Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ok, Ok...Orchid Festival, Part 3

Since you guys asked.... ;) Here's a few more pictures from the orchid festival. After this I'll have to find something else to blog about.

I took this one before we even got into the festival. Aren't these flowers gorgeous? Just love the contrast between the white petals and the...what would you call that color in the middle anyway? C'mon Crayola, what's the name of that color?

This shot is a lot like that one I took of the white orchid way back when that I loved so much with the crazy camera angle. This purple orchid is like the first one that Lee bought me last year (which has unfortunately gone to Orchid Heaven because I have a black thumb. Very sad). I went to the shoppette tonight to grab dinner at Subway, and they have some little Valentine gifts that include this type of orchid.

Ok, so for this one I'm seeing like an old-fashioned Russian hat and the bottom of the flower is the guy's beard. Maybe I should go watch Anastasia this weekend...I love that movie. I like Russian history; I once took a class in Slavic & Eastern European studies for *fun* when I was working on my undergrad degree.

Some orange orchids just for you, Liz!

These kind of remind me of hydrangea, the way that it's a bunch of blooms on one stalk. I took a picture of some that are more yellow too. The flowers on these are pretty tiny compared to the other types of orchids.

Told you there was an orchid wedding dress. It's got a wide gold ribbon for a sash and then a crown of flowers...kinda bad lighting in there, and there was a small group with some kids so I didn't want to try wrestling with them to get a better photo.

Me with all the white orchids, but I think this one is a bit blown out--the white on the flowers is a little too bright.

I thought this little guy was pretty funny. Not only do the people here flash the peace sign for pictures, so do the shisa!

After we got the tickets, we came in through an archway and this was the sight that greeted us. That whole thing behind me with all the different colors is completely made up of flowers.

I wanted to get a shot of the inside of the tower because it looks SO cool, but I couldn't get a picture that really conveys the cool factor. If you look at the first picture on Part 1 of the orchid festival pics, you'll see that there's a thing running around the outside of the tower where you can climb up to the top of it. The inside has the same spiral pattern and it's all lit up cool, I just wish I could have gotten a really good picture of what it looks like in there.

Ok, so that's all for the orchid festival. Now I need to go take pictures of something else to share on here...actually, it'll probably be some more of my scrapbook pages next. I just finished a layout tonight that makes me giggle :) G'night everybody!


Giffysk8s said...

Thanks for posting more! It looks like the Abominable Snowman's habitat at my house right now, so I am LOVING all your pix of beautiful flowers! I am still laughing at the shisa!

Saw this card on Janet's blog and it reminded me of your collection:

Can't wait to see the layouts that have you giggling. Sweet dreams!

Worm's Woman said...

Yea! Love, love, love that first one!

Jamie H. said...

These flowers are gorgeous! It makes me anxious for spring and summer back here.

Thanks for posting.

Liz Guidry said...

My faves are the first one and of course the orange ones :). You should have gone into the bridal dress one - hehe.