Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doll Revolution

So "Doll Revolution" is the title of the Bangles' 2003 album, which I love. Then again, I've been a Bangles fan since I was about six so I'll take anything Bangleriffic. But today's post isn't about the Bangles, however cool they are, it's about the kokeshi dolls that I sent to Vicki and that she finally got in the mail today! Yay! Now if only my Ketto stamps from Stamping Bella would hurry up and get here, then I'd be happy with the postal system too. Snort. So you wanna see what I picked out for Vicki this time?

I found this at a little shop that sells a lot of Sanrio stuff (Hello Kitty and all her friends) along with a mix of other souvenir-type stuff. They only have about a half dozen kokeshi dolls, so I was kind of surprised to find this one there since I've never seen another one like it anywhere else. The cranes and the moon are carved into the front of the doll, and except for those parts she's all shiny and lacquer-y. Even prettier in person.

Vicki sent me a few pictures of the type of dolls she might like, and she mentioned wanting a little girl with daisies, preferably red since her darling granddaughter Emma's room is decorated in daisies and ladybugs. I found these two at a hotel gift shop, and couldn't decide which one was cuter and they were both inexpensive so I got both. I'll have to go back and buy them for me, too! (Remember, Lee, when we run out of room in the china hutch I fully intend to go buy a curio cabinet to display my kokeshi doll collection in proper fashion. I do *not* have too many!)

I got this one at the same time as the two little daisy girls. I told Vicki that I had seen a few musical kokeshi dolls and she really liked that idea, so I hunted around till I found this one with a bit of purple on her (purple does not seem to be a popular color for kokeshi dolls, I don't know why--seems like I can find them in every other color). Vicki and I both love purple.

These were on Vicki's list too, in fact I think I got her the exact same ones that she sent me a picture of :) I tried really hard to convince my mom to get these when she was here last year since I think they're incredibly cute and rather hilarious, but she wouldn't do it. Hmm, maybe I should send them to her for her birthday...hehe! She got a Mother's Day kokeshi doll this month but I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it off with Lee (he got to give our moms their presents in person this year, albeit a few weeks late).

Vicki wanted a doll with maple leaves on her, and this was the closest I could find to the pictures she sent me. I try not to shop at the store where I got this for a variety of reasons, but a big one is they keep jacking up their prices--I got a doll similar to this for my friend Liz last September, and it's $6 more now than it was then. Plus their checkout line is slower than Christmas and their sales staff isn't all that friendly. I have to put up with it periodically since they have some dolls that no one else has, which doesn't stop me muttering darkly while I'm waiting in their long, long line so they can extort money from me.

Ree gets home late tomorrow night, yay!! Seems like I haven't been able to get anything done this week, it's like all my energy just melted away so I sit around, take naps, watch Star Wars multiple times, and put Post-It Notes all over the JC Penney catalog to mark the stuff I might want to order (hey, I'm gonna need some new work clothes here pretty soon!) So today I'm going to try to make up for a whole week of doing nothing...I'm going to clean up a few things around the house and try to finish at least one scrapbook layout, two if I can manage it. I've got until 9:30 tomorrow night, that's when we leave to go pick Ree up at the airport. Apparently the airport trip is high up on a lot of people's fun list, because I think four or five of us are going. Road trip!!


Giffysk8s said...

How did you possibly get these posted on your blog before I posted them on mine? LOL Your pictures turned out better, too. I am having simultaneous camera and computer woes. Spent all afternoon dealing with that (and got nowhere) instead of posting my dolls. Argh.

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dolls! Thank you for standing in the horrible line for me. And thank you for finding purple ones! Of course I would want the one color they don't usually use.

My shelf is full. Unlike Ree, I do NOT think that it's time to stop collecting. I think it's time to clean up my office and make more room, so that I can show them off properly. :)

Of I go to see if I can steal your pix to post on my blog. Hee hee!

CCsMom said...

Hey, we just said bye to Ree! He looks really good and is going to try to see if he can squeeze his suitcase closed. And I can tell he's looking forward to seeing you!!!

Love ya, kiddo! Mom

Charisse said...

I love your dolls. And ur photos.

Went to the concert tonight. Had fun. Looked for your parents. Saw them and said hi. :) It was kinda cool to see them. And Mr Hull. And crazy. But it was nice to see them though. Your mom said your dad kept looking for me and then he finally saw me and knew it was me. We saw Jennifer Taylor. She is absolutely gorgeous. And looks so much like Nicole. It was moving to see her and her mother.

Charisse said...
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Liz Guidry said...

The little girl ones are soo cute! If you see one with pink and brown, pick it up for Autumn for me (that is the colors of her new 'big girl' room). I will pay you for it. I hope Ree makes it home safetly. My company is now gone, so I will be chatting with you soon! I MISSED YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I found you on Splitcoast, and thought I would check out your Blog. I love your Kokeshi collection...I have a ton of them. It's kind of funny, because I brought back one or two from Japan and then bought the rest on Ebay! :0) I would so love to go back to Japan sometime...I loved it there! Anyhow, enjoy your dolls, stamping and your stay in Okinawa!