Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Lee left this morning to do a class back in the States for almost two months, so it's just me and Sadie and Vader for a while. I had my Intercultural Relations class today and I was kinda sad when I came home this afternoon and Lee wasn't here. I mean, I can cope just fine with him being gone, but I do like having the guy around ;) It almost feels like he moved out because there's no big laundry pile on his side of the bedroom. I hope Lee made his connection in San Francisco; he only had an hour and a half to clear customs and get to his flight to DFW. He gets to see the parental units for a few days before his class starts so they're all doing a barbecue (my family and his). Meanwhile I'll be here, just me and the kids, doing my class. :p

So anyway, I had class all day today and then I went to dinner with my buddies Amber and Jamie at Chili's. I was really hungry when we got there so I ate all three chicken club tacos and got about 80% through a chocolate molten lava cake for dessert...oh man, I don't think I'm going to eat again for another week. I'm soooo stuffed and I'm sleepy too, I think I've got Fat Puppy Syndrome.

Speaking of puppies, there was a guy giving away free 10-week-old puppies out in front of Subway today. They were so stinkin' cute!! Little black Lab mixes, all four girls, and one had some white on her chest and looked just like Sadie when she was a teeny pupster. If they didn't have a two-dog limit here then I so would have taken home at least one of them, I just can't resist puppies. And then by the time Lee got back here it would have been too late to give the puppy back....well, luckily for our domestic tranquility I managed to resist the irresistable puppy dog eyes. Lee would have had a cow if I'd brought home another dog...he thinks two are plenty. And what would we do with a cow? So since I don't have a new puppy to play with that just means I have to love on Sadie and Vader a bit more now :)

I went "shopping" at Amber's house today and borrowed a tall stack of stamp sets to play with, yay! Now I just need to finish up my homework so I can play guilt-free tomorrow. I've still got six months to go on those baby books plus some other projects I want to start! So ta-ta for now, hope everyone out there in Cyberland has a good weekend.


Amber said...

Heehee, you sill goose:) You can come shop at my house ANYTIME! I don't mind sharin!
I am stuffed too, I never eat dessert and THIS IS WHY! Thanks alot for the peer pressure! I know, you really had to twist my arm, huh?:D
Have a good night sistah, see you soon!

Giffysk8s said...

Ooh, I LOVE those tacos at Chili's! Have you tried the white molten chocolate cake? YUM!!! Glad you have such good friends to care for you while Lee is gone.

And yes, what would you do with a cow?

When my kids started school, I put a note in each of their lunches everyday (until about 5th or 6th grade when they begged me to stop). I ended every note with TTFN, which means TaTa For Now and is what Tigger always says to pooh. To this day, I sign every card, letter, email, text, etc. to them with TTFN. Now they are mature enough to think it's sweet instead of just embarrassing. Either that, or they are ROFL behind my back. :)

CCsMom said...

Ree's here and he got her just fine. We had a great time at his folks' house eating and visiting. It was such good weather, except a little too windy. But Ree looks great and he was happy to see everyone. Of course you were the topic of a lot of our conversation. You were the only one missing from the gathering as both sets of parents were there and both sets of siblings with their spouses -- so just no Christy. You were definitely missed.

Love ya, kiddo, and I'll get back to talking to you on Skype. Love ya! Mom

Toby E. said...

Well prayers for you while he's gone and hoping you have so many activites to keep you busy that you don't finish before he comes back! Also go back for a few more cakes. And try that sweet shot. I had it for the first time and the fudge brownie is soooo good. I actually couldn't finish the little glass after all the other food! (I'm thinking that had more to do with eating early because the idea of leaving chocolate, especially fudge, makes me sooooooo sad!)

Liz Guidry said...

I see you are WAY ahead of me. I've only got 1 LO done and working on another one. Been obsessed with Twilight, grrr! Still got a bunch to unpack *sigh* Why did I have to get involved with such a HOT vampire?!?!

Sparkle said...

Can't wait to see what you all make!

Bananas for prizes are silly, lol. :)