Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Whale of a Tail

We had a really busy weekend, what with the Nago cherry blossom festival on Saturday afternoon and the whale watching tour on Sunday morning (remember we were supposed to do that on my birthday but it got canceled that day due to weather). I'm going to start with the whale watching pictures though since Amber has already posted some on her blog. So without further ado, let's see some pictures!

Lee was messing around with our point and shoot camera and I have no idea how he did this--see how it's all black and white except the water is blue? Oh, and that lady on the left has a bit of pink on her, and so does the little girl. Kinda cool looking, huh? I think we were still waiting for the boat to leave the pier.

Here's one of me and Amber (and her crutch, of course). I think it's funny that the kid behind Amber has an orange face and his life jacket is gray.

Full color picture of us when we're actually looking at the camera :) I look like I'm having a good time so far, right?

Lee being silly, and if he didn't expect me to post this picture on here then he shouldn't have stuck his tongue out at me.

Ok, here's one of our patented self-portraits. The boat had just left the dock and it was pretty windy out there. I still look like I'm having fun, right? Well, guess what--I didn't see not one stinkin' whale. I was okay for the first twenty or thirty minutes of the two-hour boat ride, and after that...well, I spent my time with my head between my knees clutching my little black plastic bag. Oh yeah, Seasick City. I also learned that once you've parted company with your breakfast, you shouldn't drink half a bottle of water no matter how good an idea it seems like at the time...that's just handing weapons over to the Enemy.

But fear not! Lee, who did NOT get seasick (lucky punk), DID see some whales and he kindly selected a few pictures and put them on the desktop of the computer for me to blog about once I recovered my dignity. So lookie!

Lee said they saw quite a few whales (yeah, Lee didn't get sick and neither did Amber or her hubs, guess I was the lucky one who got to be sick enough for all four of us) but he was disappointed that they weren't more active. He was hoping for some jumping out of the water and stuff.

Not sure what that is, is this a whale butt?

Here's the whale of a tail referenced in my blog post title :)

And that's pretty much it. I was still in the cabin doing the Technicolor Yawn when a couple kids and one mom joined me just before we headed back to the dock. Someone (I didn't see who since I still had my head between my knees) came along and patted me on the back, and then gave me a new plastic bag, I don't even know who it was. I felt pretty sorry for this one girl who was just about as sick as me, and her dad was totally hassling her for getting seasick so she started hollering at him, "Leave me alone!! I just want to get OFF this boat!" I thought, I'm with you sister. I'm so with you. Then I resumed singing This Old Man to myself to keep my mind off the boat's bouncing (I was singing to myself in my head, not out loud, no use letting everyone else on the boat know I'm crazy. You, my loyal blog readers, already *know* I'm crazy.)

I'd been kind of trying to convince Lee we should go on this dinner cruise thing for Valentine's Day, so he asked me about that once we were off the boat and back on the bus to head home. Yeah, I don't think I need to go on any more stinkin' boats for a very long time. Oy!! Once we got home, I called my parents to let them know how many whales I saw (Mom told me my hair looked good, which totally cracked me up since it was pretty much standing straight up when I got off the boat), and then I took a shower and went to sleep for about four hours. That seemed to help get rid of the last of the seasickness, so now (now being Monday morning where I am) I'm just coping with the cold that Lee so kindly shared with me. And Sadie and Vader are giving me serious puppy dog eyes wanting to know if I'll take them for a walk this morning.

Liz, no one took pictures of me using my yak bag so you'll just have to use your imagination I think Amber took pity on me because I was nice enough not to take pictures of her when she was hopped up on meds after her surgery last November. Yeah, Amber is totally getting a nice present for her birthday this year!

If you want to see something totally hilarious, check out this post on Cake Wrecks. If I ever have a baby, I so want *this* cake for my baby shower!!! My mom wouldn't let me use the Imperial March from Empire Strikes Back in my wedding (you know Darth Vader's theme) but she won't stop me having a Darth Vader baby shower cake!! Well, if I have a kid. Which I don't plan on doing anytime in the near future. But I'm going to save this idea for future reference, just in case.


Liz Guidry said...

If I am living around you, I will make that cake happen fo' sho'!

Jamie said...

Hi Christy! My name is Jamie and my daughter is right behind the boy with the orange face LOL. We didn't officially meet, but we were in the sick zone with you and you were gracious enough to share your kleenex. Thanks so much! Hope you're feeling better - I know I am. I also met Amber for the first time on that trip, although I've chatted with her on SCS a few times. We are relatively new to the island - arrived mid November. Would love to get together and stamp with you ladies.

Amber said...

Hey buddy, don't you love how our blog posts are almost the same, lol! That is wild how the kids face is orange and jacket is gray...Lee is definately the king of digital photograhy, lol!
Love that cake, too funny! You really do deserve a Star Wars baby shower, so you gotta do your part so we can throw you one, bwahaha!

Worm's Woman said...

So crappy about the seasick. If it makes you feel better, since the surgery, every time we go to the coast and get on the feary to go to the island I get queazy. The ride is short enough that I don't get seasick, but boy does it suck. I use to never have anything like that bother me! I want to go deep sea fishing with Larry, but am scared since I don't now how I'll do.
That cake is so cool and so you!

Lee said...

It was pretty rough out there. Another hour and I would have probably joined you and your friends in the "sick room".