Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cape Hedo

I didn't want to pester Lee about converting these pictures to jpegs for me, so this afternoon I sat down and messed with the program until I figured out how to do it myself. Yay me. However, Lee has installed a new version of Microsoft Office and now I can't find any of my familiar buttons and shortcuts, so rather than mess with it this morning I went and used the laptop because it has the stuff I'm used to on it. Blah. Lee changed Microsoft Office, and the format changes hit Splitcoast and Facebook around the same time. Can't find anything on the Internet anymore. But anyway, I DID succeed in getting the Cape Hedo pictures how I need 'em to be in order to share them :)

Again, we had some great weather on Sunday. The colors came out so wonderfully on almost all the pictures, I only tweaked one or two that came out a tad too dark.

Missy and Bennet channel Captain Morgan (y'know, the rum commercials? Which makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow: "Why is the rum gone?"). Mom, we were all VERY CAREFUL in climbing over the rocks and stuff to get out there and take pictures, and we all stayed far away from the edge (Missy has vertigo for one thing, and for another, if you fall in the water there's a bunch of jagged rocks there to cushion your fall). There was another group of Americans out there at the same time as us and they weren't as cautious as we were, we thought for sure that at least one of them was going to fall off the Cape. But they didn't, which is good, because if they'd fallen then there would have been a lot of tedious paperwork to do.

Me and Ree, see how his shirt almost matches the water?

No idea what the plaque says or anything but I liked this bird statue. Lee kept telling me that I'd have a hard time getting a good picture of it because it's SO white, and I did tweak it a little bit on the computer but I think it turned out pretty good.

It's like Lee's wearing camouflage in this picture! Anyone wanna play a game of Where's Lee? I mean if it wasn't for the Superman logo, would you even be able to see him? Bwahahahaaaaa!

This view was off towards the west; the first couple of pictures were taken on the east side of the Cape.

Lee wished we could have gotten to this area to take pictures, but it was one of those things where you can't get there from here.

Back on the east side, there's a little gazebo-type thing with this little parky area in front of it. Lee set up the camera on a tripod so we could all four get in the picture. Those palm trees behind us look all nice and innocent but they're carnivorous--seriously, I accidentally backed up into one a little bit and the ends of the leaves are SHARP!! Got me right in the bum.

And there's me being a goober, because you know there's always shots of me being a goober. We took pictures of all four of us over on this side too but I figure you know what we look like by now ;) And that was our visit to Cape Hedo. Too far away to go for a picnic lunch or anything like that, but Lee was talking about spending the night at Okuma sometime and then going up to Hedo in the early morning to get pictures when the light is better (hard to take really, really good shots when the sun is right overhead, you get a lot of harsh shadows). But for now I'm happy with the pictures we got.


Worm's Woman said...

Ok now I have MAJOR envy!!!! I'm also thinking I'm going to have to get Larry Lee's shirt. He too is a fan of superman. He has only one EJ shirt and can't wear it because it's one of those ones packed like a tiny brick and he doesn't want to open it. So I guess I should fix the problem.
The Cap'in' Morgan pose cracks me up!!!!

Giffysk8s said...

I love all the pix of you being a goober. At least I know I am not alone! LOL These photos are so clear and beautiful. What camera do you have? Do you use the auto settings or do you do everything manually? I have a really good camera, but I don't know how to use all the features. See, that makes me a goober. :)

I have been playing with the images and LOVE them! Thanks again! I'll post the cards on my blog this weekend. I am working on someimages for you. :)

We are running Camp Giffy & Papa through Sunday. Brittany is the sponsor for Model UN at her high school and they have a weekend-long event. So Rick and I are going to spoil Emma rotten! After all, that is our duty as her grandparents!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

CCsMom said...

Wow, how absolutely gorgeous. 30 years ago, there wasn't much up there except fishing villages along the way and some rice paddies. Also, there were logging trucks because it was so heavily forested up there. I guess in the past 30 years, they've had the "Beautification of Okinawa" because it really does look like a tropical paradise. Our friends would be amazed. Love, love, love the pictures. Wish I was there again!

There was a story about a Marine who went to Okinawa from this area and his parents gave him an international cell phone through AT&T -- supposed to be $.08 a minute to talk and texting free. Well, after a month, the bill was $1,600 and they were charging him up the wazoo for texting. AT&T wasn't very cooperative until they got Channel 5 involved, so it came down to $68 for the first month. Hmmm?! Trying to take advantage of a serviceman, looks like.

Have a great weekend and hope to talk to you soon! Mom

Dustythemomhaskins said...

WOW, those are some seriously gorgeous shots. How wonderful for you guys. Superman was not channeling his inner flight up there? I'm shocked. HAHAHA, Never stop these adventures. Taake advantage of this amazing opportunity. Great Job!!!

Amber said...

Hey Christy! Long time no chat, you busy watchin twilight?:D
Billy is going TDY on saturday for 2 weeks (he's going back to the states) so we GOTTA hang out! I still have to give you your lil gift I got you from the states;)