Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Little Bee, That's Me

So I realize I haven't posted anything in several days, and it's just because I've been so stinkin' busy. I'm still cranking along on some scrapbook projects and I've been trying to work on my paper...yeah, I've got ten pages of notes but nothing actually written for the paper itself and I have to do 6-8 pages by Tuesday, PLUS a midterm (take-home essay type thing) for the same class. So this will be a working weekend.

Part of what is slowing me down is I think my friends are conspiring to make sure I'm not lonely or bored while Lee is gone. I do appreciate that they care about me, don't get me wrong, but it's not helping me write that paper :) On the up side, I changed my topic to discrimination against the Roma in Europe, which is something I'm interested in so at least I'm not bored while doing the research. It still just takes a long time. I took a Slavic and Eastern European Studies class while I was at Baylor (for fun, no less, it was not a requirement for my major), and for that class I read a book about the Roma called Bury Me Standing, so I thought that book might help me with this paper. Of course when we were packing to move here I never in a million years thought I'd need that book, so it's in storage...I bought a second copy on Amazon earlier this week. It should get here in time to use on the final draft of the paper that's due May 5, but not for the literature review due next Tuesday. But at least I'll have it in case I ever write another paper on this topic for a different class.

Anyway, today my friend Tiana came over to get some help making her baby announcements (she's due at the end of July). She had some pink cardstock and some patterned paper but no real idea of what she wanted, so I had her go through my stamp sets until she found one she liked, and then we checked out the gallery for it on Splitcoast so I could get a feel for what Tiana liked as far as the different cards went. So here's what we came up with:

The colors are softer in real life than they look on the picture (the yellow is much more of a baby yellow, and the brown mat on the giraffe is a nice medium brown like milk chocolate, prettier than in the picture), but I think they turned out pretty cute. More importantly, Tiana loves them, so I call this a success :) I think it took us about an hour or so to hammer out what we wanted to do, and we kept changing the color of the little horizontal strip until Tiana brought out her plaid patterned paper and it just worked perfectly. We had tried out probably 10 other combinations before we decided on this one. After that, we divvied up the work and made 20 of these...Tiana stamped the moon and stars background, I did the greeting and the giraffe; she painted the brown parts of the giraffe and I did the pink, and we both worked on assembling all the pieces at the end. Tiana's new to stamping so this was a nice, easy project for her to start on--the style of the giraffe is such that it actually looks better if the watercoloring is a little outside the lines or darker in some areas than others, so it's a forgiving stamp for a newbie to work with. And Tiana was thrilled with the results.

Anyway, it's about time for me to feed my kiddos dinner, and then I've got to do some more reading about rampant racial discrimination in Europe. But I would like to make a few cards too...haven't made many cards lately what with the scrapping projects and researching for this paper. Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day! Oh well. Enjoy your holiday weekend, peeps!

(Except I don't like the marshmallow peeps, I think they're kinda yucky. Give me chocolate any day of the week. I'm thinking I might have a brownie sundae for dinner...chocolate is one of the four basic food groups, right? It is in my house!)


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the baby announcement! It's very cute and cheery. That giraffe is so adorable! You are so sweet to help her make them. And yes, we are all part of the conspiracy! :)

I am helping Brittany make 70+ baby shower invitations. I love making baby things! I should send you a pic of the ones I made for Brittany. They took me months to make. Lots of paper piecing, and with my hand, that was no small feat!

I am with you on the chocolate! Don't know why my mother LOVES those Peeps. Ick. And chocolate is made with milk, as is the ice cream. If you throw a few Reese's peices on there you can claim protein, too. You can even bake brownies with Reese's pb cups as a middle layer. I am telling you, they're yummy!

Hope you are sleeping well. :)

Charisse said...

I got my CD. Thank you. You are awesome. I am going to listen to it and wear it out probably. I love that music!!!