Friday, April 17, 2009

I Forgot To Put A Title On This Post

Since Vicki got her box of kokeshi dolls today, I can share pictures of the ones I chose for her (Vicki made me her personal shopper for kokeshi dolls. How much fun is that?) I went to several different stores and had a fabulous time looking at all the dolls even if I wasn't supposed to be shopping for me ;)

This one is pretty tiny. but I thought she was all the cuter for that. Red and pink seem to be the most prevalent colors for kokeshi dolls, but I wanted Vicki to have a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. Of course the next one I got was red anyway....

This one is much taller than the first one, like half again as tall. I love the ombre effect of the red color the farther down on the doll it goes, and the leafy pattern is carved into the front of the doll. I loved this one so much that I splurged and got her for myself too. (Maybe Lee isn't reading this....)

This is the one of the few purple kokeshi dolls I've seen. She's been in my collection since last December and I knew Vicki liked her, so I hunted down another one for V. This particular doll comes in several colors but I got the very last purple one. There's a red one that's pretty and a midnight blue one.

I'm going to be stalking the store where I bought this one until they get more in because I want her too. Are those pigtails not totally PRECIOUS?! And I love the morning glories on her kimono, I used to have morning glories in my backyard in North Carolina. I *could* have gotten Vicki a different one that had the pigtails so I could have this one, but the other doll was pink and like I said, I was going for variety. So I'll just have to keep my eye out for this one to come around again because those pigtails are irresistible.

So on my big day off to do nothing but paper crafts, I actually spent most of the day reading a book. It was an accident, I happened to pick up the book after I took Sadie and Vader for a walk and then I was just sucked into it...and then I didn't even go in my craft room until 9:00 Wednesday night. But I made this card that night using this week's Stamping Bella sketch (which I tweaked a tiny bit). Need to get this card sent out to a Sistah whose birthday is next weekend. I just wish I'd done the table cloth a lighter purple because Bella's little black cat isn't showing up too well.

This card was for the main sketch challenge on Splitcoast, I really liked this layout. I borrowed the stamp set Garden greetings from Amber, which is bad because now I really wanna buy it :) I like the cool retro style to the flowers and this card was SO easy, it came together in like ten minutes.

And here's the last project I started on Wednesday and finally finished last night. These are all pictures of my friend Liz's daughter (Liz and her hubby Bobby are in some of the pics too)...Liz sends me pictures throughout the year and I didn't want them to just get put in an old shoebox never to see the light of day, so that's why they're now in my scrapbook. Orange is Liz's favorite color and I had this patterned paper from Stampin' Up that has orange and brown in it, and it all just seemed to work perfectly for these pictures of Autumn. I like to tease Liz that she named Autumn after me because my middle name is Lynn too, but she didn't know it was my middle name when she picked it out for Autumn. If Autumn had been a boy, she would have been named Cole William, and William is Lee's middle name so no matter what Liz was gonna name her kid after one of us ;)

In other news, I had an interview yesterday. I'm actually quite surprised; I had been halfheartedly searching for a job and I'd pretty much decided to wait until I finished with the two classes I'm working on right now before I really put forth any effort on the job hunt. Well, the job hunt found me instead. I've got another interview on Monday for a different job...they're both secretarial but working for different groups. On the up side, if I get a job, I can buy all the kokeshi dolls I want. And shoes, I've got my eye on some new shoes. Not to mention new stamps. On the down side, I won't have as much time to PLAY with said new stamps, and I'm sure Sadie and Vader will throw a fit if I'm gone all day too. We'll have to buy lots of peanut butter to keep them appeased. Anyway, we'll just see how this whole thing goes over the next few weeks.


Giffysk8s said...

Well, I am hoping the job thing turns out however you want it to!

And yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kokeshi dolls! You are the BESTEST personal shopper ever! I will sooooo be sending you more kokeshi slush fund money. And I'll even take the blame for you buying one for yourself. So yell at me, Lee, k? :)

Toby E. said...

When things turn around for us I think I will send you some money to buy me some too! Those pigtails are too cute!!
As always, the cards look great!!
And I love the bella one, but no surprise there :D

Alexis said...

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this (and I'm too lazy to scroll back down and check the but you CAN meet Tinker Bell now! I'm not sure about Tokyo Disney, but at WDW they now have the Fairies for you to meet and greet!! I haven't gotten to meet them yet, stupid Kuwait, but I'm excited!!

LOVE those dolls you picked up. I really wanted to go to Japan anyways (...for Disney) but now I wanna go shopping and get some of those dolls too!!!

Amber said...

Bats and geckos don't count as woodland creatures:D
You did tell me about the mongoose, that's scary! Those things are mean...
Love the dolls, I still have to get more too! Do you see what you've started?;)

Sue said...

The dolls are totally exquisite!
Love the flower card, its great, and ten minutes is even greater.

adifrog said...

That pigtail doll is adorable!