Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In JanTink parlance, rubbah-dultery is *cheating* on your Stampin' Up stamps (we're both SU demonstrators) by purchasing and stamping with products from other companies. Gasp! And that's what I did yesterday, I committed rubbah-dultery. Oh, and for those of you not in the loop, "rubbah" has become the general Splitcoast term for rubber, as in rubber stamps. I think that one was JulieHRR's fault, she got us all saying (and typing) that. But on to the crimes! I mean cards!

Stamping Bella is probably my favorite company to commit rubbah-dultery with; I own quite a few Bellas and a bunch of the Chichiboulie fairies (as seen above), plus I would love to own at least half of the Huggabugg line but I don't have any yet. I think a kind soul on Splitcoast is sending me some Huggabugg images to play with. Anyway, back to the card, this is a birthday card for my friend Jamie. I just couldn't quit adding STUFF to this card--bunches of brads, lots of Prima flowers, the glittah on the wings (ok see, that -er being replaced by an -ah is getting more and more widespread. The people at Webster's should be afraid, very afraid). This was inspired by a photo that Em, the Queen Bella herself, posted on her blog. I took the yellow, green, and charcoal gray colors from the picture and then added lavender because life just needs more lavender. I love that sunshiney day sentiment as it always reminds me of my great-grandmother, Mimi, who would always tell us, "Drink your orange juice, it'll put sunshine in your day!" I think of her every time I have any OJ at breakfast (the drink, not the criminal).

More rubbah-dultery! But, in this case, I didn't actually *buy* the stamps, Amber gave them to me for my birthday. Is this little chicky not the CUTEST thing since PUPPIES? The colors and sketch were challenges on Splitcoast, and I'm not too thrilled about either one and yet still I like this card. I'm sending it to my friend Allison back in the States for her birthday which is today (Thursday) so I think it's going to be late. Possibly. :p Anyway, this card is made with a few stamps from a set by Hero Arts; there are four kokeshi doll girls, the fan, the big line of flowers I used on the background, an Asian lantern, and a single flower stamp. They're acrylic stamps which I don't use very often but I won't let that stand in the way of adoring these little girls!!

Ok, to atone for TWO counts of rubbah-dultery in one day, I made SIX of these cards last night after Lee and I went to the gym. He still needed some non-girly thank you cards so this is what I came up with, using the current sketch challenge on Splitcoast. Lee approved, he said it's not too girly even with the flourishy seaweed and curly font on the "thanks" part. I think I'll like doing sea scenes (seans? nah) with this stamp set--I just tore a piece of scratch paper (I have lots of typing paper that I printed something on and then don't need it anymore so I use it as scratch paper) and held it on my white cardstock, then sponged the "sand" in with Sahara Sand ink (how appropriate). Then I sponged all around the edges with two colors of blue and stamped my seaweed and shell. Didn't even take me too long to do six of these. I do really like this stamp set, Ocean Commotion...I think it will come in useful for my scrapbooks too if Lee ever manages to take some good underwater shots of all the fish and other creatures he sees when he scuba dives.

So that's it for right now. I did get a few stamps in the mail yesterday from Unity so I'm sure I'll be committing more rubbah-dultery in the near future, there's this one stamp that...well, you'll just have to wait and see. For the next little bit I may be posting more stamping/scrapbooking projects until we go do something interesting on the island. I should look at the March tour calendar and see what's available...I think Lee is all flower-fested out so maybe we'll find something else to do. In the meantime, let me know you're out there! I'm feeling a tad lonely here :)

Oh, I almost forgot...I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday and passed by the bakery where they were selling pie by the slice. I took a look at it just because, and you can get hippie apple pie, or blue belly pie. Not blueberry, blue BELLY. I got quite a giggle out of that :)


CCsMom said...

Sorry to say that you missed the point of the names of the pies -- it means that they GO to your hippies or to your belly if you eat them . . . ah, well, what can I say? You unfortunately inherited my love of sweets. I can show you the results of the first Hershey bar Mom fed me in my high chair -- ALL OVER MY FACE, IN MY HAIR, but did I ever look like I was in heaven. She had no idea what she unleashed!!! A forever craving, that's for sure.

Great talking to you. Cheer up -- we all miss a deadline here or there. I know, it cost $$$. Oh well.

Love ya!!! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Love the objects of your rubbah-dultery! Your SU stamps must be jealous. :) I totally agree with you! There needs to be more lavender in life~it's my favorite color. Reminds me of tulips, hydrangeas, lilacs, jellyeans, and even some clouds. Love those brads, too!

LOL at the pie. Pie is my favorite desert, especially blueberry. I don't think I would have had the will power to resist!

I am literally drooling over your kokeshi doll card. I have always wanted a kokeshi doll. mostly a sentimental thing b/c of my dad and all of his stories about Japan. If I ever make it to Japan, I am definitely bringing one home. I need to go check out these stamps! If I can't buy them, maybe we could trade some images?

Okay...I would SO appreciate a mini tutorial on the sponging. I try to do it, but I just can't get the edges to look like this! If you don't mind sharing your secret, would you pm me?

Oh, I really love the kokeshi doll! Off to look!

Have a good one! And please oh please confess with photos the next time you commit rubbah-dultery!

Melissa A said...

I love that kokeshi doll card! It's so cute!

Love, Mel

Jamie said...

These are adorable!! I love the little doll, she is to cute.

Laura said...

Your cards are gorgeous Miss Christy!!!

Worm's Woman said...

i agree, i love the kokeshi doll and all your bella ones. very cute!

Aimes said...

Hey came across your blog after your very kind comments on my gallery on SCS. I love your take on the kokeshi doll card, don't you just love this stamp set?! I can't stop stamping these cuties LOL! Aimes x

Sparkle said...

Your little girl card is adorable! She is just darling! All of your cards are great though!

Amber said...

Christy these cards are FAB and I'm LOVING that Kokeshi doll card! So precious:)
You been kinda quiet this week!
Guess what I got in the mail today? I "PREDICT" you know just what I'm talking about;) I'll give you a call tomorrow and bring them over:)