working on my next layout. I've finished eight pages this month so far but Liz is still zooming off ahead of me--she really took advantage while I was out with the cold. Urgh! At least the cold has given up all but the last vestiges of the cough so I can function normally again. So now I need to finish my swaps, make some St. Patrick's Day cards, and scrapbook LOTS to catch up with her!


Liz Guidry said...

I will try to move slow for ya! You've been doing a pretty good job playing catch up. :) Great cards - Janice is getting to be such a FAB card designer! Hope Lee's birthday was fun!

CCsMom said...

I love the fonts you choose for each layout, too. They seem to really convey the meaning. Cute, cute.

Today is supposed to be warmer than yesterday, but I'm hoping to do inside stuff. We were out all yesterday (Saturday). And Dad leaves for an over-nighter tomorrow morning.

Anyway, have a great day. Love ya! - Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Happy birthday to Lee! Too bad I didn't know. I would have sent him a Bella card. :) Love your dog layouts! Now I am not the only one with a scrapbook for my dogs. :) LOVE the Fluffy Butt title! ROFL