Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Found My Kryptonite

Tuesday morning I felt like Supergirl. Lee and I went to the gym at 5 a.m. (yes we're crazy, everyone tells us that but you'd be surprised how many people are in the gym that time of day) and instead of surfing on the computer after we got back I worked a bit on a scrapbook layout. I always have to kill some time in between going to the gym and taking the kids for a walk since it's still dark at 6:00 this time of year, so usually I surf the 'Net while Lee's getting ready for work. So anyway, I took the kids out at 7:00 (usually I wait till 8 but I got an early start that morning) and it was absolutely GORGEOUS outside, cool and breezy and SUNSHINEY oh my goodness it felt like I hadn't seen the sun in forever! So yeah, it was a beautiful day for a walk and Sadie behaved a million times better than she did on Sunday so she got a treat when we got home (Vader did too, don't want you to think I left him out). Then I got cleaned up and decided I should be virtuous and read a little bit of my textbook (trying to get ahead for my class that starts next week) and BAM! That's when it hit me.

Practically Instantaneous Narcolepsy.

What is it about textbooks that can instantly send me into dreamland?? I can (and have) stayed up to all hours reading things like Harry Potter and Twilight and all kinds of other stuff (even some books that aren't shelved in the Young Adult section of the bookstore) but anything for class will send me to sleep PDQ. Yeah, I was out for like two hours, and that was the end of my super-productive morning. I've started reading a few pages of the book at night when I'm trying to get to sleep and wouldn't you know, its narcoleptic powers aren't near as strong after dark. Wonder if it's like solar-powered narcoleptic hypnosis or something, I only fall asleep during the DAY after reading that textbook...

Anyway, once I finally emerged from my torpor, I DID finish my layout. Lookie!

Ah, yes, I love it. When I started out, I was going to do Close to Cocoa, Soft Sky and Blue Bayou, but my Muse (who on this occasion sounded exactly like Queen Latifah) said, "Honey, this is gonna put me to sleep. LOOK at that awesome address label and use that for your inspiration!" So I did. Whenever we move someplace new, I like to do a scrapbook layout about our new abode, including whatever address labels we get. I order address labels from Colorful Images and usually try to get something related to where we're living, hence the tropical sunset with palm trees. We used up all the palm tree ones though and my latest set is orchids.

So anyway, I took Queen Latifah's advice and ended up with yellow and orange Indiana Jones letters for my title, which just makes me giggle like a madwoman when I look at them because I think they're funny and these pages are for my entertainment anyway. The letters are another of my plastic letter templates; I cut them out of Summer Sun cardstock and then sponged on Pumpkin Pie ink for that authentic Indy look. I think this turned out a lot more fun that it would have if I'd stuck with my original boring color combo.

After I put this in my scrapbook, right after my First Impressions layout, I realized that I'd used the same picture of the front of the house (top left corner) on two layouts back to back. Oh well!

This week I've gone back to some of the first pictures we took when we arrived on Okinawa and have been working my way through those. (These are all from before we got our super duper fantabulous Nikon D80 so the quality for the most part isn't exactly stellar.) These are from some of my first blog posts from last year, when we went to Chatan and rode the ferris wheel and checked out the Make Man store for the first time. I don't do red page bases too often but it just seemed to work perfectly with these pictures; the weather was so dull that day that I think the pictures benefit from a strong background color. I matted all the pics with black and then decided that the layout needed more gray, so I matted the pics of Lee and me in gray as well and then added a few punched-out circles of the plaid paper.

I was bopping along to my 80s music (can't scrapbook without some tunes) and about half done with this layout, really happy with how it was going, when I thought wait a minute...this sketch looks really familiar. Then I remembered I'd used it before!

Yeah, just look back and forth at those two pictures, they're the exact same layout idea. Totally different colors though and I switched the photo and journaling blocks on the left page, but definitely used the same sketch. Oh well, doesn't bother me a bit since they'll be like 30 pages apart in my album and I seriously doubt anyone else would notice.

This is the layout I finished yesterday. The colors are actually real similar to that Handcrafted layout but again, this will be like 30 pages away from it :p I will soooo miss Baja Breeze when that color retires, it works really well with pictures like this when the weather is kind of dull. Before the retirement list starts this summer I'm going to stock up on Baja Breeze cardstock and all the patterned papers that incorporate it. Anyway, I fished out my old Stipple Shells stamp set for this layout and there's a large shell stamped on the journaling block, although it's hard to see in the picture.

I really like the title letters...they aren't one of my letter templates but rather some die cut letters I did using the machine up at the local craft store yesterday. I love the font (it's called Fairy Tale) but unfortunately the dies don't work 100% right--they don't cut all the way through the paper so I had to cut them out by hand following the indentations made by the die. Oh well, not like I don't know how to cut out letters ;) I also cut out enough letters from scratch paper that I can spell out pretty much anything I want, so if I ever want to use them again I can just put my scratch paper stand-ins on the layout as place holders until I get up to Crafty Things to cut them out.

And I kind of have a project in mind using those letters...I'm debating whether or not I want to make a baby's first year album for a friend of mine who's expecting her first child later this year. I've done it's a lot of work but I keep getting these cute ideas for what I'd do and those Fairy Tale letters would be just perfect. But I'm still pretty far behind on my own scrapbooks, despite having finished 48 pages this year. They even have a really cute baby album at Crafty Things too...we'll see if I talk myself into it or not.

Enough scrapping, how about some stitching?

I finished stitching this last year and my mom got it framed for me. The mat is actually green to match the colors on the stitched piece, it just looks gray in the photo. Didn't she turn out purty?? I'll be excited to see her in real life when we move back to the States (so it'll be a while before that happens). My mom and I get all our stitching projects framed by a couple, the Tottys, who are the grandparents of a guy I went to high school with--I knew the grandparents before I ever met the grandson. Mrs. Totty always gives good advice for what kind of frame and mat will work with a particular piece, and Mr. Totty does a fantastic job with the actual framing. I don't know what Mom and I will do when he retires for real from doing this! (They used to have a store, but now they just do occasional framing for a few select customers. Mom and I are lucky enough to be "select customers".)

Ok wow, I've yammered a lot today. We have nice weather again today (it hasn't rained in 2.5 days! Yay!) so I think I'll get out and run a few errands. Then I'll work on my next layout this afternoon...I can't seem to do more than one layout in a day, my creative juices just stop flowing after a while. This weekend Lee and I are going to get massages on Saturday morning (I'm pretty excited, I've never had a massage before) and then we're going bowling again on Saturday night. Nope, it wasn't my choice, it's a little shindig before one of our friends leaves for several months on a work assignment. I'm crossing my fingers for beautiful weather on Sunday so we can try to make the trip up to Hedo Point this weekend. So tata for now, peeps!


Giffysk8s said...

Well, you have been busy! I can't decide which layout I like best b/c they're all so pretty! But I must say that I LOVE the cross stitch! It is so dramatic and the colors are fabulous. I think she's inhabited, just like the paintings at Hogwarts. :) Seriously, she's beautiful. What are you stitching now?

Too funny about the selective narcolepsy. That's a skill that could really come in handy. LOL What class are you taking now?

Giffysk8s said...

Ohh...I just went and looked at your scrapbook. I think it's a great idea! I made one for Brittany as a baby shower present. She loves it~it was so easy for her to just add photos, and she added more pages of her own if she needed them

Forgot to tell you that I really liked your Indiana Jones letters! I like those movies. One of my dogs is named Indiana Bones. Indy for short, of course!

Marie-Josée Trudel said...

Very nice layouts, they are clean and well designed! Congrats!

Worm's Woman said...

Well I guess you sent the rain this way!
I have the exact same problem with books!
I your stiching is gorgous! I'm wanting to get back into that, but I need to quit buying for my other stuff first so I have money for it. ha!

Janet said...

i love all your layouts they are fab!! i really need to do more scrapbooking, thanks for the inspiration!!

Liz Guidry said...

Wow - I think that was your longest post ever! You must've been procrastinating....hehe.

Amber said...

Hey sistah! Loving the layouts, you are on fire!
I'm home! I got you something too, so I'm gonna have to bring it over;) Maybe tomorrow? I don't work tomorrow so I'll give you a hollar:)
Oh,and the text book think totally happens to me! In fact, its why I'm not studying now:D

Gregory Williams said...
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