Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orchid Festival, Part 2

More orchid festival pictures! I could do this for three or four more posts without posting the same picture twice, but I won't. These are the last of the orchid festival pics I'm going to put on here unless I get begged for more ;)

So technically this was taken before we got to the orchid festival, we saw this somewhere in the park as we were walking that one kilometer to the orchids. Check out the trunk on this plant, is that not wild? 'Course I suppose the Japanese also gave us square watermelons so why should I be surprised. I think that they tie the stems together when the plant is young so eventually they kind of fuse together and that's how they get the pattern.

We saw these at the entrance to the Flower Tower. I kind of thought they were funny, but also creepy...

Here's Ree with the vanda orchids. They're hanging in little baskets I think, with the roots trailing out all over the place--they grow on trees, and don't need soil or anything on their roots. Click on the picture to see it bigger and you'll notice that it looks like Lee's wearing a wig made out of roots, hehe!

This was one of the flowers in the vanda section of the festival. Bigger blooms but I just didn't think they were as pretty as some of the other types. I also discovered that our camera sometimes doesn't read the blue-violet end of the spectrum too well; I took a bunch of pictures of blue-violet flowers and some of them looked much more pink. And sometimes it doesn't do well with red either--the red comes out really bright and vibrant, but you can't see any detail or texture on the red object. But other than that, this camera is fabulously perfect ;)

More orchids with interesting patterns on their petals. Is anyone else seeing eyes on the two side petals and then the bottom looks like a tongue sticking out? Just me? Ok.

We saw several of these, I call 'em the bullfrog orchids because that little cuppy part reminds me of a bullfrog. I don't know what kind they *really* are.

Lee took this one of another bullfrog orchid--click on the photo to see it larger and you'll see that it's got hairs!!

I'm thinking this could have been one of Queen Amidala's outfits in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. This reminds me of The Phantom Menace, you know the things the Gungans are riding in the big battle and they had feathers sticking up when they come riding out of the fog...? Ok, maybe not, I realize that not everyone is a Star Wars nut like me.

More frilly Cattleyas (I think these are Cattleyas anyway). A lot of the flowers didn't have much scent to them that I could tell (remember though, I do have a cold) but the Cattleyas were really strong. Even with the cold, I could smell them from some distance away and I think that made my nose mad, my cold didn't seem to like these flowers much. But they sure are pretty! They had a little thing where you could smell some perfume samples that are made with orchids, they smelled pretty good! Still a bit strong for my liking, but a good scent.

I just had to share this one because I think it's oddly shaped, kind of starfish-y. And the petals looked almost waxy.

A purple zebra orchid! So yeah, I've been giving funny names to all my flower pictures, maybe I shouldn't be taking so much cold medication...I tease, I tease! The only thing I've taken the last couple days is Ricola cough drops and I hardly think those would mess with my head. I'm just normally this way.

This is the Scooby Doo ghost orchid! Seriously, this looks like a person dressed up as a ghost to be the villain on an episode of Scooby Doo. The *original* Scooby Doo that was actually good, not the current Scooby and Shaggy cartoon. Just watching the theme song for that cartoon makes me feel like I have ADD or ate some funky mushrooms or something. But What's New Scooby Doo was pretty good. Yeah, I'm a Scooby fan. But not Scrappy, Scrappy is the devil! Anyway, I think this picture might be upside down, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I put it this way because of the resemblance to a cartoon villain.

In one of the buildings, they had an exhibit of all kinds of wedding bouquets made with orchids but I didn't take any pictures in there. My wedding bouquet was purple hydrangeas and white gardenias, it was gorgeous...but anyway, back to the orchids. Another room had these...things...I don't know what you'd call them, they just had different arrangements of flowers. I liked this undersea one, I thought it was cool.

And how's this for a dress?? When you look at it from where I'm standing, you see the framework and all the little individual flower pots. It was set up for Japanese ladies so I had to scrunch down a bit on the steps so that the flower dress would start at the right place. They had a whole thing set up in a gazebo of white orchids made to look like a wedding dress, too.

Last photo, one of our self-portraits that we took up at the top of the tower :) I think we do this just about everywhere we go; we should have done it when we did the cherry blossom festival because all the photos of us turned out too dark and Lee says he can't quite fix 'em so they'll look good, so that's why we have to go back up there.

And if that's not enough floral photography for you, my friend Casey was telling me about the lily festival they have every year on Ie Island, I'm going to have to check that out!!


Giffysk8s said...

I LOVE all the flower pix, so keep on posting! Your self-portraits always turn out so nice. Maybe I need longer arms. :) The undersea bouquet is so cool! The yellow bullfrog pic looks like a little yellow chick under an umbrella. Yeah, I'm weird, but you already knew that. LOL

Worm's Woman said...

Well you know I want more flower pics! I'm going to end up actually making you tired of them with my requests...hehe.
That Scooby Doo one is soooo like a villian. All you had to say was SD and I could totally see it!

CCsMom said...

Oh yes, I always see people or things in these flowers. Pretty funny.

Comin' up on Ree's birthday!!! Hope he has a great one.

Love ya! Mom

Dustythemomhaskins said...

These are so cool. I love the ones that look like peoples faces. HOW cool. Great job with pictures. Yall did a wonderful job. Keep em coming they never get old.

Liz Guidry said...

I love the scooby doo one!! They are awesome ---- how are you going to scrap all of those pics?!?!?

Good luck with that ;)

The Henry Crew! said...

Duh - the Scooby Doo flower HAS to go on Scooby Doo scrapbook paper! Of course! :-) I love your creative names for the flowers - you so manke me laugh!