Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's already Easter Sunday here on Okinawa so I thought I'd share a few cards I got in the mail over the last week.

I got this pretty card from Janice in California. Love how she painted the flowers.

This was from Sharon, also in California and a good friend of Janice's. I love the orange and apricot color combo; not necessarily traditional Easter colors (the orange bit, I mean) but still very pretty. And that orange idea must have stuck with me, you'll see what I mean in a minute.

The cracked up Huggabugg is from Vicki in Massachusetts, isn't it darling? I'm glad the camera caught how the egg is kinda pearlescent. Vicki also sent me a whole bunch of "dots" from Stamping Bella as a present; look at the corners of the main image panel and you'll see them on her card. They're much cuter in real life and glittery, too. Vicki also sent me money to be her personal shopper for kokeshi dolls (oh gee, like *that's* a hard job for me!!) so yesterday I sent her a box with four dolls in it. I took pictures of them all but I won't post them until Vicki gets them in the mail because it's more fun for her to be surprised. I liked one of them so much I got her for myself too, and I'm going to stalk one of the stores until they get in more of another doll because I bought Vicki the last one and I want one for me. :) I now have seven in my collection and Vicki has five plus a keychain.

This is the card I sent Vicki with her new dolls. She had sent me a bunch of stamped out Stamping Bella images and this is the first one I've used, is she not adorable? This is Wasabi Ketto from the new stamp line. She has several other compatriots who are also in kimonos so I am going to have to add those stamps to my collection. I've got ten different Kettos on my wish list, plus some Huggabuggs and a few other things...maybe I'll indulge myself after the first of May. Or possibly wait until the final draft of my paper is due on May 5, that'll be a nice reward for finishing it up. I'm going to be working on the first draft (due Tuesday) for most of today and tomorrow, so that's my big plan for Easter weekend. Fun, huh?

K, remember I said the orange idea must have gotten stuck in my head?

Now my toes are orange :) (Try not to see the dog hair on the floor...and I just vacuumed, too!) Not sure how well you can see it, but they're orange fading into yellow, with red dragonflies on them (and glittery silver swirly trails). I went to Cocok's-with-the-silent-k yesterday with Arrie, Jamie, and Margaret and we all had our toes done, but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take pictures of everyone's toes this time. Jamie got a colorblock pattern in red, pink, and white with polka dots (she seems to like the abstract designs, she'd been considering some argyle patterns), Margaret got koi fish, and Arrie got hot pink toes with big white flowers. I zeroed in on the orange dragonfly design pretty much as soon as I got there, something very different from my last design with the cherry blossoms. I'm thinking next time it'll be red, white and blue for the fourth of July.

Well, I think I've procrastinated about as much as I can this's time to get to work on that paper. I've spent the whole last week doing research for it but I haven't actually started writing. The first draft on Tuesday has to be six to eight pages, and given that I have about fifteen pages of handwritten notes I don't think that will be a problem. So anyway, have a wonderful Easter everyone!


Charisse said...

All of your cards are adorable. I love these homemade cards.

PS - what kind of word verification thingie is GRAPH - seriously....that was my word....made me, giggle...I don't know that I have ever chuckled

Giffysk8s said...

These cards from your friends in CA are simply gorgeous! I am so envious~I sure do wish I could paint/color like that. Wow!

Your toes are so pretty! Too bad Ree doesn't get to see them. I think you should get them redone right before he gets home so that he doesn't miss anything. I am sure you could survive two pedicures in 5 weeks, no?

I didn't see any other cards on your blog. Scrolled right past it so that I get the full surprise when I open it. :) But boy, have you got me excited about the box that's on its way! I am gonna be stalking the mail truck!

Hope you made some good progress on your paper. Did you see that Em is having a big release on April 28th? Maybe you should wait until then for your SB splurge!