Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ramble Ramble Ramble

I have not forgotten about you, my faithful four blog readers! I've just been working...first I was procrastinating on my final paper for class by making St. Patrick's Day cards, then I had to sit down and write the stinkin' paper, and then today I've been a busy little bee making cards! So let's have a look, huh?

My friend Sally's birthday is tomorrow and somehow I don't think this card will make it to Florida by that time (Sally, if you're reading this, don't look at the pictures!) This was yesterday's color challenge on Splitcoast. I like the colors together; the Pink Passion and Kiwi Kiss seem to jive well together but I am sick to death of Kiwi Kiss on the color challenges! It's been four weeks in a row!!

Seems like the thing to do now is decorate the inside of your cards as well as the outsides, so that's what I did on this one. Just because. I think that little flourishy thing from the Priceless stamp set gets more of a workout than just about any other stamp I own...

How about some St. Patrick's Day cards? I loooooooooooove St. Patrick's Day! I even ordered myself a new Eskimo Joe's shirt this year. Actually a rather large percentage of my wardrobe is from Eskimo Joe's, and now Lee's is too because Mom and I keep buying shirts for him. They have some really cool ones, so you should go check out their online store AFTER you finish reading this post :D Anyway, back to the cards! Last year I bought the SU St. Patrick's Day set and then I don't think I got any cards mailed out. So this year I wanted to make SURE I got my green cards made and mailed on time! If this one looks familiar, it's because I used the same layout as I did on Lee's oceanic thank you cards. Saves me time trying to come up with new ideas, hehe!

Ok Miss Vicki, you asked how I do the sponging. For the lighter color, I just have the paper sitting on my work surface (the scratch paper that gets all inked up crazy as I work) and just sponge on the edges the way everyone does. For the darker color, I pick up the paper and hold it up in the air, and then swipe the sponge just on the edge of the cardstock. That's how you get the feathery edge on there. I *never* woulda thought of that on my own, I saw someone do it at a shoebox swap once upon a time and promptly copied the idea. So there's my big secret!

These were the two other slight variations I did; I made these two first before I got the idea to stagger the circles with the shamrocks. These four cards would have been really fast to make if it weren't for the fussy cutting on those shamrocks. I don't know why but I seem to do that fussy cut thing a LOT, you'll see more of it in a minute.

My second St. Paddy's day card for this year! That patterned paper on the bottom tends to make my eyes cross but I still like it on this card. For the medallion, I stamped it three times, once on Barely Banana cardstock, once on Certainly Celery, and once on Whisper White. Then I used various sizes of circle punches to cut out the parts I wanted and layered them, and that's how I got my multicolored Pinch Proof medallion.

This is the card I made today (only I made three, not just one). I based this on the Mojo Monday sketch for the week (see the link on the sidebar...somewhere in there anyway!) but I omitted the ribbon she had on the sketch. I liked how this one turned out...I sponged the edges of my cardstock rather than matting them in an extra layer of paper. I put greetings on the inside of all the St. Patrick's Day cards I made; all three use the "Happy St. Patrick's Day" stamp from this same stamp set.

Uh-oh, MORE rubbah-dultery has been committed!!! When I was sick last month and couldn't sleep one night, I ended up surfing the Unity Stamp Co. website (it was all Amber's fault, I swear) and wouldn't you know, three items fell in my shopping cart. It was this Hot Mama stamp that made me push the "BUY NOW" button, I just love it! And given how many pregnant ladies I know right now, this stamp will definitely get used. Actually the card on the left was commissioned by my mom; she's making a baby blanket for a friend of hers and asked me to make her a Hot Mama card. I made the pink and purple one just because I love pink and purple (I am one of the few weird people on Splitcoast who actually LIKE Orchid Opulence). Besides it seems like a lot of ladies are expecting girls, so I'm sure that card will get used PDQ.

Anyway, on both cards, I stamped the whole image (lady and words are one stamp) on white cardstock with regular classic ink. Then I stamped the image again on a scrap of cardstock using craft ink, and embossed with Iridescent Ice embossing powder so my Hot Mamas are all SPARKLERIFFIC!! Woowooo!! I cut them out and adhered them to the other image using Stampin' Dimensionals so they both are raised up from the Hot Mama part. The layout is Amber's weekly Unity sketch so now I've been inducted to the Unity madness :) Bwahahaaaa! Oh, I don't know if you can see it in the picture (click to see it enlarged) but the four strips behind Hot Mama are all stamped with a baby onesie (not a ONSIE, that's not a word!) that says yeah baby under it. That stamp is part of a long-retired SU stamp set called A Little Love, and was probably the main reason why I bought that stamp set. Guess I like my baby cards with a little bit of attitude or a sense of humor, hehe! Oh, I'm also excited I got to use some of the forty gabillion Primas I bought when I was in Washington last year! Woohoo!

Oh no, MORE rubbah-dultery!!!! This awesomely fantabulous butterfly is also by Unity (and yes, I cut it out for this card!). This is today's sketch challenge and an older color challenge...I think if I were to do this card over, I would switch the green and red patterns. That floral pattern is just overpowering the rest of the card I think. I like the black mats on everything but that means this card is heavy, so I bet it requires extra postage.

And look, I decorated the inside of this one too. I could NOT get my More Mustard sponging to look right though. Oh well. I like the butterfly on there.

And last up is this card by my friend Janice who also has the super-cute and totally adorable kokeshi doll stamps! Amber said she got mine on Two Peas in a Bucket, but if you Google "Hero Arts Four Dolls" you'll find them for sale on a variety of websites. Hero Arts is the name of the company and Four Dolls is the name of the stamp set. If you're like me and don't use acrylic stamps very much, here's a tip for you: it helps to rub an eraser all over the stamps and then clean them prior to using them. That helps get rid of any residue from the manufacturing process and will make the ink stick to the stamp better so the image is clearer.

So that's what I've been up to. I need to get started on my scrapbooking again; it seems like I focus on one or the other, scrapping or cards, and lately it's been cards. Liz totally beat me in February and she's ahead cumulatively for the year too, but this month I have a chance to beat her so I need to get crackin'. (In case you're wondering, neither of us gets anything for "winning" other than a stack of completed scrapbook pages and ultimate bragging rights over the other one.) I've got about a week and a half before I start up with classes again so I've been taking advantage of it with the card making so on to scrappin'!

In other news, my friend Dusty has started a campaign she calls Tiny Task Tuesday.

You can read all about it on her blog, but the premise is simple: find some small way each week that you can make the world a better place. Help someone out, do a little extra work without being asked, even something as simple as smiling at the checker in the grocery store and asking her how she's doing. Dusty posts each Tuesday about what she's done to make the world better one tiny task at a time, but I'm a rebel so I'm posting this on Wednesday evening my time :p So during the last week, I made cookies for my class for our final meeting on Thursday night, and tonight I'm making another batch of cookies for a coworker of Lee's who has been really working hard and not getting much credit for it. So since she loves the pumpkin cookies I make, that's what I'm going to do tonight. I also routinely do random things like smile at people in the grocery store and hold the door at the post office for whoever is coming next. See? Not exactly earth-shattering but every little bit helps. If you'd like to join in, just copy the cool lil graphic Dusty has provided and then get the word out on your blog or wherever else you want. Let's all participate in Tiny Task Tuesday!

This weekend, Lee and I are planning to drive up to Hedo Point, the extreme north end of the island, just because we've never been there before. So hopefully I'll have some new Japan pictures to share with you guys, I think you're more interested in those than in my paper crafting projects aren't you? Yeah, I know you are. Anyway, hopefully the Eeyore Cloud will drift away long enough to give us some nice weather up there, or at the very least I hope it doesn't look like it's going to rain buckets at any minute while we're up there. No idea what's up there yet, that's what we're going to find out :)

ETA: I got an email from my professor that he received my paper and thought it was well-written. He must have only read the first half...


Charisse said...

You are just too cute, chica! I love all your cards. I may have to commission you to make me some cards and send them over via super snail mail in a box. If you would be interested in doing something like that.

Hope you have been doing well. Things are pretty good here. Just watching my baby grow up right before my eyes practically. I can't believe it. If you want some recent pictures, you can always check out my myspace page: as it seems to get updated more often than any other page I keep.

Giffysk8s said...

Hiya! Thanks for the sponging tutorial. I'm gonna try it...though I doubt the results will be post-them-on-my-blog-worthy. LOL But I really will try it until I get it right. Maybe once this week is over and I can muster some creativity. I haven't even posted a single thing on my blog for 9 days! So unlike me, huh? But here I am reading yours instead. That's more fun! :)

I am still in love with your kokeshi doll stamps. Next time I have some spending money, I am going to have get those! I love the colors you used!

Can't wait to see your photos from Hedo Point. Have fun!

Liz Guidry said...

Great cards! I love the butterfly one and how you decorated the inside too.

Worm's Woman said...

Fabulous cards.
So my uncle left our world last week, and we headed up Wed night for the funeral. We stayed in Stillwater, but didn't get in till almost midnight, so no Joe's. Then funeral yesterday and tons of time out on the farm. Mom and I were planning on the 5 of us going to Joe's, but more food made by more family, so they all got too full, I of corse left room! But by time the family let us leave for home, it put us getting home at 2am, so joe's :( Oh well, guess I will have to order the St. Pat's Tee too. I really like this years!
Anyway rambled...

CCsMom said...

Hey! Just a note to say I am reading these . . . getting ready for the Black Tie. Adrienne and I are going together. The boys have to leave by 4:30 and Adrienne had to work this morning, so she wanted more time at home. I'm good with that. Will wear your wrap -- the one my Mom made for her mother -- and that way I'll be thinking about all the women who have had a part in it. I love things like that. Giving your blogspot to one of my relatives for her to get a chuckle, too. Love ya, kiddo and talk attcha later. Pix to come to you soon. -- Mom