Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tiny Task Tuesday

Actually Tuesday is just about over and done with where I am, but I wanted to share this. You can hop on over to Twinkle's blog to see what TTT is all about. But don't go till you read this :)

So the aim of Tiny Task Tuesday is to make the world a better place by just doing little things in the local community to help others out. I gotta say, I saw someone last week at the post office who exemplified the whole idea of Tiny Task Tuesday (although I think it was a Thursday when I witnessed this). Anyway, everyone here has a PO box, so when a package arrives in the mail, the recipient has to go to the package pickup window to get it. Sometimes the mail all arrives in a big clump (like I got nothing at all yesterday but two packages today), it's just weird like that. I was waiting in line on Thursday to get my Winkflash photos and this lady was up at the window with a teeny baby in a carrier and a little girl of maybe 3 years. She had around five packages; most were little, like just oversized envelopes, but the last one was pretty sizable. A very nice young man was also up at the window to get his mail, and when he noticed what all the lady had to carry (plus the two kids) he offered to help her carry all her mail out to her car. He waited until she had all her stuff and then indeed carried the big stuff out to her car for her, it was such a nice gesture on his part. *I* wanted to stop him and say thanks for being so nice, but the lady he helped beat me to it :)

My own contributions to the TTT movement were pretty small this last week. One of my friends has had some car issues so I offered to lend her Lee's car (hey, he's gone for over a month, he doesn't need it) if she couldn't get the car back from the repair shop on the same day. She didn't take me up on it, but the offer was made. Similarly, another friend told me she was planning to go back home to the States for a month this summer, so I immediately offered to watch her dog while she's gone. I always think of the fur babies...this one had had several owners before her, and spent quite a bit of time in the shelter before she and her hubs adopted him, so she really doesn't want to send him to a kennel for that long (plus it would be prohibitively expensive). So I may have a three-dog househould this July, maybe I should tell Lee I did that...

I made this card several months ago. Why am I sharing it now? Just because I really like how it turned out. Love the colors, love the patterns, love the hummingbird image. I sent this to my mom because I always have something I need to thank her for...in fact, I need to send her another thank you card this week. She sent me a box of goodies just so I'd have something fun to look forward to since Lee's not here. I got some Easter candy (I so should never buy caramel Hershey's Kisses, they are so yummy...but she sent me some mini Cadbury eggs, not Hershey's Kisses), TWO shirts, and several little crafty items, including a cross stitch magazine. There's a gorgeous pattern of irises in the magazine; the first flowers Lee ever gave me were irises. So pretty.

For the first time in quite a while, I worked on my current stitching project for a bit tonight after class. (My take-home midterm and the first draft of my paper were due today; I'm a bit nervous about both of them, especially the midterm...one of the guys in my class had a works cited page on his midterm and I kinda treated it like an open-book test, not a whole 'nother research paper! Gyahhh...) I've just been poking along on this stitching project, I think I started it before we left North Carolina. Multiple other projects have been stitched from start to finish while this one has languished. Here's what it's going to look like:

Only mine will say "Welcome" on the top and "The Stanfords" on the bottom. Yeah, this is the second time I've stitched this piece, which might account for my boredom with it. I'm working on the upper right hand quadrant right now; the other three are already done, so I just need to finish the last quarter, do the little hearts in the middle and the words on the top and bottom, and it's done. But it's taking me forever. I'm going to make myself finish it before I start any other stitching projects though.

Anyway, I should get to bed, it's almost midnight here. I can't seem to get on a normal schedule with Lee being gone, I've been rotten about going to the gym (I did hit the elliptical today though). Tomorrow I'm taking the entire day off from homework-related tasks and I plan to do something fun and creative. We'll see what I come up with tomorrow.


Melissa A said...

I am glad you are making one of those for yourself! I love the one you made for me and Mike. It is in our bedroom right now!

Love, Mel

Sparkle said...

Both projects are so beautiful!

Giffysk8s said...

I love the colors on the cross stitch!

And I love the idea of Tiny Task Tuesday. Why is it that we are so amazed when somebody does something nice for someone else? Sad commentary, huh? Maybe stuff like this can turn that around. I'm in!

Can't wait to see what you do on your craft day!

Dustythemomhaskins said...

Thanks for joining my mission of TTT. The card is so cute. I look forward to seeing the final result to the crossstitch soon. Do you have yourself a deadline??

Charisse said...

I love TTT. I encourage all my firends to join in. It is so easy. And I am quite let down with myself sometimes...I think...is that really all that I did this week?? And then I remember all the things that were done FOR me and I appreciate them even more.

And when I think about that - I think about my CD that I received from you.

nitestamper said...

totally CUte cards!!!!!!!!love the hummingbird card colors..