Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Found Waldo

No fooling, I did. I went to the store today and there he was, in his red-and-white striped shirt and glasses, near where the Easter Bunny has been doing photos with the kiddies (the Easter Bunny was out to lunch, which is just as well since the last time I saw him there, I found him to be just a teensy bit (ok a lot) creepy. Not sure why, but he was creepy). What Waldo was doing in the store today I don't know, I didn't ask him.

In other news, April Fool's Day is our little fool's birthday...that would be SADIE! So today I made the carob chip cookies that Liz so kindly sent at Christmas time for my furbabies. (Sadie and Vader both said thank you to Auntie Liz). This one, like the brownie mix, smelled like paint, but the dogs seem to like it--and they seemed to know that these cookies were going to be just for them. And now the whole house smells like paint too. But we did get a few funny pictures...Lee was the photographer, I'm the person attached to the girly-looking hand with the long fingernails. And those pink pajama pants with hearts all over them? Also mine.

Sadie just WOULD NOT open up her mouth and try to eat the whole cookie, candle and all, the way Vader did with his birthday brownie. Instead she kept licking the bottom of the cookie but the peanut butter (which is what I suspect she *really* wanted) was all on the top of the cookie so I could make the candle stand up. I also think that the candle flame kinda freaked her out, she can be a much bigger chicken than Vader sometimes.

Vader's like, "Hey, what'd you get? Can I have one? Where's mine??" But she hadn't eaten the cookie yet, I had to de-candle it first.

See? She's going for the bottom of the cookie first even though the peanut butter is on top. Never fear, Vader got a peanut-butter topped cookie too.

And I let Sadie lick the peanut butter off the bottom of the candle. I'm so nice to her even though she tried to bite my fingers off this morning when I gave her a treat after our walk. She'd been doing so well too, we passed a guy who was working on someone's lawn and she behaved very well when she said hi to him, instead of going all crazy and spastic like she usually does. So I thought she deserved the treat up until I almost ended up missing three fingers. But I digress.

Just to be fair, I put some *more* peanut butter on it for Vader (I'm such a good dog mama). Can't have one kid thinking that you like the other one better (RIGHT MOM? Like how I know Adam's your favorite kid?! Just kidding!)

And we have finally figured out how to get two dogs to wear party hats at the same time. It's the peanut butter, dude. There is no room in their little brains for anything else when peanut butter is involved. That's the only people food that our kids are allowed to eat and boy, do they love it (we used to put it inside their Kongs when we left the house but haven't done that in a while and I think they miss it).

Ok, this picture totally cracks me up. See how Vader is just barely sticking his tongue out at Sadie? And how about that expression on Bee's face? It's so "don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful!" or possibly "it's my birthday, I deserve ALLLLLL the cookies!" or maybe "Mom, why did you have to adopt him?"

Because we needed someone to keep you company, Bee. You know you love him. (Even if she didn't, *I* love Vader to little bitty pieces so he's not going anywhere!)

Anyway, that's it for me today, time to go to bed. I've got quite a few things to finish up tomorrow...I feel like a schizophrenic stamper. I started a birthday card yesterday and still haven't finished it, and I worked on two more layouts for the baby books but neither one of them is done, and I need to do another birthday card and I think I need to make a list of things I need to do before I forget something important. Like my homework for class tomorrow...urgh.


Toby E. said...

Happy Birthday pretty puppy (and I call my 12 yr old dog a pretty puppy too...they all get it!)!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Thank goodness! I've been wondering where Waldo has been hiding!

Happy Birthday to to Miss Sadie! How old is she? She is such a sweet girl to share her birthday treats with Vader, even though she does have that "Mom made me" look on her face, as she if she's waiting for him to be a gentleman and give it back to her before she has to bully it out of him. LOL

Bummer. I was hoping it was Lee in the pink heart jammies. Then I would having something to tease him about. Guess he's still the pot of gold...

And just for future reference: peanut butter on banana slices was always a good bribe to get my kids to behave! The dogs like them, too. :)

Amber said...

HEY! Luke, Jesse, and Sam say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE!!!!!!!! Hee, you silly girl, love the party hats! She looks pretty po'd though, lol!