Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got Kettos?

Welcome to the Ketto blog hop sponsored by Stamping Bella! If you haven't already, check out the Queen Bella's blog for the start of the hop. If you got here from Emily's blog, you're right on track. Throughout the blog hop you're sure to have tons of fun and see LOTS and LOTS of beautiful Ketto creations today! Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd the Queen Bella Emily is giving away a $40 gift certificate to the Stamping Bella store, so comment on each blog hop stop (say that three times fast, lol!) to increase your chances of wait, DON'T comment so *I* can win!!! Teehee! Anyway, I made two cards so here they are (put on your sunglasses for the first one)...

I just got my very own Kettos in the mail last week, so this was my first opportunity to ink up Agnes. I got the patterned paper at a local craft store and used it as the jumping off point for the rest of my card, I'm still loving the bright colors! Guess that means I'm ready for summer, huh? Agnes is colored in with markers, except for her hair, for which I used a Prismacolor pencil. I just realized I forgot to add Stickles to her wings, dangit! Well, she's on shimmery white paper anyway...this card is for Bella Sistah Jamie Hurley, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday, Jamie! Um, your card is gonna be a little bit late...

I just *had* to use one of the Asian-inspired Kettos today too! Sake is adorable, she's so teeny and cute! I paper-pieced her kimono with the same floral print where I stamped the sentiment, and I must admit I giggled after I stamped "hi!" on there because "hai" is yes in Japanese. Maybe it just seems funny to me because it's late at night here, lol! I'm thinking maybe I should have stamped something on the card base, but I kinda like it the way it is, especially since I've got two different patterns on there already.

Thanks for stopping by, now go visit the lovely and talented Laura! Don't forget to leave comments at each stop for your chance to win the $40 Bella gift certificate!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Voodoo Snake!

I had an appointment this morning to do some pre-employment paperwork, and when I got home, I had the following email from my mom:

When I got home this evening, I happened to notice something on the floor in the dining room. It is a snake. It's a small one, yes, but it IS a SNAKE. I put a small bowl on top of it, which will probably make it smother, but I am not going to PICK IT UP. It is black and was coiled up, so it was easily contained. YUK. Scary.

So I immediately call her on Skype and tell her in no uncertain terms that she should find a dude to come deal with the snake, either get a neighbor to do it or call my brother Adam (my dad is out of town on a business trip). For whatever reason, she doesn't want to follow this eminently sensible advice. Then my buddy Liz starts instant messaging me on Skype, so here's how our three-way conversation went:

Me: my mom found a SNAKE in her dining room. I'm trying to convince her to call Adam and get him to dispose of it for her.
Liz: tell her just to get a cookie sheet and slide the bowl off the table onto it and then take it outside
Me: it's on the floor
Liz: oh yeah. hhmmm. yeah then call adam. isn't that what boys are for?!
Me: that's what I keep telling her
Liz: if she doesn't want to do that, then she'll have to get a pair of tongs and pick it up and throw it out herself
Me: she wants to just leave it under the bowl. I wouldn't want to sleep when I know there's a snake in the house
Mom: *laughing at Christy*
Liz: it's not going to hurt her. It's prob. a garden snake
Me: it would still freak me out just being in the house
Liz: well, you're easy to scare then
Me: bite me!
Liz: the snake could ..... mwhwhahahaha
Me: as if YOU wouldn't be freaked out if there was a snake in YOUR house
Liz: not if it wasn't poisonous - plus I would just pick it up and throw it outside
Mom: you're pretty macho then
Liz: call your boy - that's what they're for!
Mom: I can't get my video to work on Skype...
Me: know why that is? It's cause there's a SNAKE in your house.
Liz: hahha - voodoo snake
Mom: Well, it IS black. It's got one of those little snakey heads.
Liz: as all snakes have (heads) haha

We finally convince her to call Adam to dispose of Voodoo Snake. I had to listen to her phone conversation via the Skype video chat because she quit typing to me and Liz, so I'm not too clear on the details of what happened when Adam got there. I do know that my dad's dog Ginger succumbed to Voodoo Snake's spell and tried to help him escape (either that or she fancied a Snake Snack) and got him halfway out from under the bowl, at which point I said "I TOLD you he was gonna escape and then come coil up on your head in the middle of the night!!" And then Mom and Adam kept leaving the computer so I couldn't hear what was going on with Voodoo Snake, which was kind of annoying. When Mom first told me about the snake, he was 12 inches long. When she got a call from Dad (which I overheard), he was 10 inches long. When Adam got there, he was 6 inches long. And then Liz said Voodoo Snake was turning into Voodoo Inchworm.

Anyway, after much hassle, my big manly brother (MY HERO!!) got Voodoo Snake out of the dining room and returned him to the wild, although they don't think he'll get too far as he was injured during his Ginger-assisted escape attempt. So here he is, in all his Voodoo Snake glory:

Creepy. We better NOT get any snakes in MY house, Okinawan snakes are poisonous. But at least now Mom can go to bed without worrying about Voodoo Snake hanging out in her dining room under a mixing bowl. Wonder if I have any snakey stamps, I think Adam deserves a My Hero card for this...

Red, White and...Teal?

Yesterday was pedicure day again with Jamie, Arrie, and Margaret :) I wanted to go for something patriotic this time, but none of the starry patterns were appealing to me yesterday. I found this one that was totally Scooby-riffic: it was a deep purple glittery base coat with lime green and white flowers on it. I asked for that design but with red, white and blue, but my blue ended up being a bit more teal than I anticipated. Oh well, I like it anyway! I do kinda miss my orange with dragonflies, but I have more clothes to match these colors. Not that I care if my clothes match my toes...although I do have my eye on some teal shoes in the JC Penney catalog.

I start my next class this weekend...International Political Economy. Based on the readings I've done so far, it's going to be about as fascinating as Research Methods was (read: snoooooooze). I really, really, really want to make some cards with the Ketto stamps I *finally* got in the mail this week, but I'm stuck reading lots and lots of boring stuff about Marx. Unfortunately, it's all about Karl, not Groucho. Groucho would be more entertaining.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That's me doing the Dolphin Squeal of Excitement.

This morning I was doing my normal email check/blog surf routine, and I found that Vicki sent me a link on Facebook to this picture:

Star Wars kokeshi dolls. Squeeee!

So I did some intensive Internet research (okay, I Googled) and I found the maker's Etsy shop (cue Threepio: "Thank the maker!"). In addition to Princess Leia and Han Solo, you too can purchase the kokeshi doll versions of Chewbacca, Obiwan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor Obiwan, not Alec Guiness Obiwan), Darth Vader, Artoo Detoo, and even Darth Maul. Oddly enough, no Luke Skywalker, but maybe he's next in line. At $20 a pop and only 4 inches tall, they're a bit spendy compared to the dolls I can get here, but they're *Star Wars* so I'll be ordering a few of them anyway. I think I'll start with Princess Leia and Han Solo and then just buy the others gradually. But hey, if you were agonizing over what to get me for Christmas :) now you know!

Star Wars is my first sci-fi/fantasy love, but I am an equal-opportunity geek. I've seen Star Trek twice in the last three days and it was way cool. Lots of references to famous lines from the original Trek, but totally accessible to non-Trekkies too (so Jamie and I were cracking up at lines like "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!" while Lee didn't get why we were laughing so hard, but still enjoyed the movie). And I must say that Chris Pine is waaaayyy cuter than William Shatner ever was, plus he doesn't have that odd line delivery. Zachary Quinto was amazing as Spock, but still slightly creepy thanks to his stint as Sylar on Heroes. All in all, two thumbs up--go see it if you haven't already.

We're going to see Wolverine tonight. Glad there's some good movies out now, they've been kinda thin on the ground for a while. I suppose that's why I have such an extensive DVD collection, I can entertain myself even if the box office isn't that great. So may the Force be with you as you live long and prosper! I'm going to the gym.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love NY

I saw this story today and thought it was hilarious:

I Love NY

More power to you, man.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doll Revolution

So "Doll Revolution" is the title of the Bangles' 2003 album, which I love. Then again, I've been a Bangles fan since I was about six so I'll take anything Bangleriffic. But today's post isn't about the Bangles, however cool they are, it's about the kokeshi dolls that I sent to Vicki and that she finally got in the mail today! Yay! Now if only my Ketto stamps from Stamping Bella would hurry up and get here, then I'd be happy with the postal system too. Snort. So you wanna see what I picked out for Vicki this time?

I found this at a little shop that sells a lot of Sanrio stuff (Hello Kitty and all her friends) along with a mix of other souvenir-type stuff. They only have about a half dozen kokeshi dolls, so I was kind of surprised to find this one there since I've never seen another one like it anywhere else. The cranes and the moon are carved into the front of the doll, and except for those parts she's all shiny and lacquer-y. Even prettier in person.

Vicki sent me a few pictures of the type of dolls she might like, and she mentioned wanting a little girl with daisies, preferably red since her darling granddaughter Emma's room is decorated in daisies and ladybugs. I found these two at a hotel gift shop, and couldn't decide which one was cuter and they were both inexpensive so I got both. I'll have to go back and buy them for me, too! (Remember, Lee, when we run out of room in the china hutch I fully intend to go buy a curio cabinet to display my kokeshi doll collection in proper fashion. I do *not* have too many!)

I got this one at the same time as the two little daisy girls. I told Vicki that I had seen a few musical kokeshi dolls and she really liked that idea, so I hunted around till I found this one with a bit of purple on her (purple does not seem to be a popular color for kokeshi dolls, I don't know why--seems like I can find them in every other color). Vicki and I both love purple.

These were on Vicki's list too, in fact I think I got her the exact same ones that she sent me a picture of :) I tried really hard to convince my mom to get these when she was here last year since I think they're incredibly cute and rather hilarious, but she wouldn't do it. Hmm, maybe I should send them to her for her birthday...hehe! She got a Mother's Day kokeshi doll this month but I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it off with Lee (he got to give our moms their presents in person this year, albeit a few weeks late).

Vicki wanted a doll with maple leaves on her, and this was the closest I could find to the pictures she sent me. I try not to shop at the store where I got this for a variety of reasons, but a big one is they keep jacking up their prices--I got a doll similar to this for my friend Liz last September, and it's $6 more now than it was then. Plus their checkout line is slower than Christmas and their sales staff isn't all that friendly. I have to put up with it periodically since they have some dolls that no one else has, which doesn't stop me muttering darkly while I'm waiting in their long, long line so they can extort money from me.

Ree gets home late tomorrow night, yay!! Seems like I haven't been able to get anything done this week, it's like all my energy just melted away so I sit around, take naps, watch Star Wars multiple times, and put Post-It Notes all over the JC Penney catalog to mark the stuff I might want to order (hey, I'm gonna need some new work clothes here pretty soon!) So today I'm going to try to make up for a whole week of doing nothing...I'm going to clean up a few things around the house and try to finish at least one scrapbook layout, two if I can manage it. I've got until 9:30 tomorrow night, that's when we leave to go pick Ree up at the airport. Apparently the airport trip is high up on a lot of people's fun list, because I think four or five of us are going. Road trip!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainbow Brite Redux

When I did my Rainbow Brite page, I stamped flowers and leaves all over two full sheets of Whisper White cardstock, trying to get the images perfect. So of course I ended up with a bunch of flowers that weren't quite perfect, but were too good to throw away, and I decided to use them for Casey's baby shower card. Ok, ok, it doesn't look like a baby shower card really, but it's a luau-themed shower so go with it alright?

I still love the bright colors right now. I'm not sure if maybe I went a little overboard here, I mean I couldn't even get all the flowers to fit on the card front so now this puppy won't fit in an envelope. But I was inspired by this week's Sketch for You to Try so I had to squeeze five flowers on there. And since decorating the inside of your cards is now The Thing To Do, I did it:

Kinda cute, I like the idea of having the inside be pretty too. The bad pard is it makes the card a lot heavier (of course, that only matters if you're mailing it) and it uses up even more paper. I had issues with the inside of the card and had to cut the white piece out twice. Guess I need to buy another pack of white cardstock at the rate I'm burning through it...

And here's the gift bag, which I got to coordinate with my Rainbow Brite goes to a luau card. I still have quite a few leftover stamped flowers and leaves, too, so we'll see if any of them make appearances on later projects. For now though, I need to clean up around the house a little bit and then get ready to go to Casey's baby shower.

Lee gets back in less than a week! Woooooohoooooooo!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The One-Day Baby Book

I told Liz I made a 20-page baby book yesterday and she didn't believe me. She questioned my veracity. Imagine! So to prove that I was, in fact, telling the truth, I present photographic evidence. Once again, the colors are way off on these pictures...I need to figure out what's the best time of day to take pictures of my projects in my craft room. Note to self: it is not 4:30 in the afternoon or 10:00 at night.

This is for my friend Casey, whose baby shower is this Sunday. This book is really, really simple...I used a pack of K & Company patterned papers along with Stampin' Up! cardstock in Bashful Blue, Brocade Blue, Barely Banana, Groovy Guava, and Certainly Celery, plus a variety of retired stamp sets. Above are the first and last pages--there are teeny stars on the background of the last page, it might just be my favorite of the lot.

Pages two and three...after I did these two, I figured out that when cutting mats for 4x6 photos I ended up with a scrap that was a good size for journaling blocks, so after this almost all the journaling blocks are the same size. Which means these two pages don't fit exactly right with the rest of them, but I'll chalk it up to the learning process and rationalize that most other people would not even notice.

Pages four and five...I love that little onesie stamp that says "yeah baby" on it. I think it's the whole reason I bought the stamp set (A Little Love, if you're interested. It's long retired and I will not sell mine!) I used my SU heart punch for the first time on the right hand page, and sponged around the shapes a bit to make them stand out.

The background of this one is little trucks and cars, pretty cute for little boy stuff. The paper pack came with double sided papers, three sheets each of twelve designs. So I still have 16 pages left, but I may give them to Casey if she wants them for her own projects.

I love the little circus animals on this one, and I couldn't resist coloring in the elephant kind of pinkish. Pink elephants on parade...I also think it's hilarious that to this day, Lee finds the Pink Elephants part of Dumbo to be totally creepifying.

Cute little planes on the left and hearts on the right. The skinny strips are a leftover piece from cutting out photo mats, so I did pretty well about using up most of the scraps I created for this project. Can't do it again too much though because I'm running out of Groovy Guava, and I can't get more because it's retired. I didn't have a big stockpile of it in the first place since I was never in love with it like I am most of this year's In Colors (Baja Breeze, Riding Hood Red, Pink Pirouette, Pacific Point, and now Tangerine Tango given my new-found fascination with orange...the only color I'm not totally in love with from this year's batch is Kiwi Kiss).

Alphabet blocks...I didn't want the pages to all look totally the same, but I also didn't want to complicate things unnecessarily. So I hope I struck the right balance between cute and simple. I didn't want to add too much in the way of embellishment because I wanted some of the patterned paper to show, and there's not a ton of space on an 8x8 page.

The colors on this photo are *so* off, it's not this bright or this orange in real life. Oh well.

This was one of my favorite patterns in the pack, it's all snails and bugs. Snails and bugs are only cute when they're cartoonized, not in real life. We have tons of snails stuck all over the house right now, ick. Just one of the hazards of living in Okinawa. I saw my next-door neighbor today and she asked me what makes the weird noise we hear all the time at twilight--that would be the laughing geckos :)

Last double-page spread, and it's the cow that jumped over the moon. I used an SU star punch, again sponging around the edges to make them stand out from the background a bit more. That shadow that's on the left page of every single picture is my arm, holding up the camera to take the picture. Maybe if I did my photography in the morning...

Anyway, I still have a lot to do so I shouldn't be hanging out here blogging. I've got to work on some employment paperwork (is it still paperwork if it's online?) and do research for a group presentation that I have to take part in tomorrow. Yeah, I haven't started researching yet and the presentation is tomorrow; I am the Queen of the Procrastinators (but I haven't been crowned yet, we keep putting it off). This is the last weekend of my Intercultural Relations class, then I have next weekend off and Lee gets back here late Saturday night (YAY!!!) and the last weekend of the month I start my International Political Economy class. And somewhere in there I need to finish the *other* baby book I started...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Color Yellow

Orange is on break today, so yellow is today's featured color. :D First off, I've been doing some more kokeshi doll shopping for my friend Vicki this week, and this time she insisted most strongly that I had to pick out a doll for myself as a gift from her. Who am I to argue? So here's the one I chose for me:

Thank you, Vicki! She's a different shape than any of the other ones I have, and I think she has such a sweet face. They had an olive green one with different flowers, but I just liked this one better. Vicki, you're getting a total of seven dolls this time and I am taking them to the post office tomorrow afternoon. I hope you like this batch as well as the last one! They're all lined up on my table right now and they're so cute, it's gonna be hard for me to part with them all ;) which means when I start getting a paycheck again, I'm going to have to add a lot of the same dolls to my own collection, teehee!

In other yellow news (not to be confused with yellow journalism, I just meant yellow news in that the scrapbook pages are yellow), I worked on a scrapbook layout today. The lighting is terrible since I took the pictures after ten o'clock at night, but here it is nonetheless...

The thing is, I'm not sure it's done yet. I think it needs some type of embellishment in the upper left, lower left, and upper right corners to form a visual triangle (I'm big on visual triangles on my layouts), but I'm not sure what it really needs. I tried this...

The butterflies and dragonflies aren't stuck down yet though since I'm not sure they're the answer. So help me out here, what do you think? The layout is from the Tour of the North that Lee and I went on last year, and this is the yakiniku restaurant where we had lunch and the Nago Pineapple Winery. I already checked with Amber and neither one of us has a single pineapple stamp in our vast collections--she's letting me down here, she's supposed to buy all the stamps that I *don't* get so we have a full collection between the two of us ;)

Anyway, I was trying to go for a bit of a tropical vibe, which always seems to translate into large vivid flowers (reference the Rainbow Brite page from the previous post). Butterflies and dragonflies admittedly have nothing to do with the subject of the layout though, so gimme some guidance here. What should I put in those areas for embellishment? I'm not stuck on the light turquoise color either, I just thought it might work and also my shirt is turquoise in the smallest photo.

This layout is actually a redo. I don't usually go back and redo my pages, but this layout just bugged me so much I had to do it. Here's the old version:

I suppose there's nothing wrong with it per se, but it just didn't do anything for me. It's plain. It's boring. It's symmetrical. It's a little too yellow. Hence the makeover, which is still incomplete at this point but it's 11:00 and I should go to bed now. I hope to wake up tomorrow with LOTS of helpful comments about how I can finish my new and improved layout, so start chattin'!

ETA: I just found out I got an A on my research paper, and my final grade in the class is also an A. Nice to know all that work paid off...and I feel not at all guilty for having ordered myself a whole bunch of Kettos and other Stamping Bella stamps to celebrate being finished with that class! Now I just need to finish up the other one I'm in right now...I already registered for the next one too. No rest for the Christy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainbow Brite

I think I was unconsciously channeling that 80s scion of polychromatic cheer when I was working on this page. What do you think?

So my original plan was just to use the bright blue, orange, and white, but I thought it might need some more accent colors. It wasn't until I started stamping and cutting out the leaves that I realized I pretty much had the whole rainbow except for purple. When I was little, my room was decorated in rainbows, even the wallpaper and the afghan on my bed that my mom made me, and none of that decor had purple on it either. Maybe that's why I painted my room purple after we moved to Texas...well anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how this page turned out, and also once again rolling my eyes at myself over how I can't seem to quit the fussy cutting--all the flowers and leaves are stamped on white paper, then handcut. The green swirls are actually a Sizzlits die that Mom just sent me, thanks Mom! Told you I'd use it :)

Honestly I don't remember a whole lot about Rainbow Brite (I was much more of a She-Ra type girl) so I looked around this website a little bit for a refresher on all things RB. I'm fairly sure I still have a Rainbow Brite doll and Twink, the white Sprite, somewhere at my parents' house, but I don't think I ever had Starlite the horse. I read online that they're going to re-release Rainbow Brite toys in stores this year, further proof that TV executives have run out of good cartoon ideas and so they're turning back to when cartoons were actually good. Hence the return of My Little Pony and all the other fun 80s stuff. Kind of fun to take a walk down memory lane...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trying to Get Back in the Groove

I finished my research paper on Wednesday night, and on Thursday I went in my craft room dusted everything off, and then....sat around and stared at my supplies, trying to figure out what the heck to work on. I have a handy-dandy list of things I want to do (scrapbook pages, cards to make, etc.) but I just couldn't figure out where to start. It's hard to get back in the groove after being away from it for a while, it feels like it's been a lot longer than it really has. Anyway, I finally decided to color in another one of the Stamping Bella Ketto images that sweet Vicki sent me.

This is Missmatch Ketto, and I lovey her because she reminds me of my days as a bellydancer, except bellydancers don't wear shoes. (Yes, I took bellydance classes for a while in Texas. If you ever have the opportunity to do so, you should most definitely try it--it's the most fun you can have without breaking the law. Seriously. And just so you know, bellydancers are NOT strippers or "exotic" dancers, it's all about celebrating femininity, not making guys...whatever the goal of stripping is.) Anyway, I'm still in an orange mood; I think I'll order some Tangerine Tango patterned paper later this month since Stampin' Up has all their patterned paper on sale. Maybe the reason I'm so into orange lately is because I miss my buddy Liz, and orange reminds me of her. :) So maybe I'll send her this card, that sounds like a good idea to me.

Back to the card...I'm loving the orange with Brilliant Blue and Tempting Turquoise. So I like the colors, but this card still seems a teeny bit plain to me. I was going to submit it for this week's Bellariffic Friday challenge to do a birthday card, but when I was looking through my sentiments I got stuck on "little miss thang" and had to use that instead :p

I missed my April scrapbook goal by two pages and thus far the only headway I've made on my May goal is this:

What's sad is I'd already put together most of the page in April, all I had to do was stick down the flowers and the island cutout. Sometimes I really think I'm insane--I cut out all the letters, the flowers, AND the shape of the island, and by the time I finished I thought my fingers were going to fall off. Why couldn't Okinawa be a simple shape to cut out? What's even crazier is I made two of these, one for each of my 2008 scrapbooks (obviously, the other one says Part 2). I am very, very close to being completely finished with the whole Part 1 book, I just need to do the last page (which I started yesterday), journal on a couple of layouts, and possibly redo two pages because I don't like the way they turned out the first time. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finish an entire scrapbook.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the page I started for the end of the book after I finish my take-home final. Yeah, that 20-page paper was *not* the end of the class, I still have to do this final but I have to knock it out tomorrow one way or another. Then I'll have to work on a group presentation for my other class and get registered for the next one. All this book learnin' is interfering with my crafting time...I wanted to do the final today (Saturday) but I was knocked on my arrrse with a headache for most of the day (I switched my language on Facebook to pirate English and I think it's starting to seep into my vocabulary. If you're on FB, you should try it--it's hilarious! Instead of "my friends" it says "me hearties" and on and on. Love it!) Here's hoping that tomorrow is headache-free.

Monday, May 4, 2009

This day only comes once a year, so...


Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I don't care if no one else laughs, this silly joke tickles me every year.

So this is Sadie on her first Halloween. Since Lee wouldn't let me name a girl dog Vader (have no clue why), I decided I would at least dress her up as Darth Vader for Halloween. This was before we got Vader, of course...and oddly enough, Vader has never worn this costume. Then again, why dress up in costume as someone that you are every day?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Surprises

So on Wednesday I was kinda bummed out that I got regrets for that job. I didn't have much time to mope though, because on Thursday I got an offer for *another* job, rather to my surprise since my two interviews with these people I didn't think went that well. But hey, I'll be rejoining the work force in June, so that's pretty exciting. The job I got is more high visibility than the one I was turned down for, and that makes me kind of nervous since I've been a stay-at-home wife/dog mama/scrapbooker/card maker/sometime grad student for almost two years now. At any rate, I decided to buy a kokeshi doll to commemorate the occasion. :D

Look, she's wearing green, the color of money! I saw a blue one that was like this, but I figured I don't have any green dolls yet so that's why I picked her. Plus, check this out:

Yeah, that's probably how I'm going to look on Monday mornings starting in June, bwahahahaaaa! This doll's face rotates between three different expressions.

And there's the third one, I think she looks sleepy here. I like her outfit, but then again I love green anyway. Green and purple are my two favorite colors and I'd be hard-pressed anymore to choose between them. Luckily they harmonize well with Lee's favorite color (blue), so it helps when we're trying to decorate and stuff.

When I was looking for my happy-new-job kokeshi doll, I saw this one like I got Vicki. Remember I really wanted one for me but Vicki got the last one, so I was excited when I saw it in stock again today. I just love her precious pigtails and the colors, and the morning glories...we used to have morning glories in our backyard in North Carolina, I loved them. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, morning glories, and now orchids. Hmm, all of those come in purple varieties!

Today, I got a cute little surprise in the mail, too.

I could not figure out why I would get a lei in the mail, particularly since I didn't recognize the sender's name, and then I saw that it's an invitation to a baby shower. Is this not cool? A luau-themed baby shower, I love it! And this orange lei matches my orange toes, too, hehehe. The baby shower is for my friend and neighbor Casey, and coincidentally the job I got is to replace her when she goes on maternity leave. Casey and her husband are due to move back to the States in August so I'm just taking over full-time in June. Anyway, I thought this was the most inventive baby shower invite I've ever seen, and now I want to come up with something really cute to give her at the shower. Got any cool gift ideas??? Something one-of-a-kind I could make?

After I got home from kokeshi doll shopping and checking the mail this afternoon, I got another nice surprise...I was chosen as this month's Bella's Favorite Stamper! That means that anyone who wants to participate in the challenge is to look through my gallery and find a card to use as inspiration, then create their own card (you can see the challenge here). Kind of exciting to know that someone thinks my work is worth using as inspiration! I'm just thrilled!

Aaaaaannnnnnnd to celebrate being finished with my research paper, I'm going to place an order for some Stamping Bella stamps including a whole bunch of the super-cute Kettos. Ok, so, my paper isn't done YET but it will be by the time my stamps get here ;) I'm just a smidge over 12 pages right now, I've got till Thursday to make it to around 20. I can do it. So I'm going to work on that for a few hours, take a break to feed Sadie and Vader, and then after that I plan to do a little scrappin'. It IS National Scrapbook Day, y'know.

Know what else? Ree will be home around three weeks from today. I can't wait! 'Specially since I promised I wouldn't go see the new X-Men movie without him. I'm going to wait for him to get back to go see the Star Trek movie too, but I bet he wishes I'd go see THAT one without him :p I am not ashamed to admit to being a Star Trek fan. Of course, I'm *more* of a Star Wars fan, but I'm an equal-opportunity sci-fi/fantasy lover. Bring on the spaceships and the unicorns.

Ok, ok, I'm going to work on my paper!!

P.S. It's now 7 p.m., time to feed the kiddos, and I've gotten up to 13 pages on my paper. Man, this is slow going!!