Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mimi Would Be Ashamed

She would also probably crack up about this. My great-grandmother was a really good bowler. That aptitude was obviously NOT passed down to me:

Yep, that's me, the granny bowler (the irony that my granny could out-bowl me blindfolded is not lost on me). My bowling technique consists of hurling the ball down the lane and hoping that it hits only what it's supposed to hit. See the bumpers? Yep, I need those. On the other hand, I have never slung a bowling ball so wildly that it ended up in the next lane over and got a strike. That would be Lee. (I didn't see it happen so I can't vouch for the veracity of the tale, but that's what Lee *said* happened.)

Yes, we went bowling last night. Apparently it's the thing to do when it's been raining nonstop for four days, so Missy and Bennet and Lee and I hit the bowling alley for a few games. Everyone else had the same idea so we had to wait a while before we could start bowling (or in my case, pretending to bowl), so we played some arcade games. I managed to demolish my racecar in a fiery explosion three times in a single game. That's talent, people. But back to the bowling and my lack of talent therein.

Lee got this really funny picture of me right after I slung the ball down the lane. Hey, if I'm going to look really silly in front of a whole bowling alley full of people I don't know, we may as well photographically document the event so I can share it on here, right?

I think Lee has a more "traditional" bowling technique than I do. However, in the second game, he and Bennet decided to give left-handed bowling a try. If they'd done it for the whole game then my score might have only been 20 or 30 points behind our first game, both the guys' scores were more than double mine. Even with the bumpers. Seriously. It kind of cracked me up that Missy usually looked disappointed with however many pins she knocked down if it wasn't a strike or a spare. Me? I'm happy to hit *any* of the pins.

Hey, aren't we cute? It's me and....Clark Kent. Whoops, I'm not supposed to post pictures of Lee in his glasses but he's not here so nyeh!! He's hoping to get PRK to correct his eyesight, so the eye doc is making him wear glasses instead of contacts for a month before they do an exam to see if he's a good candidate for it. So I keep calling him Clark and he keeps giving me dirty looks and refusing to answer. But he's still just so stinkin' cute.

And there's Bennet and Missy. They're cute too. Not as cute as Lee, but I may be biased.

So today we were supposed to go up to Hedo Point just so we could say we've been there, which would have involved at least 4 hours in the car and hopefully a good photo opportunity. Yesterday the forecast for today was rain, rain, and more rain, and then Lee got a call to go do something for work for most of today (yes, on a Sunday) so we postponed our road trip. We get up this morning and the sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and in short it's a totally gorgeous day, perfect for a drive on up to the north end of the island. But nope, we can't do it after all. So I thought I'd take the kids for a walk after Lee left. Apparently having nice weather for the first time in days made everyone else think that a walk with the dogs was a good idea too, because I saw a lot of other people out there (perhaps even the same people who were at the bowling alley last night). Unfortunately my dogs are criminally incapable of behaving when there are other dogs around, so ours was a very short walk. Usually I can count on Vader to behave himself pretty well, but today he was just as bad as Sadie, and it's hard for someone my size to haul back on 130 pounds of excited dog when they wanna go say hi to the other dogs. Sigh. No treats for either of them, and I ended the walk much more cranky than I started it.

I'm sure a liberal application of chocolate will help with that last bit.


Liz Guidry said...

Nice butt shots, errr - I mean BOWLING shots. hehe

I stink at bowling too, so don't feel bad.

I think Lee looks good with glasses! Tell him to lighten up.

CCsMom said...

Man alive, no comment for Lee taking that butt shot, huh? Hey, I didn't ever get one of you bending over, but I sure got chastised for taking just a shot of you walking away. Pretty funny, though. Yep, Mimi would be proud!

Sent you pix from the black tie. Don't we look purdy?

Love ya! Mom

Christy Lynn said...

I still feel justified in complaining about you taking butt shots of me, Mom, because you'd already taken about 47 of them by the time I said enough is enough. This is an ACTION SHOT to show how goofy I look when I bowl, not just a gratuitous butt shot!

Worm's Woman said...

Nice shots. And I agree, Lee looks good in his glasses, but then I wear them too so my vote may not it does!
And chocolate helps all things!

Giffysk8s said...

I am soooo bad at bowling. Somehow I drop the ball on my own foot or forget to let go of it in time. And I seriously doubt that I have ever looked this good at bowling! I even stink at Wii bowling, though I like how my Mii looks as she's doing it. Way better than the real life version! And so far I haven't dropped the Wii control on my foot. :)

Sorry you didn't make it to Hedo Point. Hope the chocolate worked its magic. Have I told you that my SIL owns a gourmet chocolate shop in CA? She is a Parisian certified gourmet chocolatier. She makes her own recipes, and uses us as her taste testers. Horrible job, but somebody's got to do it. LOL

Tell Clark Kent that the glasses look quite nice on him. Now we need to see a photo of him in his cape. LOL

ashjoy said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Charisse said...

Bowling is one of those "sports" that everyone has fun at no matter how much they suck. At least, that is what I tell myself while bowling and sucking and embarrassing myself all in one fell swoop. :-)

Dustythemomhaskins said...

Super fun!!! so glad your bowling this month was much more pleasant than ours. It is nice to have these few perks, right. It is so cute and absolutely hilarious to see you bowl like that. Oh gosh, poor Mom, having to drag the kids kicking and screaming. C, you are so funny. I love these stories. Keep it up.

Laura Evans said...

You are too funny girl! Quite the talented writer!